The Best Hot Tub Handrails

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The Best Hot Tub Handrails

Hot tubs and spas are a delightful way to relax and unwind, providing a soothing retreat from the stresses of daily life. However, it’s important to acknowledge that these haven-like sanctuaries can also present some challenges, especially for individuals with limited mobility, such as older adults or those with disabilities. Getting in and out of a hot tub or spa can be a bit tricky and, at times, even hazardous. Fortunately, there’s a simple and effective solution that can significantly reduce the risk of slips, accidents, and injuries – handrails.

The need for handrails around hot tubs and spas is clear, but with a multitude of options available, the next question that arises is: What is the best handrail for your specific setup? Handrails come in various shapes, sizes, and price ranges, making the decision-making process a bit more complex.

To make an informed choice, it’s essential to gather accurate and relevant information about the quality, functionality, design, and cost of different handrail options. That’s where the importance of having an ultimate guide to handrails becomes evident. This comprehensive guide acts as a valuable resource to aid you in selecting the perfect handrail that suits your individual needs and complements your hot tub or spa perfectly.

In the following sections, we’ll delve deeper into the factors to consider when choosing a handrail, ensuring that you have all the necessary insights to make the best decision for your relaxation oasis. So, let’s explore the world of handrails and find the ideal one to enhance your hot tub or spa experience.

The 7 Top-Rated Hot Tub Handrails

This article reviews the 7 best hot tub handrails available for sale. The review is based on several factors such as customer reviews, supplier credibility, benefits, warranty, features and value.

The detailed guide focuses on the potential benefits and drawbacks of each of the selected best hot tub handrails on this list to help make purchase decisions a breeze.

1. Saftron Spa Floor Rail Single Post For In-Ground Spas White With Lift And Turn Base


  • Allows for a clearance of 9 inches
  • No flaking or chipping of finish
  • Has an immunity to rust and corrosion
  • Obeys all NFPA building codes
  • Rail is 2 feet high; able to clear spa walls 9”


  • Lift hand difficult to maneuver
  • Pricy, seems to be overpriced

The Saftron Spa Floor Single Post Rail is the ideal tool for your spa or inground pool. Its color is part of the actual under coat; therefore, it will not flake or chip.

Non conductive material meets all codes set by the NFPA requiring no need for bonding (grounding) prior to installation. Making it suitable to install railing anywhere you need it to be. In addition, there is a 9 inch clearance provided by the Lift & Turn Base.

2. CoverMate 7930 Spa Side Handrail with Base


  • Allows for 360-degree rotation
  • Easy assembly
  • Very stable and sturdy
  • Includes a locking feature for added safety
  • Fast shipping and excellent customer service


  • Doesn’t comes with an instruction manual for installing the LED light
  • Only viable for spas up to 40’ inches in height

This CoverMate handrail has a unique design that utilizes the weight of your existing hot tub for improved stability thanks to its under-spa base. This makes it extremely easy to install; just ensure that hot tub is empty before installing.

It has an extremely sturdy handle that is able to rotate 360 degrees to allow for assisted spa entry or exit. Other features such as LED light and locking mechanisms makes this a safe and durable handrail that will provide the safety and peace of mind you need when relaxing in your hot tub.

3. Guardian Better Hot Tub Handrail – Spa Side Safety Rail with Slide-under Mounting Base


  • Easy to assemble and install
  • Heavy-duty steel construction
  • Ability to swivel and lock in 4 different positions
  • A high lock knob for added convenience and ease
  • Excellent quality stainless steel hardware


  • Not suitable for outdoor use in cold weather unless handle is insulated

Similar to the CoverMate the Guardian handrail offers a similar design that allows for added durability and stability. The ideal handrail for safely entering and exiting any hot tub; the Guardian is perfect for aging adults.

It is extremely easy to assemble and install thanks to its slide-under mounting base. Comes equipped with stainless steel hardware to protect against corrosion and rust resulting in long-lasting use.

Competitively priced and durable the Guardian hot tub handrail is a good median of both quality and value.

4. Carefree Stuff Spa Escort Side Swiveling Handrail and Towel Bar


  • Designed and shaped to be a handrail and towel bar
  • Relatively easy to assemble and install
  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Powder-coated to prevent against rust
  • Comes with all required mounting hardware


  • Can only swivel and lock in 2 positions (180-degree rotation)
  • A tad on the expensive side

If you are in the market for a handrail that can be side mounted to your existing hot tub the Carefree handrail both functional and effective. The compact design allows it to be installed with ease and its uniquely shaped handle acts as a towel bar for even greater convenience.

A sturdy, durable and long-lasting handrail that is built for strength, stability and durability. Comes with all required mounting hardware and an instruction manual to help make installation and assembly a breeze.

5. Leisure Concepts Spa and Hot Tub Safety Grab Rail – Textured Black


  • Powder coated aluminum construction
  • Ability to swivel 360 degrees
  • Adjustable top bracket
  • Comes with all the necessary components for easy installation
  • Designed to be mounted on any above-ground hot tub and spa


  • A tad on the expensive side
  • No locking mechanism when swiveling

This Leisure Concepts handrail is designed to be side mounted to almost any above-ground spa or hot tub providing convenient, safe and easy access in and out. The long tube and adjustable top bracket allow this handrail to be fitted almost anywhere depending on your needs and preferences.

The Leisure Concepts handrail is built to last and is quite easy to assemble and install despite having to be side mounted and screwed in. A versatile handrail that is simple and convenient to use.

6. Cover Valet 1CHSPA Spa Side Handrail with LED Lighting


  • Zinc plated powder coated finish for long-lasting durability
  • Soft blue LED lighting
  • Swivel ability and multi-position locking features
  • Requires no hardware or assembly which makes for easy installation
  • Ideal for above ground spas up to 40’ inches
  • Rigid and stable design
  • Fast delivery


  • Not suitable for in-ground or recessed spas

This Cover Valet has all the features and benefits to be a stable and durable handrail for above ground hot tubs and spas. Its durable construction coupled with excellent functionality makes this a viable investment for any above ground hot tub.

The 360-degree swivel ability coupled with easy installation (no hardware or assembly required) makes it the ideal choice for a handrail that is convenient, practical and highly durable.

7. SmartRail Spa Safety Rail


  • Ideal for recessed spas and hot tubs
  • Powder coated to be rust resistant
  • Extremely durable steel construction
  • Comes with complete installation kit
  • Universal design compatible with all major spa brands


  • Does not have a swivel option
  • Cannot be raised or lowered with existing locking bolt

The ideal handrail for someone who has an existing recessed hot tub that wants added safety and convenience. The SmartRail is designed so that it can be mounted directly on the spa cabinet or the deck surrounding a recessed spa.

Its quality construction, durability and stability make this the ideal safety tool for easy access in and out of recessed hot tubs and spas. Would recommend changing the locking bolt for a pull pin one as it allows the handrail to be raised and lowered to accommodate the hot tub cover.

8. White SAFTRON SS-36 Single-Post Spa Support Rail with Lift & Turn Base


  • Made from a durable non-metallic composite material
  • Rust and corrosion immune material
  • Remains cool to the touch even in hot weather
  • Ability to swivel 180 degrees thanks to the ‘Lift & Turn’ feature
  • Compatible with semi-submerged in ground hot tubs and spas
  • Comes with all necessary hardware required for installation


  • Limited swivel options
  • Limited height clearance

This white Saftron handrail has a lift and turn base which allows for easy installation and use. The life and turn feature allows the single post support rail to swivel 180 degrees for easy access in and out of the hot tub.

Its size and construction are intended for durability and minimal maintenance. This handrail is a great choice for in-ground hot tubs and spas as installation doesn’t require any extra digging or support for grounding.

9. SpaEase SM-36 Side Mount Hot Tub Safety Rail (Bourbon Brown)


  • More protection from falling due to wet/slippery conditions
  • 360 degree safety rail swing
  • Bolting mounts are required
  • Color is an essential factor to material
  • For increased safety there is a locking feature


  • A bit pricey
  • Does not fit well

The SpaEase SM-36 Side Mount Hot Tub Safety Rail was made to last a long time. Its components are a ¼ inch hard shell. Spa chemicals, such as salt, chlorine, and acid will not affect or harm this rail.

Reinforced inwardly for durability and rigor with a 40 Galvanized Steel. The the core, once it has completed reinforcements, is encapsulated and will never again see water or air averting rust. This material for the non conductive hard-shell meets all codes set by the state without the need for bonding required. Therefore this is the perfect railing for any location.

Things to Consider Before Purchase

Choosing the right handrail for your hot tub or spa is easier said than done. There are many specific details, features and benefits of each handrail that needs to be fully considered before making a purchase decision.

Size of Hot Tub or Spa

The most important thing is knowing the size of your hot tub or spa both in terms of length and width.

Type of Hot Tub

Different handrails are suitable for different types of hot tubs. Certain handrails are designed specifically for recessed hot tubs for example while others are only meant for above ground spas.

Material Used

Use of durable material such as steel is a good indicator of the handrail’s durability and strength. The stronger the material the greater the products durability.

Safety Functions

The best handrails have safety features such as locking mechanisms and LED lighting to assist in the getting in and out of hot tubs.


The east of installation is a major factor to consider when deciding what handrail to purchase. Handrails that require side mounting or deck mounting need special hardware to ensure a stable and solid foundation which can be tougher to assemble and install.


What type of warranty is being offered by the manufacturer and on what terms?

The Best Handrails for Hot Tubs

An informative and detailed review of the seven best handrails available in the market sheds light on the differences and similarities of various handrails and their effectiveness. The ideal handrail for a hot tub depends on customer priorities or limitations in terms of mobility, price, convenience, durability and functionality.

Each handrail reviewed on this list has its own set of pros and cons. Selecting the ideal handrail for your hot tub depends on knowing exactly where you would like to install the handrail and the type of features that matter most to you.

All the handrails reviewed in this guide come from reputable suppliers and are made from some of the best quality materials. One of these could be the ideal choice for your hot tub!

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