Best Kohler Toilet Reviews


Best Kohler Toilet Reviews

When it comes to upgrading your bathroom, finding the right products can make all the difference in both convenience and quality. Enter KOHLER, a household name renowned for its commitment to crafting top-notch solutions for every aspect of home living. Whether you’re embarking on a complete bathroom renovation or simply seeking to enhance a single element, KOHLER has you covered with a range of products designed to meet diverse needs.

Among their impressive lineup, one standout choice reigns supreme: the Veil Intelligent. This innovative marvel not only elevates your bathroom experience but also streamlines your maintenance routine with its self-cleaning feature. Say goodbye to tedious scrubbing sessions on hands and knees – the Veil Intelligent takes care of it all, leaving you with more time to enjoy the finer things in life.

But that’s not all – this intelligent fixture goes above and beyond with its integrated bidet functionality, heated seat, and customizable settings tailored to suit individual preferences. With the Veil Intelligent, KOHLER has not only redefined luxury but also revolutionized the way we interact with our bathroom spaces.

So, whether you’re a discerning homeowner seeking the ultimate in comfort and convenience or simply someone who appreciates the finer details, look no further than KOHLER and their flagship Veil Intelligent – where innovation meets indulgence in perfect harmony.

10 Best Kohler Toilet Reviews

1. KOHLER K-5401-0 Veil Dual Flush Toilet


Treat your bottom to an experience like none you ever felt before with this intelligent model from KOHLER. As it does not come with a tank and does not work with a tank, you can connect it to a direct water supply to always have the water needed for flushing. You can use one of two settings when flushing it to use more or less water too.

Some of the top features on this product relate to its integrated systems. The first of those is a heated seat that lets you pick the temperature you want to use. It also has an integrated bidet that relies on a wand, which gives you control over the spray, pressure and temperature settings.


  • Does not require a tank because it connects to a direct water supply
  • Heated seat has various temperature settings
  • Integrated bidet uses a wand that lets you change the water pressure and other settings


  • Very pricey for a home model
  • Difficult to install on your own

2. KOHLER K-4026-0 Karing Skirted One-Piece Elongated Toilet


The Karing is one of the top models for homes where two people share the same bathroom and have different preferences because it lets you save your personalized settings and save the settings of another user too. It has a motion sensor on the front that detects when someone comes near and lifts the lid to the seat, but it also drops that seat down once the person stands. You can also use a built-in nightlight to use the bathroom without turning on any other lights.

A self-cleaning wand inside the bowl cleans the inside to remove debris and waste clinging to the sides with every flush. This product also has a bidet feature with its own wand. The bidet produces warm air to dry you off and releases a deodorizer into the air to cover smells.


  • Can flush the bowl via an include remote control or with a touch display
  • Built-in wand automatically rinses and cleans the bowl when you flush
  • Includes personalized settings that will retain the selections made by two different people


  • Is more expensive than other products
  • Using some features and settings is difficult

3. KOHLER K-6424-0 Memoirs Toilet


The KOHLER Memoirs Classic is inspired by sophisticated architecture and signature crown molding, this toilet delivers water savings and great functionality –as well as the sought-after traditional style. This toilet has a characteristic and innovative technology; Aqua Piston, a patented flush technology that promises plug-free flush that is powerful as well as fast. A 1. 28-gallon of water per flush provides substantial water savings of about 16, 500 gallons per year, as compared with a 3.5-gallon toilet, without losing on performance.

The included seat is positioned at a chairs height to make you comfortable when you use it. It also features technology that helps in easy cleaning and noiseless closing. This toilet is extremely water efficient. The design is such that the whole toilet base is well cleaned. It uses a canister flush valve which flushes and eliminates clogging without any water wastage. The elongated bowl is compact and offers more comfort while taking the same space as a bowl of round-front design.

It has a canister design that is durable and is made of 90% less exposed seal material than a standard 3-inch flapper, thus resulting in a performance that’s leak-free. Aqua piston technology allows water to flow into the bowl from all sides thus increasing the effectiveness and power of the flush. It also includes a left-hand trip lever of polished chrome and with a grip-tight seat.


  • Lets you flush it without touching the tank or reaching for a handle
  • Takes up less space but still includes an elongated bowl
  • Comfort height of the seat is suitable for adults of all heights


  • Sensor may not detect the movements that you make
  • Must have AA batteries to run that sensor

4. KOHLER K-3940-0 Kathryn Elongated One-Piece 1.28 GPF Toilet


When you want a product that looks both classic and traditional, the Kathryn is a good choice. This model features a slightly Art Decor look that uses sharp lines and geometric elements on the base and tank, both of which connect together in a single piece that lacks any seams. Those lines continue around the base to make the piece look more decorative, though it may be hard to clean the grime and dust off the base.

This one comes with the same canister bowl as others, which uses the Aqua Piston technology to circulate the water all around the bowl, which removes more waste as it moves. It also comes with a large flapper that has a wider seal around the edges to stop leaks.


  • Has a slightly Art Deco look with a decorative base and stylish chrome handle
  • Coordinates back with the Kathryn collection from the manufacturer
  • Removes more waste per flush because of a canister bowl


  • Decorative base can attract more dust and grime
  • May look too traditional in your bathroom

5. KOHLER K-6669-0 Memoirs Elongated 1.28 GPF Toilet


Though Memoirs has a similar design to the Kathryn, it is a little on the larger side and has an elongated bowl that makes it stick out even further from a wall. This product has a base that looks like a pedestal and will make it become a focal point in your bathroom, and sharp edges on the top of the tank pick up on the lines on the base. It has a comfort height seat as well as a flapper with a seal that keeps water from leaking out of the tank.

A handle on the left side of the tank has a chrome finish and works with that flapper to flush the bowl faster. It also has a 360-degree flushing design that fills the bowl with water quickly to help clean the bowl as your family flushes.


  • Hidden trapway inside makes the bowl easier to clean
  • Water comes down around all edges of the bowl to help keep the interior clean
  • Has less exposed sealing around the flapper to prevent more leaks


  • Flush handle has a flimsy look and feel
  • Does not do a good job of disposing larger pieces of waste

6. KOHLER K-6299-0 Veil Wall-Hung Elongated Toilet Bowl


This model is great for making your bathroom look larger or for giving you more floor space in your bathroom because it hangs on the wall and requires little space. Though it comes with just the bowl, you can get the tank that provides it with water and the carrier that supports it from the manufacturer, and those parts install on and inside the wall. The bowl itself has an elongated shape for more comfort but a compact design to save space.

A nice feature on this product is that it comes with mounting hardware that you can hide behind the base and inside the wall. The manufacturer includes removable side panels that make it easier to tighten the screws when mounting it and to loosen the screws when doing some maintenance.


  • Has a compact size that still uses a large elongated bowl for comfort
  • Works with a separate carrier to keep it attached to the wall and a tank that you place inside the wall
  • Grip tight seat closes smoother to prevent loud slams and bangs


  • Comes with just a bowl and not all the parts needed to use it
  • Water level inside the bowl is quite low and allows more waste to build up on the sides

7. Kohler K-3519-0 Highline Classic Comfort Height Elongated 1.0 gpf Toilet


With the Highline in your bathroom, you can slash your water bills and use up to 30% less water or even more because it has a flush rating of just one gallon per flush. That may not be enough for some homes but is suitable for kids and younger users. This model is also good for those who want to save space because it has a smaller base as well as a smaller bowl.

Included with this product is a supply line for quickly connecting to your water supply. It comes with a conveniently placed flushing lever on the side of the tank rather than the front.


  • Has a smaller seat to save on floor space
  • Comes with a supply line for faster and easier installation
  • Helps you use up to 30% or more less water than you would with other products


  • Has a low GPF of just one gallon, which may not remove all waste
  • Thinner and smaller base doesn’t provide much support

8. Kohler K-3977-0 Toilet

One of the top choices for smaller bathrooms is the Wellworth, which has a smaller overall footprint but a round seat that still feels comfortable as you sit. That round seat is a little smaller than an elongated seat and can support users of almost any size. Despite its small size, it still has a standard 12-inch rough-in.

As a Class 5 rated model, this one also removes more waste because it works on bulk waste. You can flush it hundreds of times without any problems, though you may need to hold down on the handle to flush it. It also comes with three pre-drilled holes and matching bolts for fast installation.


  • Small and compact with a standard 12-inch rough-in
  • Class 5 rating for bulk and larger waste flushing
  • Needs just three bolts to install it


  • May need to press down longer on the handle to flush it
  • Prone to regular clogging

9. KOHLER K-3609-0 Cimarron Comfort Height Elongated 1.28 gpf Toilet


The elongated bowl on this product not only provides you more space when sitting down but also increases the comfort that you feel when using the bathroom. As it comes with a separate tank and bowl, you’ll have an easier time putting those pieces together and reaching the right spots for cleaning, doing some simple repairs or taking care of maintenance. It also lacks the seams that can attract dust.

This model also comes with the comfort height that the manufacturer designed, which puts you at the perfect distance from the floor. That height is suitable for most adult users. It also has a low flow rating of 1.28 GPF.


  • Comfort height seating is suitable for almost all adults
  • Uses two separate pieces for easier maintenance, repairs and cleaning
  • Elongated bowl gives you more sitting room and helps you feel more comfortable


  • Prone to breaking during shipping
  • Many noticed leaks a few months after installation

10. KOHLER K-3817-0 Memoirs Toilet


The KOHLER Memoirs has the sophisticated architectural design of the Memoirs collection having a Stately design, this two-piece toilet unites the water-saving performance of the flush with the preferred traditional style.

A 1. 28-gallon of water per flush provides substantial water savings of about 16, 500 gallons per year, as compared with a 3.5-gallon toilet, without losing on performance.It has an ideal chair-like height for comfortable sitting down and getting up.

The KOHLER Memoirs Stately has an elongated bowl that offers comfort and added room as well as a convenient height. The seat and supply line are not included in this product, it consists of the combination of the bowl and the tank.This toilet is extremely water efficient.

The design is such that the whole toilet base is well cleaned. It uses a canister flush valve which flushes and eliminates clogging without any water wastage. The elongated bowl is compact and offers more comfort while taking the same space as a bowl of round-front design.

This toilet has a characteristic and innovative technology; Aqua Piston, a patented flush technology that promises plug-free flush that is powerful as well as fast. Aqua piston technology allows water to flow into the bowl from all sides thus increasing the effectiveness and power of the flush.

The dual flush technology found on the Persuade uses a button with two separate buttons that let you press the right one based on the size and type of waste in the bowl to use the perfect amount of water. You won’t worry about clogs either because the trapway on this model comes with a skirt that limits the debris that can get through. Those it doesn’t come with its own seat, it is compatible with different models from the manufacturer.

Available in a standard height or a comfort height, this product uses two pieces to make up the base that also holds the bowl and the separate tank. It has an elongated bowl with a smaller base beneath that bowl to reduce its overall size.


  • Skirt around the trapway limits the waste that can get inside to stop it from clogging
  • Uses dual flush technology that uses two different amounts of water for flushing
  • Compatible with several of the seats that the manufacturer makes


  • Hard water can keep the bowl from filling as quickly as it should
  • Rough-in is larger than the standard size

Our Top Winner Is…

When you want to leave the bathroom feeling completely clean, you need the Veil Intelligent, which is the only model from the manufacturer that will handle all your bathroom needs. It has a heated seat that comes up to the temperature that you selected and an integrated bidet wand made from stainless steel for cleaning your bottom without wasting bathroom tissue. This wand lets you change the spray and pressure of the water that comes out and adjust the temperature of that water.

Other features found on this intelligent model include an elongated seat that offers more space than a round seat and a dual flush mechanism that uses less that one gallon of water per flush up to a maximum of 1.28 gallons per flush. It has a tankless design to that lets your plumber hook it up directly to a water supply.

How to Choose the Right Kohler Toilet?

What is the GPF?

GPF stands for gallons per flush and tells you the exact amount of water the models needs to completely flush and then fill the bowl. Many models have a rating of around 1.6 to 1.8 gallons, but you’ll also find some that use just one gallon. The more water a product uses, the less waste you’ll see in the bowl.

You also have the option of something called a dual flush model, which is one that has two different water settings. Using a simple button lets you select a low flow of water or a larger amount of water.

Will an Intelligent Model Work?

Intelligent models are those that come with more features. These products automatically flush when you stand up, and some will even release a room deodorizer after flushing. Most top models come with an integrated bidet too.

The main issue with intelligent models is that you’ll need to either hook one up to your electrical system or plug one into an outlet. These products are also more expensive to repair, and parts for these models cost quite a bit too.

What Comes with the Product?

Not all products come with a seat, which means that you’ll need to buy one yourself and make sure that it works with that model. KOHLER typically tells you which models are compatible with each other. You can also read about more flushing toilets here.

Some models may lack other supplies like the bolts and hardware needed to mount one to the floor. You should find out if the product comes with a supply line or whether you need to purchase one.

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