The Best Macerating (Upflush) Toilet


The Best Macerating (Upflush) Toilet

Navigating the world of toilet models can feel like a simple task, but for those dealing with older homes or basement installations, it quickly becomes a complex puzzle. The challenge lies in seamlessly connecting your toilet to a sewage system that might not be at ground level—a task where traditional toilets simply won’t suffice.

Enter the macerating toilet, also known as an upflush toilet. These innovative systems tackle the issue head-on by utilizing a unique mechanism to propel waste upward through a network of pipes. It’s a solution that bridges the gap between your toilet and the primary sewage system, making it an ideal choice for unconventional installations.

But it’s not just about functionality; modern macerating toilets boast sleek designs that effortlessly blend into any space, ensuring your bathroom retains its style without sacrificing practicality. Whether you’re retrofitting an older home or renovating a basement, finding the perfect upflush toilet is crucial.

That’s where we come in. Our comprehensive upflush toilet reviews and expert guidance are tailored to help you navigate the complexities of choosing the right model for your specific needs. From performance to aesthetics, we’re here to ensure your toilet selection process is as smooth as possible.

Below are the top upflush toilets on the market today.

1. Saniflo Sniaccess 2 Upflush Macetaro Pump Plus Round Toilet Kit

Being a macerating toilet, this model from Saniflo Sniaccess comes with a tank at the rare that works effectively to remove waste very easily. This ensures that your toilet is always clean – every time you flush it.

It is an easy and simple to fit toilet and you can easily assemble it anywhere you want in your bathroom. Being oval, it is easy to adjust and also very comfortable. It will change your washroom experience for good.

The model comes with a beautiful white color that will improve the look of your bathroom. Another great thing about this toilet is the ability to clean it easily. It also minimizes the need of repairing your toilet every now and then since it’s hard to get damaged.

2. Saniflo SaniPLUS Macerating Upflush Toilet Kit

This is an amazing toilet from Saniflow SaniPLUS that comes with a superb bowl. The unit weighs around 99.7 pounds, which makes it very easy to install even when you are alone and is also a reliable product.

The elongated design of the toilet means that it will use little space when you install it. Also, it will offer you maximum comfort whenever you want to use it. Furthermore, it is a water efficient unit that uses 1.6 GPG (gallons per flush). Hence, the toilet will save you water when you compare with other models that use 3.6 GPF.

Another great thing about this toilet is that it’s very quiet. It produces very little noise when refilling the tank and when flushing. And due to its white color, the toilet will make your washroom to be cleaner and attractive than before.

3. Liberty Pumps ACENTII-ESW Macerating Toilet

This is a great mode to install in your basement and is one of the most affordable models you will get on the market today. The kit features a macerating pump, tank, and toilet. Furthermore, you get a toilet seat when you buy this model.

It is a plug-in toilet that doesn’t function on batteries. You also need to have a GFCI outlet to keep your toilet running. Another great feature of this unit is that you can easily connect it with your shower or sink. Hence, you can easily create a complete washroom when you get this toilet.

When it comes to installation, you can easily follow the guide that comes with it. It is that easy to install and you will be done within minutes. Also, the toilet is water efficient, saving you from high water bills.

4. Saniflo SaniAccess3 Macerator Pump with Elongated Toilet

The SaniAccess3 is a pump system that you can install in your bathroom and goes about 14-foot under the sewer line. It is a system that handles waste and paper without any problem.

One superb thing is the tough stainless steel blade that helps to cut the material into small pieces. The system also has a pressure chamber for driving the blade.

It comes with a powerful flush that helps to activate the motor and make the blades move. The product takes less than a minute to clear the waste since it is highly efficient.

You can also count on the durability and get value for your money. That is all because it is made of durable materials.

5. Sanimove 600W Macerator Pump Toilet 

Sanimove 600w model comes with a sleek design that adds beauty to your bathroom. It uses a 2-inch inlet to dispose of the water and you can place it anywhere in your washroom.

One notable safety feature of the model is the non-return valve that prevents the waste from flowing back. You also get a comfortable product thanks to the elongated design and it is suitable for small rooms.

What more, you get a wide seat that makes it ideal for most adults. Easy to install and maintain, so you can achieve them without seeking professional help.

The design also makes it easy to clean the toilet and it does not attract a lot of dirt. Another thing is the hygienic nature of the toilet due to its high-efficient performance.

It comes with a macerator that functions at around 3600 rpm to ensure that all the waste gets shredded into small pieces. The kit includes everything you would need to have a functioning toilet within hours.

4. Saniflo Sanibest Pro: Macerating Upflush Toilet Kit

This is one of the most versatile toilets on the market today. It connects to different sanitary fixtures including washing machines, bath, shower, and sink. The model includes a toilet tank, a toilet bowl, and a bathroom pump.

Moreover, the unit uses a heavy-duty mechanism called SaniBEST system to function and you can easily install it in a washroom of up to 18 ft. from the sewer system. The toilet is made is such a way that it saves water. Actually, it only uses 1.6 gallons of water for every flush.

Another thing that makes it a great product is the elongated bowl that makes it perfect for use by physically challenged people. This bowl also happens to use minimal space in your bathroom. Hence, you can easily install it in tight places in your washroom.

5. Liberty Pumps Macerating Toilet Round

For a very long time, Liberty Pumps has provided some amazing upflush toilets and this model is no different. It comes with superb features that add to its overall performance and use. To begin, the model comes with the latest emaciation of waste tech.

That tech is better for removing solid matter better than most macerating toilets on the market today. Also, the unit comes with a toilet seat; you don’t need to purchase the seat separately. When it comes to the size, you will be excited to learn that the model is within the standard size.

It can fit all size of bathrooms with ease and only weighs 121 pounds. Hence, you can even install it through the DIY process. It also comes with a round bowl that is amazing to use.

6. Thetford Marine Nano ECO Macerating Toilet

Thetford is yet another brand that provides top-quality upflush toilets. The unit comes with great features that make it worth every penny and add value to your bathroom. The model is made of high-quality material that ensures it lasts for years.

Furthermore, you will be excited to learn that you can get the best from this toilet when it comes to the overall performance. Also, it is a compact unit that fits in most bathrooms – even the smallest of washrooms. This compactness also makes it easy to install without the need of seeking the services of a professional.

Another great thing about this toilet is the effectiveness it provides when flushing. It features a turbine tech that provides strong clog-free flush. All-in-all the toilet remains clean with every flush and you don’t need to flush many times to get the waste out.

7. SaniPlus Saniflo Toilet Two-Piece

This toilet comes with the SaniPlus system. Therefore, you can easily install it up to 15 ft. from your sewer line or 150 ft. from the soil stack.  Also, you can easily connect this unit to your shower, bath, and sink.

As a two-piece model, this toilet is compact and ideal for places where you wish to replace your seat tank or toilet bowl. Very efficient, the toilet uses only 1.6 gallons of water which means it is ideal for people living in places with scarce water.

If you are staying with someone with a physical challenge, this toilet will come in handy.  It is well-designed to ensure that it takes care of these people. One more thing, the toilet is both CSA and ADA complaint.

Features of Upflush Toilets

What are some of the features that you will find in the ideal macerating toilet?  They include the following things:

  • These toilets change solid waste into sludge using different pump systems. This makes it easier to depose the waste through your drainage system.
  • Even when your washroom is located way below the sewer line or far from the soil stack these toilets are always pretty efficient.
  • Lastly, these toilets can easily discharge gray water from various sanitary units like sink, shower, and urinal.

Benefits of Macerating Toilets

These toilets offer a lot of benefits such as:

  • Very affordable – They are affordable in terms of buying price and the installation process.
  • Mobility – They are quite compact and hence you can easily carry them to the place you want to install them.
  • Flexible – Since they are installed below the gravity of normal drain systems, you can easily install them anywhere you want.
  • Less time consuming – You don’t need to conduct a lot of plumbing work in order to install these units. They also function well as temporary fittings.

Best Macerating (Upflush) Toilet FAQs

Q: What is the Best Macerating Toilet System?

A: The best macerating toilet system should ensure that the waste gets down the drain effectively. It should also prevent it from returning to the bowl. Saniflo is the best brand the customer recommends and chooses.

Q: Are Macerating Toilets Noisy?

A: These toilets sound like standard toilets. What that means is you should expect the same level of noise as any other toilet system.

Q: Do Macerating Toilets Smell?

A: Again, these toilets do not smell when operating under normal conditions. However, they can produce an odor if they get clogged or something happens.

Q: How does an upflush toilet works?

A: When you buy this toilet, you will notice a lot of differences from the normal toilet. One of the main differences is the design of waste removal which comes with a pump system that features a blade for shredding and liquidifying solid matter. This makes it easier for the water to move upwards via the tinnier pipe lines.

Q: Can an upflush toilet cut or grind things such as dental floss, sanitary napkins, and chewing gums.

A: No. You shouldn’t put anything into this kind of toilet expect human waste and toilet paper. These are one of the most sensitive pieces of toilets and anything that you put inside might easily clog them.

Q: Can I install a macerating toilet anywhere?

A: You can install this type of toilet anywhere in your house. For example, you can install it in your bedroom, gameroom, kid’s room, or any other place you want.

Q: What will I need to install a macerating toilet?

A: A water source, electricity source, and a discharge pipe. As well, you might need a professional to install an upflush toilet in your house.

Q: A macerating toilet or a regular one, which one is better?

A: An upflush is better in most situations such as when you don’t have underground drain pipes, you don’t want to tear the house, you want a bathroom quickly, and when you want a temporary toilet.

Q: Is an upflush toilet more affordable than a normal toilet?

A: Yes. You won’t need to ruin your carpets, break floors, or even dirt your bathroom when installing it. However, its initial price is a bit higher when compared to normal toilets.

Wrapping Up

The purpose of this upflush toilet review and buyer’s guide is to ensure that you make an informed decision when choosing your preferred macerating toilet.  By following what we have looked at you will stand a better chance of getting the best macerating (upflush) toilet for your home. Consider the normal factors that you would consider when buying any other type of toilet when choosing a macerating toilet.

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