My name is Jeff Wise and I’m a husband and father of two wonderful kids.  I make most of the main purchases in our house and have done so for many years.

I research everything in-depth and watch our budget before buying.  I look for deals, I look for quality and I look for items that we need and want to have fun with too.

I’ve worked for big companies in the past like ESPN, ABC news and even a personal finance guru.  I fell in love with the internet and everything related to online shopping.  It’s just so amazing you can buy whatever you need online now.

I’ve created many blogs, written lots of articles and reviewed a ton of products that I love and my family loves.

I love receiving cool gifts and Christmas is my favorite holiday for sure.  I had so much fun as a child with Christmas and I still do today.

I also love technology and seeing how it improves each year.  Those are some of the most fun to research and review.

I would love to have your feedback and suggestions for things you personally want researched and reviewed.  Just send me an email by going to the contact page.