The Best Toilet Brush


The Best Toilet Brush

Ensuring the cleanliness and sanitation of your toilet is paramount, whether it’s in a residential or commercial setting. A neglected toilet can pose significant health risks, underscoring the importance of a reliable toilet brush. Alongside potent cleaning agents, selecting the right brush plays a pivotal role in maintaining stringent hygiene standards.

The market offers a plethora of toilet brush options, necessitating careful consideration before making a choice. Factors such as bristle quality, durability, ergonomic handle design, and cost all contribute to an effective cleaning regimen.

In a comprehensive overview, we present 11 models vying for the title of the best toilet brush:

  1. Best Overall: mDesign Compact Plastic Toilet Bowl Brush and Holder
  2. Best Toilet Brush Cleaner: AmazerBath Toilet Brush
  3. Best Hygienic Toilet Brush: OXO Good Grips Hideaway Compact Toilet Brush
  4. Best Toilet Brush Design: Simplehuman Plunger and Toilet Brush
  5. Best Toilet Brush for Hard Water: Mr. Clean 440436 Turbo

Choosing the right toilet brush from this curated selection not only ensures a clean toilet but also promotes peace of mind regarding hygiene and health. Select wisely for a refreshing and sanitary bathroom experience.

Quick Reviews on 11 Best Toilet Brushes For an Effective Toilet Cleaning

1. mDesign Compact Freestanding Plastic Toilet Bowl Brush and Holder


  • Discreet and simple storage with individual holder.
  • Non-slip foam base.
  • Hard cleaning with the sturdy brush.
  • Clean the places which are difficult to reach.
  • Space-saving design.
  • Craft from a shatter-resistant plastic.
  • Ensure an easy cleaning regime.


  • Falling off the bristles is quite easy.

This sturdy bristled brush ensures a lasting shine by reaching the areas which are otherwise difficult to clean. It is extremely compact in size, making it appropriate for small bathrooms. The classy look of this brush perfectly complements the décor of your bathroom.

Any types of scratches are prevented due to foam padding available on its bottom. It can be used in cleaning the multiple spaces like apartments, campers, dorms, home, RVs and cabins.

2. OXO Good Grips Hideaway Compact Toilet Brush


  • Easy to open hideaway canister with an ability to hide the brush appropriately.
  • An overall clean set up.
  • Tapered brush head with quality bristles.
  • Convenient handle with fine grip.
  • Quick drying up of brush with canister holes.


  • Leakage with canister.

As this toilet brush comes with a hideaway, you can conveniently keep this brush hidden from the eyes of your guests. This hideaway also protects the brush and extends its life. Proper and deep cleaning is ensured with its gripping handle.

Available in different sizes and colors, you can choose an appropriate one suiting your bathroom décor. The big canister holes ensure quick drying of the brush. Minimum space is required for this brush with its footprint feature. High-quality bristles are used within the brush to ensure effective cleaning of your toilet, reaching the stiff corners.

3. Simplehuman Plunger and Toilet Brush 


  • A 2-in-1 model that comes as a plunger and brush
  • Able to clean the toilet effectively
  • Lasts for years due to the stainless steel rod


  • Expensive since it is a plunger and brush

The product is recommended for Toto toilets and offers the effective cleaning you desire and plunging. It comes with a magnetic collar that helps to attach the cover and steel rod to prevent dripping.

Besides, it is easy to detach the cover when you want to clean your toilet or even unclog it. That design also comes in handy to hide the product when not in use.

Another notable thing is the slim design that allows you to store your cleaner at places with limited spaces.

4. AmazerBath Toilet Brush 


  • Has strong bristles for deep cleaning
  • The handle comes with a round design for a comfortable grip
  • Compact design helps to save space


  • Made of plastic material that can degrade

You can use this toilet cleaner for hard water since it is made of plastic material that is not affected by this kind of water. The product comes with strong bristles which enable the deep cleaning you have always desired.

It is also the perfect cleaner for cleaning under the rim and removes all the tough stains. The round top helps you to grasp the cleaner with ease.

You can also bet on the compact design as it helps you to place your cleaner in limited spaces.

5. Simplehuman Toilet Brush with Caddy


  • Comes with a 5-year warranty
  • Provides efficient cleaning
  • Easy to store due to the slim design


  • Not for all toilets

The toilet cleaner comes with a simple design that makes it perfect for RV use. You get a 5-year warranty when you pick this product, and you can bet it lasts for years to give value for money.

The crescent-shaped head allows you to clean those messes in odd areas like the rim. It also has stiff bristles that make it the ideal cleaner for removing tour messes.

There is a magnetic collar that secures the rod and covers to guarantee you drip-free transportation.

6. Mr Clean 440436 Turbo


  • It has a plunger and brush.
  • Sleek handle shape of the plunger.
  • Caddy comes with a non-slippery base.
  • A light-weight plunger.
  • Made from durable plastic and natural rubber.
  • Extended grip with the rubber grip handle.
  • Stylish caddy to match your bathroom décor.


  • The pointed plunger may hurt, if not used with diligence.

With its sturdy design, this toilet cleaner comes with a plunger and a bowl brush. As the caddy offers a non-slippery base, it holds the brush and plunger comfortably. This toilet brush can be counted as one of the flaunting accessories of your bathroom with its contemporary style.

A firm rubber grip is provided over the handle to ensure a comfortable grip to its user. It is a great combo of great utility and unique style. You can derive a great cleaning experience with a big round brush with strong bristles.

7. OXO Good Grips Stainless Steel Toilet Brush and Canister


  • Appropriate for any bathroom size.
  • The convenient canister holds the brush perfectly.
  • Automatic lid opening at the time of the lifting brush
  • Tapered shaped durable brushes.
  • Available in three striking colors.
  • Easy to replace with the new brush for new brush replacement.


  • A drip tray full of joints is difficult to handle.
  • It is prone to leakage.

8. mDesign Slim Compact Plastic Toilet Bowl Brush and Holder


  • Made from high-quality stainless steel.
  • Comes with a flawless design.
  • Decorative and discreet toilet brush holder.
  • Keeps the door dry by preventing the leakage.
  • A greater brand value due to the reputed manufacturer.


  • Shelf life is relatively smaller.
  • Price intensive.

Make an ideal addition to your bathroom with this toilet cleaner brush. It compactly stores the brush head and features the tapered shape of the brush for effective cleaning. In order to catch the excess water, a built-in drip tray is also available at the bottom of the canister.

For an extended brush life, the replacement brush head is also available. Once you put back the brush after completing the cleaning task, the door of the canister shuts automatically. Ventilation holes are available for quick drying of the brush.

9. Toilet Brush, Kinsky Strong Bristles


  • Equipped with the new technology.
  • Cleans bathroom efficiently with the forceful cleaning.
  • Stronger steel enforced handle.
  • High-quality toilet brush.
  • Intermediate holes design for faster drying.
  • Lifetime warranty for exchange or repair.


  • Few users mentioned the water leakage.

This affordable brush is rust free and perfect to clean the corners with acute angles. It is a useful corner brush which delivers a quality performance. It easily sits to the base with its strong bristles. Steel reinforced handles and nylon bristles are used to ensure effective cleaning.

As this product does not contain any metal, it remains corrosion free. You can easily replace the brush head to avoid bacteria breeding after a considerable period of time.

10. Bath Bliss Toilet Brush and Holder with Self Closing Lid


  • Attractive toilet brush set with a decorative storage container.
  • Crafted from rust-resistant, corrosion free material.
  • Sufficiently resists the bacteria, mildew, and mold.
  • Made from durable steel and plastic.
  • Rounded bristle brush can be hidden when not in use.
  • Available with an opening and closing lid.


  • Some users’ complaint about rusting over the steel handle.

It allows you to store your brush in plain sight. You can amplify your bathroom décor with its discreet storage container. Like the handle and the canister projects a slick finish, the bristle brush can be hidden when not in use.

This brush is quite durable and round in shape to provide effective cleanliness. As the bristles are thick in size, they ensure deep cleaning of your toilet. Extremely light in weight, it is highly portable.

Bath-bliss is a customer oriented company which introduced several home care products of high-quality.

11. MR. SIGA Soft Bristle Toilet Brush with Holder


  • A quick-drying brush with a sturdy design.
  • Provided with the tip to clean the bowl rim.
  • Ensure a comfortable usage with rubber grip.
  • It is more durable.
  • It comes with a large surface area for the brush.
  • Odour Neutralising Zeolite is available.


  • Meant only for the light cleaning.
  • A bit expensive compared to others in the segment.

This brush comes with an anti-bacterial action and is tested as well as certified by the German Institute Hohenstein. With its power limits, it can reach the areas where a normal brush cannot reach. The bacteria and germs cannot withstand with this brush.

It needs a considerable effort for cleaning due to soft bristles. It is a non-scratch brush which comes with an under-rim brush design.

Tips To Choose the Best Toilet Brush

Following are some of the factors which one should consider before buying a toilet brush:

Comfortable handle

It is very important that the holding of the brush must be comfortable. Normally, these handles are made up of soft plastic ensure proper grip. There are few brushes available in the market which comes with rod or metal handles.

Whatever be the material used for making the handle, it should ensure comfort and firm grip to the user. If these handles are made from metal, they must be corrosion free.


A good toilet cleaner ensures better cleanliness with its strong and well-designed bristles. There is no point of choosing a brush which is comfortable to hold but does not come with strong bristles. Very hard or soft bristles do not ensure proper cleaning.

Any presence of iron wires may also cause damage to the toilet.


If cleaning of your toilet is important, it is equally significant that the toilet brush you use must be clean as well. These brushes must be sterilized properly to avoid any widespread bacteria. It is easier to clean the brush with wide gaps and wide bristles.

It is advised to use the disinfectant while cleaning your toilet brush for effective cleaning.


You should also consider the design of the toilet brush you choose should also match the décor of your bathroom. As the brushes are available in different colors, design, shapes and sizes, you can choose a suitable brush which could amplify the décor of your bathroom.

When to change your toilet brush

After repeated use, the toilet brushes are prone to spreading germs and turn less-efficient with the cleaning. Brush appearance, feeling of the bristles and the possibility of extending the brush life are some of the crucial factors which need to be considered before replacing your old toilet brush.

When it turns to be softer and fray with the yellow bristles, the ability to clean the toilet gets reduced considerably. You can test the bristles by rubbing your finger over them after wearing latex gloves.

If these bristles stick to each other, it signifies that your toilet brush needs to be changed. However, you can extend the brush life by disinfection it after every use. It considerably lowers the chances of bacterial growth in your toilet brush as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the Best Toilet Brush?

A: The best toilet brush should clean the bowl thoroughly by removing all the tough stains from under the rim. It should also offer a drip-free movement and lasts for years.

We have reviewed some of the best models, like OXO that you can find on the market today.

Q: How to Keep Toilet Brush Clean?

A:  You can clean your toilet brush by soaking it in a solution of baking soda and water. Leave it to soak overnight and then rinse it in the morning.

That way, you will get rid of the stains and the odor. Also, replace the brush after 6-month.

Q: Where to Buy Toilet Brush? 

A: You can find toilet brushes from different places like online stores and your local hardware. One benefit of buying online is you get to pick from a variety of products, and you do not need to leave your house.

It is quite convenient.

In conclusion,

Establishing a consistent daily toilet cleaning routine necessitates the selection of an appropriate toilet brush. It’s not just about finding any toilet brush; it’s about finding one that embodies cleanliness, hygiene, and a seamless integration with your bathroom’s aesthetic.

The quintessential toilet brush is a paragon of functionality, durability, and user-friendliness. Discovering the perfect toilet brush becomes a straightforward task once you’ve carefully outlined your specific needs and budget constraints.

Remember, only a toilet brush crafted from top-notch materials possesses the ability to effortlessly transform your toilet cleaning experience.

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