The Best Urinal Screen

The Best Urinal Screen

Restroom hygiene is often compromised by the persistent presence of bacteria and unpleasant odors, making maintenance a daunting task. However, breaking this cycle may be achievable by selecting the right urinal sanitizing products, with one particularly noteworthy option being the urinal screen.

Urinal screens serve a dual purpose. Firstly, they emit deodorizing fragrances, revitalizing the air and transforming the restroom atmosphere into a more tolerable one. This simple yet effective solution addresses the discomfort caused by foul odors, enhancing the overall restroom experience.

Secondly, urinal screens are ingeniously designed to act as a barrier against splashes and debris, aiding in the upkeep of cleanliness and hygiene. By significantly reducing the occurrence of unsightly floor splatters and stubborn stains, these screens minimize the effort required for cleaning by up to 50%.

Now, you might be curious about the optimal urinal screen choice. This discussion aims to delve into the world of urinal screens, identifying those that excel in combating restroom odors and maintaining cleanliness. If you’re seeking relief from the constant battle against unpleasant restroom conditions, join us as we explore the standout urinal screen options available.

Urinal screens: 7 Best Reviews 

Here are the reviews of the 7 best screens we found on the market. Check them out!

Racehorse Urinal Screen and Deodorizer 

The best among the lots on the market, the Racehorse urinal screen, reduces splashes and comes with a deodorizer. The product is treated with a long-lasting citrus scent and comes in a pack of 20 pieces. For an item that will serve you for months, it is a value pack that is available at a very affordable price.

The screens reduce spatters and splashes onto the legs and pants of users. Each of the screens has a citrus scent that deodorizes and controls foul toilet odor. Also, each is wrapped individually to keep the scent. It is compatible with most urinals and toilet bowls.

Genuine Joe Urinal Screen 


The Genuine Joe model is a non-para urinal screen with a typical sweet-smelling green apple scent. The product is 100% water-soluble. While it protects the toilet drains from debris, it doesn’t cause a clog. The urinal screen pack comes in a pack of 12 and is very biodegradable.

The screens in the pack have blue dye indicators. Each of the screens is designed to be water-soluble and will clean and deodorize for as much as 30 days. Its subsiding action is intense and helps with better sanitization. The screens contain no acid and have natural counteractants against odor.

AirWorks AWSFUS235-BX Urinal Screen 


The AirWorks AWSFUS235-BX is a product that guarantees splash-free use of the men’s toilet restrooms. Coming in a pack of 10 screens, AirWorks makes use of a patented micro-tube technology, which only releases bursts of fragrances after each use.

The urinal screens prevent offensive splashes in and from the urinal onto the legs or pants of restroom users. The screens’ micro-tubes have a special draining system that ensures they are free from residues, thus, increasing their usage time.  The screens prevent debris from entering the drains, saving you from costly repairs. Finally, the product is made of flexible eva. It is an organic material that is more environmentally friendly than resins as it dissolves and biodegrades easily.

Lites Urinal Screens Deodorizer 


This pack of urinal screens from Lites contains 30 pieces. The product comes heat-sealed to keep the scents fresh for use. The yellow lemon screens are non-corrosive and non-toxic. They have anti-splash and odor freshening qualities. The screen deodorizer has a powerful scent that will resist up to 5000 flushes.

Easy to use and easy to dispose of, each piece is designed to fit perfectly into any toilet bowl or urinal. The Lites Urinal Screens are therefore recommended for use in bathrooms, restrooms, schools, restaurants, and offices. Each pack of the product is wrapped individually.

VVLJ products Urinal Screens Deodorizer 


The brand, VVLJ products, offers a product with an excellent value for money and will last several months of use. The urinal screen, which is usable in men’s restrooms and the WC toilet bowls, has an anti-splash desihh and inhibits bacterial growth for an extended period.

The item has excellent odor-controlling qualities, thanks to the odor freshening qualities. It comes with 10 packs and produces scents, which can last for as much as 5,000 flushes. If you make 5 flushes a day, that means this deodorizing urinal screen can produce a 1000-day scent for your toilet. Made of Eva, the product is easy to use and biodegrades quickly.

Diversey ekcoscreen Urinal Screen 


No one likes cleaning the restroom toilet or urinal, especially with the odor, bacteria, and unsightly fluids that are found in and around them. However, you can cut your cleaning effort and time into half with the Diversey urinal screen. It is a premium product that produces a clean and fresh scent that lasts for up to 60 days.

Coming in a pack of 12 sealed screens, each item reduces splatters and backsplashes. They also prevent debris from entering into the drains and will not clog your toilets, urinals, or sewer pipes. You have different scents to choose from. This can be either mango, lavender, citrus, berry, green apple, melon, mint, or tropical.

Wave 3D Urinal Screen 


The Wave 3D Urinal Screen is a pack of 10 scented urinal screens. Providing the restroom with more freshness, the items produce 10x more fragrance that will last for up to 30 days. The product is ideal for homes, offices, restaurants, schools, and any restroom setup.

The Wave 3D screens eliminate odor, prevent splashbacks, and slowly release fragrance, thus, reducing cleaning time and efforts by up to half. The items are made of flexible vinyls that are translucent, giving you a full view of the urinal drain. The design also helps trap debris while ensuring optimal flow.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What exactly is a urinal screen?

A urinal screen, a discreet yet indispensable fixture in restrooms and toilets, plays a multifaceted role in maintaining hygiene and user comfort. Its primary function lies in combating the insidious issue of odor emanating from urinals and toilet bowls by releasing refreshing bursts of fragrances.

Beyond its olfactory duty, the urinal screen also serves as a stalwart guardian against the incursion of debris into the toilet plumbing. This guardian role not only safeguards your plumbing from costly repairs down the line but also shields restroom users from unpleasant splashes and splatters during their moments of relief.

Q: How does one effectively employ urinal screens?

Embracing the convenience of urinal screens is a straightforward endeavor. First, unwrap the package with ease, extracting one screen from its protective enclosure. Gently place a screen into each urinal or toilet bowl within the restroom, ensuring comprehensive coverage. For trough urinals, a strategic placement of one screen per every 50 centimeters is recommended.

To maximize the effectiveness of your urinal screens, consult the product instructions to ascertain the duration of each screen’s efficacy. Most screens are designed to gradually dissolve into the sewer system. In the event that dissolution does not occur, replace used screens at appropriate intervals, disposing of them responsibly.


In summary, urinal screens prove to be essential assets in maintaining cleanliness across various environments, spanning from homes to businesses. Beyond simply masking odors, these screens play crucial roles in promoting hygiene, preventing blockages, and elevating restroom satisfaction.

After exploring a selection of top-tier urinal screen options, you can take comfort in knowing that the challenge of upholding restroom cleanliness has been significantly eased. With these effective tools at your disposal, maintaining a sanitary environment becomes a manageable and streamlined process

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