The Best Above Ground Pool Pump


The Best Above Ground Pool Pump

Ensuring your pool stays crystal clear and inviting for those sun-soaked summer days is a top priority. After all, a pristine pool not only enhances the overall swimming experience but is also essential for maintaining the health of swimmers. Moreover, adhering to the pool maintenance regulations set by homeowners’ associations and local authorities is a must.

Now, with a multitude of pool pump designs and brands available in the market, choosing the perfect one for your needs can be quite a challenge. The question that inevitably arises is, “What exactly is the best above ground pool pump out there?”

To provide you with some clarity amidst this sea of options, I’ve taken it upon myself to evaluate and scrutinize the top seven models currently available. These pumps have proven their worth in keeping above ground pools clean and safe for all swimmers. So, without further ado, let’s dive into the comprehensive reviews of these exceptional pool pumps.

Review of Top 7 Above Ground Pool Pumps

Here are the seven best pool pumps that can work efficiently for all above ground swimming pools.

1. Hayward SP1580X15 Power-Flo LX Series 1-1/2-Horsepower Above-Ground Pool Pump

One feature that I found with this model is the high-performance it provides that ensures you get a clean pool every time you want to swim. It is a model that you can use for both the on-ground and above-ground pools, making it a versatile unit.

Another feature that I love is the heat-resistant double-sized seal that ensures the motor lasts longer. And the model is rated at 1.5 HP, which is powerful enough to run a high volume of water per hour.

There is also a 1.5-inch discharge and intake that allows the pool pump to function efficiently. Its transparent cover allows you to see the basket to know when it needs cleaning.

Another feature that I find to be amazing is the drain plug that enables you to maintain the pool pump without any hassle.

Other Features

  • Corrosion-proof reinforced thermoplastic housing
  • Quiet operation
  • Comes with a six feet 120v power cord

2. Harris H1572730 ProForce 1.5HP Above-Ground Pool Pump

The second above-ground pool pump on my review comes from Harris and uses up to 115v to function. One feature that I love is the stainless steel motor shaft that makes the product to be durable.

Besides, the shaft is further reinforced by a thermoplastic body that adds to its durability. Another thing about this model is the advanced engineering that helps to provide minimal noise while improving efficiency.

The unit also meets all the ETL and CSA requirements, meaning that you can count on it to work efficiently. It also comes with a three feet cord for connecting to the power source.

Another thing I love about this model is the affordability – you don’t need to break a bank to buy it. It is also easy to install thanks to the user manual that comes in the package.

Other Features

  • 1.5-inch internal threading
  • 2.5-inch external threading
  • Uses standard 3-prong plug connection

3. Pentair DYNII-NI-1-1/2 HP Dynamo Single Speed Above-Ground Pool Pump

Pentair is a brand that is known to provide quality pool products and that is the case with this pool pump. One feature that makes it a great model is the self-priming design that helps it to last for years without getting damaged.

The model also comes with reinforced fiberglass, which is a critical feature that made me review this model. That feature comes in handy to provide durability and strength to ensure that your pool pump lasts for years.

Another feature I found is the large capacity basket that comes with a see-thru lid. What that means is that you can see the content in the basket and know when it is time to clean it.

Other Features 

  • Measures 24” x 9” x 13”
  • Impeller for optimum flow rate
  • Has a diffuser

4. Hayward SP15922S PowerFlo Matrix 1 HP Dual-Speed Above-Ground Swimming Pool Pump

Another model that I would recommend you try is the Hayward SP15922S PowerFlow, and it is a system that uses a 1 HP. It is easy to operate the model as it comes with an on/off switch, which also makes it quite convenient.

Another feature that I like is the industrial-size strainer basket that helps to collect debris for long without needing to be cleaned. And it provides the option of vertical and horizontal discharge – you can choose the one you prefer.

The model also happens to use less energy to ensure that you conserve power, and it comes with a read mounted switch that you can use to switch it off. It was designed to provide value for the money as it lasts for years.

Other Features

  • High-performance motor
  • Automatic thermal overload protector
  • Easy to install and use

5. Harris H1572728 ProForce ¾ HP Above-Ground Pool Pump

Harris H1572728 ProForce is one of my favorite pool pumps on the market today, and it comes with a stainless steel motor. It also comes with a reinforced thermoplastic body that helps to provide it with durability and longer life.

Another feature I must tell you of this model is the advanced engineering that is used to make it. That means you get an efficient model and one that produces less noise – you can leave it to work during the night.

It is also said to meet all the EFTL and CSA requirements, meaning that it is a model that you can use and know it is safe. The model connects to the standard 3-prong plug and is a 115v pool pump.

Other Features 

  • A three feet power cord
  • Easy to connect using the 1.5-inch suction and discharge port
  • Comes with a convenient drain plug

6. Hayward SP1780 PowerFlo II 1 HP Above-Ground Swimming Pool Pump

The next pool pump on my review comes from Hayward and is a self-priming model that you can expect to last for years. It comes with a heavy-duty motor that helps to drive a high volume of waters per hour.

Another feature I like is the stainless steel motor shaft that makes the unit to be quite durable and withstand heavy use. There is also a thermal overload protector that helps to safeguard the pump in case of power issues.

The model also doesn’t require you to maintain it, and it continues to work without losing power. Besides, it comes with a durable corrosion-free housing that helps it to withstand all weather conditions.

I also find the drainage plug to be an efficient addition and is easy to maintain.

Other Features 

  • Heat-resistant double-sized seal
  • Motor lasts for a long time
  • 100% dip proof pool pump

7. Pooline Energy Efficient 2 Speed Pump for Above-Ground Pool 1 HP

At #7 of my review is the Pooline Energy Efficient 2 Speed Pump and it works efficiently for all above-ground pools. One thing I like about this model is the fact that it meets all the local codes requires, such as energy saving.

I also find it to be quite useful since it offers up to 1750 RPM when on low speed – using 3.2 amps. The model can also use 10 amps to provide 3450 RPM and ensure that your swimming pool gets cleaned within minutes.

Another feature of this model is the six feet power cord that lets you connect it to a power source that is far from your pool. The model was designed to provide you with value for the money, and it durable.

Other Features

  • Easy to install and use
  • Minimal maintenance needed
  • Can choose the speed

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: What Size Pump Do I Need for a 24-Foot Above Ground Pool?

A: Selecting the appropriate pump size for your round above ground pool, especially one that spans 24 feet in diameter, is crucial for efficient water circulation and maintenance. If your pool holds less than 15,300 gallons of water, a 1 HP (Horsepower) pump is the ideal choice. However, if your pool’s water capacity exceeds this threshold, a more robust 1.5 HP pump is recommended. Proper pump sizing ensures effective filtration and circulation of your pool water, contributing to a cleaner and healthier swimming environment.

Q: What is the Recommended Daily Run Time for My Above Ground Pool Pump?

A: Determining the optimal daily runtime for your above ground pool pump plays a pivotal role in maintaining water quality and cleanliness. With the correct pump capacity in place, a recommended runtime of approximately 8 hours per day is considered sufficient. This duration ensures that all the water in your pool undergoes thorough filtration and circulation, effectively removing impurities and keeping the pool water crystal clear.

Q: How Do I Prime an Above Ground Pool Pump?

A: Priming your above ground pool pump is a fundamental step to ensure it operates efficiently. Follow these steps for proper priming:

  1. Prepare the pump: Turn off the pump and unplug the power cord to ensure safety.
  2. Close all valves: Ensure that all inlet and outlet valves are securely closed.
  3. Inspect and clean the strainer basket: Remove and clean the strainer basket to eliminate any debris or blockages.
  4. Fill the strainer with water: Use a garden hose to fill the strainer basket with water, ensuring it is completely submerged.
  5. Start water flow: Turn on the water source, allowing water to flow into the pump.
  6. Open all valves: Gradually open all inlet and outlet valves to establish proper water circulation within the system.

Properly priming your pump facilitates efficient water flow and filtration, promoting the overall health of your pool.


Q: How Can I Drain Water from My Above Ground Pool?

A: Draining water from your above ground pool is a simple process that can be accomplished using a garden hose for efficient drainage. Follow these steps:

  1. Insert the hoses: Place the garden hose into the pool water, ensuring it reaches the desired drainage point.
  2. Extend the hoses out of the pool: Take one end of each hose out of the pool, allowing water to flow out freely.
  3. Utilize the pump’s intake hose: Alternatively, unroll the pump’s intake hose and position it at the center of your pool, fully submerged in the water. Connect the outlet hose to ensure seamless water transfer from the pool.

The choice of method depends on your preference, with both options facilitating effective water drainage from your above ground pool.

Q: How Can I Vacuum My Above Ground Pool with a Hayward Pump?

A: Maintaining a clean above ground pool using a Hayward pump is a straightforward process. Follow these steps:

  1. Remove large debris: Start by removing any visible large debris from the pool’s surface using a pool skimmer or net.
  2. Use the Hayward pump head: Submerge the Hayward pump head into the water and initiate the vacuuming process to remove remaining dirt and debris from the pool’s floor and walls.


In conclusion, the importance of choosing the perfect above-ground pool pump cannot be overstated when it comes to maintaining the water quality and overall hygiene of your pool. The market offers a wide array of options, making it imperative to make a well-informed decision. This comprehensive FAQ guide has not only shed light on the significance of pump sizing, maintenance, and operation but has also provided invaluable insights to ensure the continuous preservation of a crystal-clear and inviting swimming environment.

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