The Best Oval Above Ground Pools

The Best Oval Above Ground Pools

Looking for the best oval above ground pools? There are hundreds of attraction options on the market today that you can choose and enjoy a cool summer.

One thing you should remember is that there are different types of above ground pools, and they come from various manufacturers and with diff sizes. Below I have reviewed the best five models of oval above ground pools that you can get for your backyard.

Reviews of 5 Best Oval Above Ground Pools – Top Picks

Here are the top five oval above ground pools that you should consider getting for you and your family.

1. Bestway Power Steel Above Ground Pool

Best way Power Steel Above Ground Pool is a swimming pool that you should consider buying for different reasons:

  • Continuous summer fun – Adults and kids of all ages can swim and splash water in this pool during the hot summer days. It is also an affordable pool when you compare it to more complicated steel-walled models.
  • Durable model – Another notable thing of this pool is the ability to last longer and remain stable compared to inflatable pools. You can rest assured you have one of the best pools on the market today.
  • Quality design – The unit’s frames are coated to ensure that they remain corrosion and rust-free and are protected from abrasion and UV damage. It is also made of a three-ply PVC that helps to add stability to your pool.
  • Resistant to leaking or bending – The pool comes with a seal and lock system design, meaning that every joint is securely connected and won’t leak or bend from the water pressure. It also comes with a pin-clip design that ensures the joins are well-connected.

2. Splash Pools Oval Deluxe Pool Package 

Splash Pools Oval Deluxe Pool Package is yet another model that you should consider buying.

  • Large size -One feature that makes it a superb model is the large size that can let you and your family take a swim during the hot summer.
  • Galvanized steel wall – The wall comes in handy to ensure that you have a durable pool that you can use for years without getting damaged.
  • Study ladder – Another thing you should know about this pool is that it comes with a resin ladder that you can easily remove if you don’t want children to access your pool.
  • Installation video – You also get an installation video that can help you install the pool quickly so that you will be swimming in no time.
  • Uses pool skimmer – The pool also uses the standard pool skimmer to get rid of unwanted dirt from your swimming pool. You always have a clean pool to swim in.

3. Intex 16.5’x9’x48” Oval Prism Frame Pool Set

Another pool that can give you value for your money is the Intex 16.5’x9’x48” pool, and it comes with lots of great features. They are:

  • Steel frames – They are quality steel frames that are coated with powder to ensure that they resist rust and corrosion. Its durable is further enhanced by the long-lasting three-ply material liner that also provides the unit with stability.
  • Elegant shape – The shape is enormous enough to allow you to add water that can cool your family members. It also fits perfectly at the backyard and adds décor.
  • Many accessories – The pool also comes with other accessories that make it a better pool like a pool cover, ground cloth, and ladder.
  • Easy to set up – You don’t need to seek professional help when assembling the pool. It gets ready for use within 30 minutes, and it also easy to drain the water when storing it.

4. Intex 18’x9’x52” Ultra XTR Rectangular Pool Set

Last, is the Intex 18’x9’x52” Ultra XTR Rectangular Pool Set. It is a model that was made to last for years and provides a lot of great features.

  • Uniquely designed frame – The frame combines the use of galvanized steel with the best engineering locking system to provide you with a stable, durable, and quality pool.
  • Rust-free – One feature that makes it an excellent pool for home use is the ability to resist corrosion and rust. That is possible because the model is coated with a powder that also adds to its beauty.
  • Two years warranty – The warranty provides you with peace of mind knowing that you have a pool that will last for long without showing any sign of wear or tear.
  • Easy to assemble – You can quickly assemble the pool and add water within 30 minutes. It holds up to 4,545 gallons of water when it is 90% full

5. Intex 20’x12’x48” Oval Frame Pool Set 

Intex 20’x12’x48” Oval Frame Pool Set is a model that was made to provide you with strength and durability.

  • Durable steel frames – The first feature that you should keep in mind is the robust and durable steel frame that is also coated with powder to prevent rust. It also makes your pool to look attractive.
  • Krystal clear cartridge filter pump – You can also rest assured that you will swim in clean water thanks to the ability of the model to connect to that pump.
  • Easy to assemble – Another thing that makes it a great model is the ability to assemble it within 30 minutes. That all possible due to the installation DVD that you get in the package.
  • Convenient drain plug – You can connect the pool to a garden hose when you want to drain it and keep it away during the winter. It is that simple and convenient to work with this pool.

Final Words

The market is flooded with great pools that you can assemble at your backyard and splash the water during the hot summer days. I have reviewed only the best products that you can get on the shelves today.

Not that oval pools come with a unique design that makes them more attractive when at your backyard. They also hold a lot of water to allow you to swim and even your kids.

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