The Best Plunger for Elongated Toilet


The Best Plunger for Elongated Toilet

Dealing with a clogged toilet is a situation that can turn a normal day into a frustrating ordeal. It disrupts the flow of your routine and sends you on a quest for a swift and efficient solution. Luckily, one of the most common tools for combating this unwelcome problem is a reliable plunger.

Now, you might be pondering, “Which plunger is the ideal choice for an elongated toilet?” It’s a legitimate question because not all plungers are created equal, and the type you opt for can greatly affect the success of your unclogging efforts.

In this article, we’ll take a deep dive into the world of toilet plungers, exploring some of the top options available on the market. By the time you finish reading, you’ll have a clearer picture of which plunger best suits your elongated toilet and how to ensure your bathroom runs smoothly. Let’s embark on this journey together!

Exploring the Finest Toilet Plungers for Elongated Toilets

Navigating the vast landscape of available toilet plungers can be a rather daunting task. With countless options vying for your attention, selecting the perfect one for an elongated toilet can be a perplexing challenge. Fear not, for we have delved deep into the world of toilet plungers, meticulously researching and scrutinizing a multitude of options. After careful consideration, we have curated a list of six exceptional plungers, tailor-made to meet the unique demands of elongated toilets. These top-tier choices are as follows:

Master Plunger MP100 Heavy Duty Toilet Plunger

When it comes to dealing with stubborn clogs effectively, this toilet plunger is one of your best bets. While plunging, the product prevents water overflow thanks to the automatic air valve that gives escape space to trapped air.

Made with high-quality material, the plunger clears clog quite fast with little effort. It focuses well on blockages, stubborn clogs, and delivers more water power compared to traditional rubber plungers.

Moreover, the heavy-duty plunger features a tri-level nozzle that provides an impressive seal in garbage disposals, kitchen sinks, toilets, showers, and tubs. Before embarking on plunging, ensure there’s a good seal in the toilet hole so you don’t splash water all over the bathroom.



  • Clears clog efficiently
  • Prevents water overflow
  • Heavy-duty


  • May break quickly

Korky 99-4A 99-1AM Beehive Max Toilet Plunger

This toilet plunger is quite powerful and sports a beehive shape that easily compresses. It is specially designed to fit old and new toilet bowls. With the t-handle, you get an optimum grip to plunge effectively and unclog your toilet.

The product is made from durable and reliable rubber that does not mark up the toilet bowl. The plunger works well with old low flow and new elongated toilet designs. Therefore, you can trust it to work on both old and modern toilet models.

In addition, the plunger has the capability to seal all kinds of toilet bowl shapes with little effort. While packing a powerful plunge, the tool doesn’t splash back, thereby guaranteeing you a great ease of use. With the product, you have an effective means to get rid of clogs without difficulty.



  • Works effectively
  • Versatile
  • Easy to use


  • May not fit into some toilets

Samshow Toilet Plunger

This toilet plunger is another impressive tool to clear clogs from your toilet. It is made from natural TPR and ABS materials that are safe to use around your family. The product is also easy to use by just pushing and pulling it out of the toilet.

While cleaning the wall of your toilet, the tool helps to dredge it and it won’t hurt the surface of the toilet.

Also, the handle is made from stainless steel and sports a long design that is durable. The handle offers a comfortable grip that is easy to force down for unclogging. It can also be suspended for storage. The plunger is designed for an elongated, siphon-type toilet. The package comes with a wall hook, plunger, and a product manual.



  • Durable
  • Easy to use
  • Comfortable grip


  • Breaks easily

Neiko 60166A Toilet Plunger

This toilet plunger is an efficient tool that every homeowner will appreciate. It features a super pliable and industrial-rubber cup that forms an extra tight seal on any drain. Essentially, the suction cup is designed to fit securely in various sizes and types of drain openings. The product also features a smooth bottom and edge design that prevents water from staying inside the cup.

Furthermore, the plunger features a heavy-duty, rustproof aluminum handle that allows you to apply maximum pressure to eliminate clogging. The handle has a peg hole that allows convenient hanging.

The tool is also crafted to work effectively for low-clearance applications. It works on different types of toilet sizes, including elongated, rounded, compact, square, and rectangle.



  • Versatile
  • Rust-resistant handle
  • Very effective


  • Smells of chemical

Carlisle 3643903 Ergonomic Power Plunger

This toilet plunger is another tool that helps you get rid of clogs in a very efficient way. The flange fits the toilet for the perfect seal. The tool doesn’t splash water all over the bathroom.

The ergonomic design maximizes the applied force and maintains ease of use at the same time. The product features a 21-inch plastic handle that is nonabsorbent and gives an easy grip for convenient use.

Moreover, the plunger is heavy-duty and works far better than traditional plungers. With the product, dealing with clogs is much easier. It is also durable and guarantees a long period of use.



  • Doesn’t splash water
  • Easy to grip
  • Heavy-duty


  • May leave marks in the toilet

LinzGTC Toilet Plunger

This toilet plunger is a very attractive option thanks to the eco-friendly materials it is made of. The product is great for elongated toilets and works efficiently to clear clogs. Bearing in mind that plunging can be tasking, the tool also has a convenient handle that makes it easy to use. The handle provides a good grip and you’ll get to plunge without much effort.

In order to boost confidence in the plunger, the manufacturer offers a 60-day refund grace in case you’re unsatisfied with its output. This ensures that you have confidence that your money is not at risk.



  • Works effectively
  • Great grip
  • 60-day refund warranty


  • Doesn’t last long

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What kind of plunger for elongated toilet? 

A. Standard plungers only work well on traditional round toilet bowls, hence the need for a special kind of plunger on an elongated toilet. A plunger for an elongated toilet should have a head with a beehive design, allow excellent grip, and have a rubber flange tip at its bottom to create a good seal for plunging.

Q. What is the best type of toilet plunger?

A. The best type of toilet plunger should be the foldout cup style. It has a narrow top, wide middle, and a narrow bottom that fits into most toilet drains. This narrow bottom has a specially shaped drain that helps to provide a powerful seal as well as a great amount of pressure.

Q. Why won’t my toilet unclog with a plunger?

A. Many factors can be responsible for this problem. You may need to repeat the plunging several times so the stubborn clogs can break up. The blockage may also be too solid to dislodge. If the clog has gone beyond the drain and deep inside the main sewer, a plunger won’t do the job. You will need to request the service of a plumber to clear such a major clog.

In conclusion,

Addressing clogs in elongated toilets can pose a challenging task, but fortunately, there are specialized plungers designed to tackle stubborn blockages in these toilets. As demonstrated in our product reviews, plungers come equipped with unique features that enable them to effectively clear toilet drain clogs. When in the market for the optimal plunger for an elongated toilet, it is advisable to prioritize a heavy-duty model that provides a strong seal, offers a comfortable grip, and boasts user-friendly functionality.

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