10 Best 10-Inch Rough-In Toilets Reviews


10 Best 10-Inch Rough-In Toilets Reviews

In the intricate puzzle of bathroom design, there’s a hidden piece that often gets overlooked but holds immense importance – the rough-in size of your toilet. Imagine this: your bathroom, steeped in history, with its own unique quirks, presents a challenge with its compact 10-inch rough-in space. Suddenly, the quest for the perfect toilet becomes more than just aesthetics; it’s about practicality and functionality.

But fear not, for navigating through the maze of toilet options doesn’t have to be a daunting task. That’s where we step in, dedicated to simplifying the process for you, the discerning homeowner. Our mission? To equip you with the knowledge and recommendations needed to find a toilet that not only fits snugly but also performs effortlessly in your bathroom oasis.

So, let’s embark on this journey together as we explore the realm of top-tier 10-inch rough-in toilets, ensuring your bathroom gets the royal treatment it deserves

Best 10-Inch Rough-In Toilets Reviews

KOHLER K-3851-0 Cimarron Two-Piece Toilet With 10-Inch Rough-In


The comfort height of the Cimarron makes it easier for you to sit down when you need to use the restroom and get back up without any discomfort in your lower body. That height also makes it suitable for use in bathrooms designed for those with disabilities. They can easily slide over from a device like a wheelchair.

This set includes both a separate base with a bowl inside as well as a tank, and both pieces have the same design and finish. Though it does not come with a supply line or a seat, it does have a round bowl that takes up less space than similar bowls do.


  • Comfort height makes it easier for you to stand back up after sitting down
  • Comes with both a separate bowl and tank in a matching finish
  • Chrome handle is larger in size and easier to use


  • Round bowl is very small
  • Does not come with a matching seat



Whether you already have a tank in your bathroom or want to buy a tank, this Drake bowl from TOTO will work in your bathroom. Though it does not come with a seat or a tank, it does have a three-inch flush valve that fills the bowl faster with water from the attached tank. It is also compatible with other products from TOTO like its Washlet integrated products and its soft close seats.

Most customers love the G-Max flushing system found on this model. This system reduces the noise that you hear during and after flushing but still provides the power needed to flush down bulk waste.


  • G-Max flushing system provides the powerful flushes that you need without producing a lot of noise
  • Compatible with the Washlet systems and soft close seats that TOTO makes
  • Features a wider three-inch flush valve that fills the bowl faster


  • Requires a separate tank for using
  • Lacks any type of seat

Fine Fixtures Dual-Flush Round One-Piece Toilet 10″ Rough-in (Seat Included)


Fine Fixtures Dual Flush is a One-Piece toilet. The Dual-Flush is Highly Efficient with 6lpf. The toilet is made with premium material that has a glazed surface and trapway.

The glazed surface is an additional feature that helps keep the toilet clean with every flush. The glaze material doesn’t allow residue leftover and is eliminated from the trapway, avoiding the issue of clogging.

The seat used with this toilet is unlike the traditional toilet seats that are noisy and can get annoying, especially if it keeps slamming. The lower part of the toilet seat is soft, so when you shut the lid, there is no noise.

The soft closing toilet seat works well with families with small children that tend to slam close the lid. The flush is dual and helps save water. With this flush, you tend to save a lot of water and get the job done well. In this way, you will be able to reduce your water bill as well.

The manufacturer estimates to save approximately 4000 gallons a year.


  • One-Piece toilet saves time, and energy is cleaning behind the toilet in the nooks and crannies.
  • Glazed surface – Keeps away residue, mold, or any fungus and reduces the frequency of washing the toilet.
  • Maintaining the hygiene of the toilet doesn’t get easier than this.
  • Dual-Flush- This flush helps save up to 4000 Gallons of water a year, making it an efficient way to save water and reduce your water bills.
  • Glazed Trapway – This feature prevents clogging and keeps away dirt, fungus, and molds that can be potential health hazards.
  • Soft lid- This lid is unlike the traditional toilet lids and keeps away the annoying slamming noise. Most families with kids prefer this lid.


  • If you are installing it on your own, the instructions could seem complicated; however, you can find a video on YouTube that is very helpful.

Kohler K-3713-0 Two Piece Toilet


The Highline Classic has a more classic look than other KOHLER models do that features a tank on the top with sharp edges and lines and a base that sits closer to a bathroom wall. This base has an elongated shape on the bowl that supports your lower body, but it also has a comfort height that lets you sit closer to the floor when using the bathroom.

One of its top features is that it uses Class Five technology, which creates the powerful suction needed to remove bulk waste from that elongated bowl. This prevents streaks from sticking and stains from forming on the sides of the bowl.


  • Class Five technology ensures that it flushes bulkier and larger pieces of waste
  • Features a chrome flushing handle on the right side of the tank
  • Has a comfort height that reduces the distance between the seat and floor


  • Comes in a slightly darker finish that might not work in your bathroom
  • May not come with a seat that works with the elongated bowl

Kohler K-3999-47 Highline WITH 10-INCH ROUGH-IN


Though similar to the other Highline on our list, this one is a little different. It still has the same comfort height though, which increases the height of the seat rim to 16.5 inches. You’ll need to add your own seat because this model does not come with one, but that seat lets you further increase the distance from the floor for added comfort.

Two top features of this product include its canister valve and its Class Five flushing technology. Those two features work together to remove waste and leave the bowl as clean as it was before you used the bathroom.


  • Has a height of 16.5 inches from the floor to rim that you can increase with your own seat
  • Canister valve provides the smooth suction needed for bulk waste
  • Has smoother sides on the tank and base that you can easily clean


  • Smaller trapway is susceptible to clogs
  • Water can build up inside the base and cause damage to the wax ring

American Standard 270BB001.020 Cadet 3 Two-Piece Toilet with 10-Inch Rough-In


This product the American Standard Cadet 3 comes with a Smart design leading to higher performance as well as fewer clogs, all of this coming at an excellent price. This product has a great aesthetic design and will add great face value to your bathroom. This model is sleek and its sight is pleasing to the eyes.

The Cadet 3 toilet series is manufactured in a variety of designs; one-piece models as well as two-piece, round front and elongated bowls, right height versions as well as compact versions. There are water efficient ones that flush using just 1.28 gallons for each flush. The Cadet 3 has a reputation of being a hard-working and also a versatile series giving superior performance.

The construction of the toilet is made in easy to clean and durable vitreous china. It also comes with an anti-microbial surface. It has a flush valve of 3 inches which comes in the oversized range having a flapper which is chemical resistant.
This model has ADA round front toilet design, having a tank and bowl. Seat is not a part of the product shipped.

About the American Standard Brand; Excellent performance and also great looks are met in the complete line of all faucets and fixtures for bath as well as kitchen.There is exceptional reliability in products offered. There is a presence of a great range of coordinated collections. The products have ingenious characteristics.

The first American Standard product worthy of inclusion on our list is the 270AB, which comes with the company’s patented Ever Clean surface. This surface is resistant to all the common hazards found in most bathrooms, including mold and germs. It prevents mold and mildew from growing anywhere on the product and keeps bacteria and other microbes from spreading to other parts of the room.

As one of the only ADA compliant models on the market with an elongated seat and bowl, this model is great for those using handicap devices like a wheelchair or a walker. Inside the tank is a larger valve that works with a flapper that is bigger in size too. This flapper will not break down when exposed to the chemicals you use to clean the product or the minerals in your water supply.


  • One of the only ADA compliant models for sale with an elongated bowl
  • Ever Clean surface resists the growth and spread of microbes and bacteria
  • Large flush valve has a flapper that resists chemical damage


  • Bowl has a very low water level when completely filled
  • Cracks and scratches can develop with regular use

TOTO CST744EFN.10#01 Transitional Toilet WITH 10-INCH ROUGH-IN


The elongated bowl shape found on the Transitional makes it suitable for use by any adult or child. This shape extends the bowl out from the tank and from the wall to keep you from feeling confined when you sit down. As it has a higher height from the floor, you won’t have any issues standing back up after sitting.

Located on the left side of the tank is a chrome flushing handle that matches the chrome and stainless steel hardware and decorations in your bathroom. These lever pushes down with minimal pressure and returns to its original placement once you release it. This product comes with an E-Max flushing system that uses just 1.28 gallons of water but still leaves the bowl looking completely clean.


  • Elongated bowl offers more comfort and allows the water level to climb higher
  • E-Max flushing system removes more of the liquid and solid waste inside with less water
  • Uses only 1.28 gallons to flush the bowl and fill the tank


  • Comes with holes for mounting a seat but no seat
  • Flushing handle turns down easily and then moves back to a center position

American Standard 221AB.104.020 Colony 10-Inch Toilet Combo


The Colony is a good choice for those looking to save money and save on cleaning time. Not only is it a more affordable option from the manufacturer, but it comes with a power wash system created by American Standard, which places holes all around the rim of the bowl. Those holes allow the water that comes down to push out waste to clean the bowl at the same time.

Both the trapway and the flush valve on this model are two inches and work together when you flush to create more action. Gravity causes water to move from the valve and push down any water and waste in the tank into the trapway.


  • Uses 1.6 gallons of water with each flush you make
  • Comes with a flush valve and trapway of the same size that produce more jet action
  • Power wash system scrubs and cleans the bowl interior with one flush


  • Runs loudly when you flush
  • Does not come with the seat you see in images from the manufacturer

Toto CT412F.10No.01 Aquia Dual Flush Elongated Toilet Bowl with 10 Inch Rough-In

With this version of the Aquia, you can create the look that you want in your bathroom because this comes with just the bowl and not the tank. It has a slimmer design that lets it sit closer to the tank that you select or to the wall. Though the elongated bowl gives you a little more space, this model cuts back on the size of the seat and bowl.

You’ll also like the dual flush option found on this product. One button lets you use either 1.6 or 0.9 gallons of water to flush down your waste.


  • Dual flush button uses more or less water when flushing liquids or solids
  • Elongated bowl gives you more space while reducing the size of the seat
  • Can sit close to both a separate tank or a wall


  • Will need a new or existing tank
  • May take some practice to figure out how much water to use

Swiss Madison Well Made Forever SM-1T254 St. Tropez One Piece Toilet


The St. Tropez toilet is a One-Piece toilet with a glossy finish. The toilet is designed to meet modern-day requirements. The toilet has a universal height that gives the children and seniors in your family a comfortable experience.

The sleek and clean design makes it easier to maintain the hygiene of the toilet. The One-Piece toilet has no nooks and crannies to clean. The seamless design makes it easy to wash and keep the space clean.

It has a Dual-Flush attached to it. The Dual-Flush helps to use limited water. This flush is environmentally and fiscally conscious, along with high performance. Depending on your requirement, the toilet flush allows you to flush partially or fully. It is an intuitive feature enabling us to not only save water but also save our money on high water bills.

The toilet has an attached seat that is soft. Unlike the traditional toilet seats, this seat, when closed, makes no noise at all. It is ideal for a home with kids and seniors with less or no control over their grip.

The toilet seat has removal hinges that are simple and easy to remove. It is very convenient to clean between the toilet seat area without using any special tools.


  • One-Piece toiler makes cleaning and maintenance easy
  • The lid of the toilet is soft closing reducing the annoying noise made by most traditional toilet lid
  • The toilet has a universal height that gives children and seniors a comfortable experience


  • The holes at the bottom of the toilet to fix the flange are small. I would prefer bigger holes at the bottom

Verdict: Our Top Pick

The KOHLER K-3851-0 CIMARRON TWO-PIECE TOILET WITH 10-INCH ROUGH-IN is our top pick because it uses Aqua Piston Flush Technology to remove more waste with every single flush. The comfort height also makes it suitable for use in bathrooms designed for those with disabilities. This handle has a chrome finish that adds a more stylish touch to the tank.

It has a skirted base to keep dust out of the working components and an elongated seat designed to increase your total comfort. This model has a universal height design that is also a standard height, which allows adults of all sizes to sit down with minimal discomfort. KOHLER designed this one to come in two boxes and to include an integrated seat.

How to Choose 10 Inch Rough in Toilets?

How Much Water Do You Want to Save?

You may not know this but you can save a significant amount of water just with a quick replacement of your old toilet. Older models can waste thousands of gallons in just a few short months. One that has a gallon per flush rating of 1.28 will use up to 17,000 less gallons over the course of a year.

The problem with this ultra low consumption rating though is that it may not be strong enough to remove the waste that you see in the bowl. It’s often better to pick one with a rating of 1.6 gallons. This helps you save water and keep the bowl clean at the same time.

How High Do You Want to Sit Off the Floor?

Manufacturers typically use terms like comfort height, standard height or chair height to describe the distance between the seat and the floor. You need to make sure that this refers to the height from the seat and not the rim. When you add a seat, you may wind up several inches higher in the air.

Chair height is a distance similar to the distance between the seat of a dining room chair and the floor. Standard height is usually around 16 inches. A manufacturer might use comfort height to describe a shorter distance from the seat to the floor.

Did You Measure Correctly?

A 10-inch rough-in means that the distance between the bolts on the base and the drain pipe in the wall is exactly 10 inches. Manufacturers make models with a rough-in of between 10 and 12 inches, though other models mount right on the wall or closer to the wall. Choosing the wrong rough-in will make it impossible for you to install the product in your bathroom.

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