The Best Hot Tub Chemicals

The Best Hot Tub Chemicals

Ensuring a satisfying hot tub experience goes beyond just lounging in the warm, bubbly waters. It hinges on an often overlooked aspect – the quality of the hot tub water. Many enthusiasts tend to underestimate the significance of this element until they find themselves faced with the need to address water-related issues. When you’re in this situation, the solution usually comes in the form of chemicals.

Even though the water volume in a hot tub is significantly smaller than that of a swimming pool, it demands the same level of care and attention. The reason behind this is the constant change in water chemistry due to the elevated temperature of the water. As the water heats up, it becomes more susceptible to fluctuations in its chemical balance. Consequently, this makes it essential to employ the use of various chemicals to maintain water quality, eliminate contaminants, and ward off any unpleasant odors that might disrupt your serene soak.

So, if you’re yearning for a truly blissful and uninterrupted hot tub experience, it’s imperative to recognize the vital role that proper chemical treatment plays in ensuring the quality of your hot tub water. Ignoring this aspect may lead to discomfort and disappointments, which can easily be avoided with some care and the right chemicals at your disposal.

Top Hot Tub Chemicals to Use

Depending on the usage of your hot tub, you may have to decide whether you need a sanitizer or you need to shock the water for better results. The following options may help get good results

Hot Tub Things Chlorine Starter Kit 


  • The only kit you need to start a new hot tub
  • Comes from a reputable brand with over 30 years of experience
  • Users are guaranteed effective performance
  • Exclusively made for hot tub use


  • Can be expensive

The package comes with all the stuff you need to start a new hot tub system, and it gives value for money. These include chlorinating granules, alkalinity and pH down, spa clarifier, pH and alkalinity up, test strips, stain and scale control, and oxidizing spa shock.

One thing to realize is the product comes from a reputable brand with over 35 years of experience. You can use these chemicals with confidence and know that you relax in a safe hot tub.

And they are easy to use because they are made explicitly for use with spa and hot tub. No wasting time when measuring or determining how much chemical to add to your facility.

SpaGuard Enhanced Spa Shock 


  • Made for hot tub and spa
  • Helps to remove contaminants that occur in hot tubs
  • Can be used with ionization and ozone systems
  • Does not affect the pH level
  • Easy to use and is perfect for eczema


  • Not for use in standard swimming pools

You can use this chemical with ozone and ionization systems and have the confidence that it will function effectively. It is also compatible with bromine and chlorine, making it ideal for spa use.

Another notable thing is the ease of use since the package comes ready for use. What that means is you do not need to seek professional help when applying the chemical.

The other great thing is the pH buffer that ensures your hot tub or spa is always balanced. You do not need to fret that you might relax in unbalanced water when you use this product.

SpaGuard Chlorinating Concentrate – 2 Pounds 


  • Dissolves quickly to allow you to use your spa immediately
  • Offers a fast-acting formula
  • Two-in-one formula as an oxidizer and sanitizer
  • Easy to apply with no pre-dissolving
  • Quite affordable


  • Comes in a small bottle

SpaGuard Chlorinating Concentrate is a granular stabilizer that is recommended for sensitive skin. The product acts as an oxidizer and sanitizer to keep your hot tub well maintained.

One thing that makes it a great unit is the quick dissolving that allows you to immediately use your spa. Besides, you do not need to pre-dissolve the product since it comes ready for use.

You also get value for money when you consider that it oxidizes and stabilizes your hot tub. It is highly recommended by experts and can keep your facility in good condition.

Another thing to note is you do not need to spend much to afford this chemical.

The product is also compatible with brominated or chlorine spas and others using ionization and ozone systems.

Leisure Time Spa Sanitizer Spa 56 Chlorinating Granules (30330A)


  • Works for spas, hot tubs, and preheated pools
  • Maintains the natural PH of water and does not disturb its natural balance
  • Can be used to give shock treatment to your spa and hot tubs


  • May have to wait a bit to use your pool after treatment

The 30330A from Leisure Time cleans your spa efficiently. It is extremely easy to use it, and because it dissolves quickly, it kills the germs and removes the inseparable impurities from the water.

It doesn’t shake up the natural balance of spa water and maintains the neutral PH. You can add 1oz of spa sanitizer in 500 gallons of water to use as a super chlorine treatment also known as shock treatment.

Overall, it’s good, but remember that you cannot use the pool or spa for a day or two after shock treatment as the chemical used are hazardous for the skin.

Clorox Pool & Spa 23006CLXCA


  • Removes all kind of impurities from the pool including pool algae
  • Suitable for salt pools, chlorine pools, or pools exposed to direct sunlight
  • Reduces bad odor especially that of chlorine


  • Maybe a bit overpriced

This Clorox pool and spa granules dissolves super-fast and remove all the contaminants from the water be it organic waste or algaecide. This sanitizer can be used as a shock treatment too. It leaves the pool germ and bacteria free with soothing blue color.

These chlorinating granules are protected against scorching beams of sun and work equally well in salt and chlorine pools and hot tubs. Its super cleaning agents make your pool free from all kinds of bad odors and keep your eyes safe from irritating elements.

SpaChoice 472-3-5081 Chlorine Granule


  • Quick dissolving granules making the cleaning process fast
  • Makes your pool germ free and inhibits the growth of algae in your pool
  • Instructions to use the chemical are easy to follow


  • May not be suitable for plastic spa tubs

The SpaChoice chlorine granules dissolve completely in water in no time. They are super-fast in making your pool perfectly tidy. These chlorine granules are the enemies of bacteria and completely remove them from your pool. It also stops the algae from growing again.

You can easily download user guide available on the product site. Another good thing is that complete technical specifications are given so that you can apply them appropriately.  This spa sanitizer fails to maintain the chlorine balance in most situations and it is not suitable for plastic bath and spa tubs.

Spa Essentials 32130000 Granules


  • No prior dissolving required for chlorine granules to speed up cleaning process
  • Multipurpose and works as a sanitizer and oxidizer
  • Completely stabilized chlorinator with no harmful impact on your skin


  • A bit expensive

This spa essential chlorinating granules dissolves quickly and does not require any pre-dissolving. They are convenient to use and its concentrated formula makes them more effective.

These granules not only work as the sanitizing agent but also serves the purpose of oxidant. It not only saves you from buying multiple products but also saves your precious money.

What makes these granules stand out from the other is its perfectly stabilized chlorinating impact, which not only leaves the pool clean but also makes it soothing for human skin.

Leisure Time Spa Tablets (45430A)


  • Easy to use and conveniently fits in most spa floaters and feeders
  • Removes all germs and bacteria and disinfects the pool
  • Maintains the adequate bromine level in the water


  • These tablets crack and dissolve quickly and work more like the powder than a solid tablet.

These LeisureTime spa Brom tablets are super easy and convenient to use. They come in one-inch round size and fits perfectly in floaters and feeders of the spa to release bromine continuously.

They work on dantabrom chemistry and are similar to bromine sanitizing system. These tablets continuously disinfect your pool by killing germs and bacteria. The tablet diffuses in a way that it equally distributes bromine in the water and maintains a stable level.

Pack Hot Tub Spa Bromine Tablets


  • High-quality bromine tablets with 98% active ingredients
  • Very effective in disinfecting the pool completely
  • Slow dissolving and lasts longer which means you don’t need to refill them often


  • Its powdered granules do not dissolve in water and stay at the bottom of the pool.

These “twin-pack” spa bromine tablets come with 98% active ingredients. These are one of the best tablets available in the market, as they work efficiently and are cost-effective too.

These bromine tablets are very effective and yield best results when it comes to killing germs and bacteria. They disinfect your pool and leave it clean and tidy.

These tablets dissolve very slowly and release the appropriate amount of bromine in the water. Just add 6 tablets per feeder and you are good to go for almost 1 month.

[5 lbs] Spa Choice Brominating Sanitizer Tabs


  • Strong and effective tablets with 98% active ingredients
  • Slow dissolving and leave behind no bad odor
  • Come in a large bucket with a lid to keep it fresh for a long time


  • Broken tablets

These bromine tablets for hot tub are very effective because they contain 98% active ingredients. Regular use helps kill bacteria and disinfect the pool and spa.

These tablets are slow dissolving and last longer. They appropriately distribute bromine in water and leave behind no bad odor making the pool water look and feel good.

The large tablet container comes with a tight lid that keeps the tablets stay fresh for more than a year. The only thing to consider is that the container often gets tossed in storage and delivery which results in broken tablets and a waste of money.

In The Swim Pool Bromine Tablets 8 lbs


  • Dissolve slowly in water to work effectively and save money
  • Ideal for small pools and spa for personal use
  • Leaves pool odor free and make the water smooth


  • It’s not compatible with big pools

These bromine tablets are made with 61% available bromine and 27%available chlorine and dissolve very slowly. They keep disinfecting the pool for many days and save you from giving your pool another treatment, which saves money in the long-run.

They are ideal for small preheated pools, and work quite efficiently for personal spas and hot bathtubs too. There is hardly any chlorine odor left behind by these tablets. It keeps the water soothing and gives a relaxing experience. Just remember that they are not suitable for larger pools.

SpaGuard Enhanced Shock 


  • Multipurpose with four functions
  • Starts working in 15 minutes
  • Suitable to use with bromine or chlorine spas


  • Burning eyes when using the spa too soon after treatment

If you’re looking for a multipurpose shock that could shock, clarify and even work as pH buffer, you may want to put your money on SpaGuard Enhanced Shock.  It dissolves quickly and is capable of delivering great results in as little as 15 minutes.

You can use it with your brominated spas to get rid of unpleasant odors. Within minutes, you will notice water sparkle being restored, which is an amazing feature by the way. Just be sure to avoid using your spa too soon after using the shock or you may have to deal with burning eyes.

2-Pack Oxy-Spa Oxidizing Shock


  • Let you use your spa immediately after treatment
  • Capable of getting rid of lotion, perspiration, and cosmetic residue
  • Highest concentration of active oxygen for more potency


  • The pool water may look gray after several uses

This granular monopersulfate oxidizing shock comes with the highest concentration of active oxygen, which is why it is supposed to work quite impressively.

With this non-chlorine oxidizing shock, you can hope to eliminate residual soaps, natural oils, and deodorants from hot tub water. Interestingly, it is strong enough to break down contaminants such as lotion, perspiration, and cosmetic residue.

Compared to other brands, you can use your pool in a few minutes of treating the water. The only issue some people have raised is about the color of pool water turning gray after several uses.

SpaGuard Spa Enhanced Shock (2lb)


  • Four-in-one formula for shock, pH buffer, flocculent, and clarifying
  • Ensures you relax in sparkling clean water
  • Has 58.2% sodium dichloro-s-triazinetrione
  • Easy to use and comes in a portable package
  • One of the most affordable products on the market today


  • Need to visit the market regularly to buy replacement

SpaGuard Enhanced Shock is a multipurpose product used as a pH buffer, flocculent, clarifier, and shock. It is a product that can provide you with a clean spa for everyday use.

Another great thing about this model is removing the unpleasant odor that might be present in the water. You can easily use your facility within 15 minutes after applying this product.

Leisure Time Spa Shock Oxidizer


  • Quick-dissolving to remove oils and residue
  • Suitable against organic materials to prevent skin/eye irritation
  • pH buffered to leave no effect on pH levels


  • You have to use a lot of it to get good results

In order to reduce odor-causing ammonia, you can always rely on this shock oxidizer from Leisure Time.  This quick-dissolving shock oxidizer does not contain chlorine and is quite efficient at eliminating contaminants and odors.

Interestingly, the shock oxidizer is quite capable of destroying soaps, oils, deodorants and microorganisms, leaving you with fresh, clean water. Another good thing is that it is perfectly compatible with bromine, ozone, chlorine, and mineral purification systems.

Overall, it works quite efficiently, but it is also a fact that many other shock oxidizers in the market have additional active ingredients, so you have to use less to get good results. It may also increase the overall cost of buying and using this shock oxidizer from Leisure time.

Types of Chemicals You Need to Maintain Your Hot Tubs

Depending on the usage and size of your hot tub, you may have to use a variety of chemicals from time to time. You have to test the water first before deciding on what types of chemicals it needs.

  • You may need chemicals to maintain the right alkalinity. By maintaining the right alkalinity, you will be able to prevent fluctuations in the pH levels.
  • You need chemicals to ensure proper pH levels, but make a right choice considering whether you need to decrease or increase the pH levels.
  • You need to use a sanitizer to help get rid of bacteria and viruses that can survive and thrive in warm water.
  • You may have to use chemicals for shock treatment, as it helps break down any organic contaminants in your tub.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have looked at some frequently asked questions about chemicals for use in hot tubs.

Q: How Soon Can You Use Hot Tub After Adding Chemicals?

A: You should not enter your hot tub immediately when you add chlorine or other chemicals. Wait for the chemical to dissipate – which can take about 30 minutes.

Q: How to Put Chemicals in a Hot Tub?

A: Follow these steps:

  • Remove the cover from the hot tub
  • Turn your hot tub on – the air jets should be off
  • Test for the chemicals using test strips
  • Pre-measure the desired chemicals
  • Apply the chemicals

Q: What Chemicals to Add to Hot Tub First Time?

A: You require the following chemicals when starting your hot tub:

  • Test strips
  • pH minus
  • pH plus
  • Non-chlorine shock
  • Chor-aid

The two vital chemicals to add when starting is chlorine and bromine. Make sure that you add them in the right quantities.

Q: What is the Best Hot Tub Chemicals to Use?

A: Chlorine is an excellent chemical that you should use to kill bacteria in a pool. Both chlorine granules and chlorine tablets are useful and should be added to your spa or hot tub. Ensure you maintain a level of 3-5 ppm.


In summary, it’s undeniable that the proper management of hot tub chemicals holds significant importance in upholding the ideal water chemistry and safeguarding your hot tub against a myriad of potential problems. It is essential to emphasize that adhering to a consistent maintenance routine consistently proves to be a more prudent approach, rather than deferring action until issues arise. Therefore, selecting the most appropriate chemicals is paramount in ensuring a pristine and healthful environment for your hot tub.

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