The Best Above Ground Pool Light

The Best Above Ground Pool Light

Are you looking for quality pool lights for your above-ground facility? You are not alone – many people ask what is the best above ground pool light?

These lights are considered a necessity by pool owners as they can effectively light the backyard and make the pool to look more attractive. They also come in different colors, sizes, shapes, and designs, making it hard to choose the best from the different varieties.

But you don’t need to worry. I have reviewed the nine best above ground pool light.

Top 9 Above Ground Pool Light Reviews – My Top Pick

Which are the nine lights that you can install around your pool to get the effect you have always wanted? Here I have given you their complete review.

1. Intex Recreation LED Pool Wall Light (110-120V)

Intex Recreation LED Pool Wall Light has made it as #1 because it should be used for above ground pool only. It comes with a magnetic ability that allows you to attach it to the wall with ease – no installation hassle.

Another feature is the built-in floatation that ensures the light float on water in case it falls into your swimming pool. Besides, it offers a safe, low electricity level.

Another great thing I like about this light is the extra-bright ability and it provides longer-lasting illumination. It is an excellent light for your swimming pool.

2. SmartPool NL35 NiteLighter Underwater Light (12V)

The second light on my review comes from SmartPool and is the NL35 model that requires up to 12v to function effectively. It is made using durable halogen technology that gives you years of service before you need to replace it.

One fantastic feature that I found of this light is the chemical-resistant lens that ensures your light remains in your swimming pool without corroding. It is a manual light that you can operate efficiently, and you don’t need a professional to install it for you.

The light has a six months warranty that covers any manufacturing defect.

3. SmartPool Nitelighter Economy Above Ground Pool Light (12V)

SmartPool Nitelighter Economy Light is a 50w white light that you can install at your swimming pool and light that area. It is a model that you can fit with ease and comes with an ETL and UL certificate.

Another feature is I love of this model is the patented reflector design that helps to maximize illumination of your swimming pool area. One thing you should note is that you don’t need to drain or drill anything when installing the light.

The package comes with a 28 feet power cord, 12v transformer, and chemical-resistant lens.

4. COOLWEST LED RGB Underwater Swimming Pool Light (12v) 

If you want a light that can make your pool to be more colorful, then you should choose the COOLWEST LED RGB Underwater Swimming Pool Light. It comes with up to 11 different hue settings with a smooth transition – you can change the color using a remote controller.

Another thing about this light is that you get a cable that measures up to 20 feet to allow you to connect the system to a power source that is far from your pool. You can easily mount the light on all kinds of swimming pools, and it is 100% waterproof to ensure that you continue to enjoy its services.

5. GAME 4307-BB Waterproof Magnetic LED Changing Pool Wall Light 

Here is another color-changing pool light that you can install on the pool’s wall to make your facility more attractive to the swimmers. It attaches to the wall using a magnet, and it comes with a remote control that lets you choose four modes and 12 colors.

One thing I like about this light is the fact that it was made for above ground pools only. It is also 100% waterproof to ensure that it remains in good condition under the moist pool conditions.

The light uses 3-AAA batteries to light your swimming pool.

6. KOHREE Swimming Pool Lights 

KOHREE Swimming Pool Light is another model that uses 3-AAA battery and comes with a waterproof design that ensures it last long when in your pool. One feature that makes it a great light is the ability to insert the batteries without experiencing any problem.

The light also comes with a remote control that allows you to choose among 16 different light colors and four dynamic modes. It is one of the most affordable pool lights you can get online today.

I would recommend you try this light if you have an above-ground swimming pool.

7. Pentair 98600000 2010-Convertible AquaLuminator Above Ground Light and Water Return 

Pentair 98600000 is light and return accessory that you can get for your above ground swimming pool. It comes with a 25 inches plug-in cord that makes it possible for you to install the light is a far distance from the power source.

Another feature that I love of this light is the deluxe retail packaging that makes it ideal for all above ground pools. The light is also compact enough to allow you to attach it to a small area.

It is a bright light that can easily illuminate your pool’s yard.

8. TOPIST Submersible LED Light

The first feature that I must state is that the TOPIST Submersible LED Light is a waterproof system that can light under the pool. It requires AAA batteries to work, meaning that it is a flexible light since it doesn’t have a power cord.

You can quickly turn the light on or off using a remote controller and even change the color, up to 24 different colors and four hue modes. It is the ideal light for use when you have a pool party as it adds décor to your facility.

You get a 90 days guarantee when you buy this light.

9. Intex 28692E LED Pool Light

The last product on my list comes from Intex, and it comes with hydroelectric power features. It is a white light that can light your swimming pool area to make it safer for the user.

You can use this light to create the ideal environment of your pool and the backyard during the evenings. One feature that I love of this model is the built-in check valve that helps to prevent misassembly.

It is also one of the most affordable pool lights you can get for your above ground swimming pool. You won’t take a lot of time when installing the light.


Q: How Many Light Do I Need in My Pool?

A: The number of lights you should install in your swimming pool depends on the size of your pool. However, I would recommend you aim for 5.4w per sq. meter. That would be enough to light your pool.

Q: How Do I Change My Pool Light?

A: Here are the things you should do when changing your pool light:

  • Remove the pool light fixture
    • Turn the power off
    • Remove the screw (s) on the fixture
    • Remove the fixture using a screwdriver
    • Take the fixture to the pool deck
  • Replace the light bulb
    • Take out the cover and lens
    • Get a bulb identical to the one you want to replace
    • Remove the old bulb and insert the new one
    • Switch the power on to test the bulb and then off
  • Reinstall the fixture
    • Return the lens and assemble the fixture
    • Screw the screws

Q: Are Pool Lights Safe?

A: Yes. You need to install the light the right way to ensure that they remain safe while on your swimming pool. Follow the brand’s instructions.

Q: How Long Does a Pool Light Last?

A: Standard LED lights can last for over 30K hours, while an incandescent bulb can last for about 5K hours.

Final Words

Now, as you make your selection for the ideal above-ground pool lighting solution to enhance your aquatic facility, allow me to offer some parting thoughts. In this comprehensive evaluation, I have meticulously assessed and presented the finest options available in today’s market. These illuminating choices have been meticulously scrutinized to ensure they meet the highest standards in both quality and performance.

By making an informed decision based on this comprehensive guide, you can transform your swimming experience into a truly exceptional one, basking in the radiance of top-tier above-ground pool lighting systems. Remember, the right choice in pool illumination can elevate not only the aesthetics of your pool area but also your overall enjoyment and safety. So, as you embark on this transformative journey, may your aquatic oasis become a beacon of allure and brilliance, creating unforgettable moments and cherished memories for years to come.

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