The Best Cheap Above Ground Pools


The Best Cheap Above Ground Pools

In today’s world, there is an abundance of affordable above ground pools available in the market, making the task of selecting the perfect one for your specific needs quite a challenging and bewildering endeavor. It’s imperative to possess comprehensive knowledge about the pool’s design, functionality, and overall quality before making your purchase.

Here, I aim to offer you a candid review of the six best and budget-friendly above ground pools currently accessible in the market. These insights will not only help you make an informed decision but also ensure that you find the ideal pool to complement your lifestyle and preferences. So, without further ado, let’s dive into the details of these remarkable options.

Top 6 Cheap Above Ground Pools Reviews

When it comes to creating your own oasis in your backyard, above ground pools provide an excellent and budget-friendly option. These pools not only offer a refreshing escape from the summer heat but also allow you to keep your finances in check. In this article, we’ve handpicked the top 6 cheap above ground pools that offer both quality and affordability.

1. Intex 12’x30” Metal Frame Pool

The Intex 12’x30” Metal Frame Pool is a stellar choice for those seeking durability and reliability. Crafted with tough laminated PVC sidewalls, it stands tall against the harshest weather conditions. To further enhance its longevity, the metal frame undergoes a special treatment to prevent corrosion from exposure to pool chemicals.

What sets this pool apart is the inclusion of a Krystal clear cartridge filter pump. This ensures that every swim is a dip in clean, crystal-clear water. Safety is paramount, and this pool doesn’t disappoint, featuring a ground fault circuit breaker that acts as a failsafe for electrical issues.

For peace of mind, Intex offers a generous 12-month warranty, assuring you of the pool’s quality. Additionally, the drain plug, which can be connected to a garden hose, simplifies the draining process. With a capacity of 1,718 gallons when filled to 90%, this pool promises endless summer enjoyment.

2. Intex 15’x48” Easy Set Pool Set

The Intex 15’x48” Easy Set Pool Set is designed with convenience and safety in mind. The integrated ground fault interrupter adds an extra layer of protection to your pool. Setting it up is a breeze, as it can be filled with water in just 15 minutes, saving you valuable time.

With a water capacity of 3,736 gallons at 80% capacity, this pool ensures you have ample space for splashing around. It utilizes a Krystal clear cartridge filter pump to maintain pristine water quality. Included with the pool are essential accessories such as a debris cover, ladder, and ground cloth.

Enhancing water flow and clarity, this pool boasts dual suction outlet fittings. Its laminated PVC sidewalls guarantee long-lasting durability, making it an excellent investment.

3. Bestway Power Steel 14’x48” Frame Pool Set

Affordability meets durability with the Bestway Power Steel 14’x48” Frame Pool Set. Priced under $500, it features sturdy sidewalls crafted from Tritech material with three layers. This ensures your pool remains robust and dependable even during scorching summer days.

The rust-resistant metal frames are designed to maintain structural integrity, while reinforced ropes wraps at the pool’s base provide added stability. For easy maintenance and winterization, the flow control drain valve simplifies draining. The package also includes a pool cover, ladder, ground cloth, and a 1,000-gallon filter pump.

4. Bestway 12752E Steel Pro Above Ground 15’x48” Backyard Frame Pool Set

For endless summer fun suitable for both adults and children, consider the Bestway 12752E Steel Pro Above Ground Pool. Its stable design offers greater safety compared to inflatable pools. The durable frame resists rust and corrosion, thanks to a special coating that also shields it from UV light and abrasion.

A three-ply PVC band supports the pool’s perimeter, enhancing overall stability. Assembling and maintaining this pool is a breeze, making it a perfect addition to your backyard.

5. Intex 18’x42” Oval Frame Pool Set

The Intex 18’x42” Oval Frame Pool Set is engineered for strength, boasting robust steel frames coated with powder for both beauty and durability. Connecting the pool to a Krystal clear cartridge filter pump ensures a continuous supply of clean water. Setting up is quick, thanks to the assembly DVD included.

With a capacity of 2,885 gallons at 80% full, this pool is ideal for family fun. Its drain plug allows for easy water removal in seconds.

6. Bestway Steel Pro Deluxe Splash Frame Pool

For affordable, endless summer enjoyment, look no further than the Bestway Steel Pro Deluxe Splash Frame Pool. Priced under $500, it outlasts many costly alternatives. Corrosion and rust-free coating on the pool frames protect against abrasion and UV damage.

Enhanced stability is provided by a three-ply PVC band, ensuring the pool remains firm when filled with water. Assembling this pool takes less than five minutes, ensuring you can dive into fun without delay.

In Conclusion 

Having explored the finest affordable above ground pools available in 2020, you may be pondering the question, “Where can I find budget-friendly above ground pools?” These splendid additions to your outdoor leisure can be easily acquired through numerous online retailers or by paying a visit to your nearby brick-and-mortar store. Whether you prefer the convenience of online shopping or the personalized touch of in-store assistance, the options are plentiful, allowing you to select the perfect above ground pool that suits your needs and preferences. Dive into the world of relaxation and recreation with confidence, as you embark on your journey to create the ultimate aquatic oasis in your own backyard.

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