Bissell AirRam Cordless Vacuum 1984 Reviews


Bissell AirRam Cordless Vacuum 1984 Reviews

The Bissell Air Ram Cordless Vacuum 1984 receives high praise for its remarkable ability to effectively remove pet hair from carpets. Furthermore, it excels in cleaning various floor types and effortlessly reaches even the most challenging, tight spaces.

One of its standout features is its extended battery life, providing users with an impressive 37 minutes of uninterrupted vacuuming.

Bissell 1984 Specifications

Here are the specifications of Bissell AirRam:

  • Product dimensions: 11.8 x 9.9 x 44 inches
  • Product weight: 7.75 pounds
  • Item model number: 1984
  • Battery: lithium-ion battery


Bissell AirRam Main Features

The vacuum cleaner was designed for cleaning medium-sized floors and can easily clean a high traffic area. These are the main features that vac has on offer:

22V Lithium-Ion Battery

Bissell brand used a professional-quality 22V lithium-ion battery that provides power for up to 37 minutes. That can decrease if you use the motorized brush when washing your home.

It is straightforward to recharge the battery when it gets drained; taking a maximum of 4 hours to be ready for use.

Removable Battery

Like the first AirRam, this model has a removable battery. That is an impressive feature because it makes it possible to replace the cell when it dies due to age or other things.

And there is an LED light on top that shows the status of the battery.

LED Lights

At the front of the vacuum is an LED headlight that helps to light up the area you are cleaning. That’s handy when you are cleaning in a dark area or under furniture.

You can easily track the dust on your carpet and hard floor with the help of the LED light and see which areas you have cleaned and which ones you haven’t.

Suction Squeegee

There is also a feature called the suction squeegee that changes the direction to open and close when you vacuum colossal material. You can, thus, enjoy superior corner and edge cleaning to guarantee a thorough house cleaning

Swivel Steering

Swivel steering is a popular technology especially for the elderly as it makes it easier to navigate the vacuum. Therefore, you can easily clean around obstacles and furniture without using a lot of energy or experiencing much hassle.

The cleaner also boasts of a fold-flat feature that enables it to clean under the beds thanks to laying almost flat.

Easy to Empty Bin

One of the best features of the cleaner is how easy it’s to empty the vac’s dust bin. The bin comes with a lever that lets you push down the dirt out of the container.

What you get is the solution to the need for removing the dirt with your fingers, which is common in most bagless vacuums. Another thing, the dust bin can hold a maximum of 600ml of debris.

That might be slightly smaller than some cleaner out there, but the best thing is that it won’t lose power even when the bin is almost full.

Multi-Surface Brush Roll

At the core of the machine is the multi-floor brush roll that lets you clean different types of surfaces, such as carpets, rugs, and hardwoods. The brush also makes it possible to clean corners and edges so that you can clean the entire house with ease.

Minimal Power Loss

Unlike other upright vacuum cleaners, the motor of the AirRam1984 is different. It is located near the brush at the cleaning head, as opposed to the body.

Since there is a less distance between the motor and the motorized brush, the model losses less power when cleaning. That design is quite effective in transforming a vacuum cleaner.


Bissell AirRam Cleaning Performance 

The vacuum cleaner was made to clean different types of floors to ensure that you only use one model for vacuuming your home. Here is how it performs on these floors:

Bare Floor Cleaning

Consumer reports show that the cleaner is quite useful when cleaning bare floors due to the great suction power. It gives you an easy time when cleaning daily messes like litter, dust, and pet hair.

Also, it has a brush roll off/on that limits how you clean your bare floors. Its bristled brush can easily scratch the surface or even scatter the debris around.

Carpet Floor Cleaning

The model might not have as many bristles as other vacuum cleaners on the market today, but it does an excellent job when cleaning carpets. It has a superb suction power and is capable of collecting embedded dirt as well as the surface one.

It does a great job of cleaning both the low pile and high pile carpets.


The vacuum can easily clean your area rugs, especially the hard ones since it can quickly destroy a light fabric. Besides, it can suck up the light rug due to its reliable suction power.

Bissell AirRam Other Features

There are other features of the vacuum that you should know about. They include the following:

Pet Hair Collection

The vac is capable of collecting pet hair on carpet and bare floors thanks to its agitation and power. Its dust bin also makes it an excellent cleaner for holding dander and fur from dogs and cats.

Filter Clean UP

The model comes with a unique filter design that is located at the center of the bin. It is a washable filter that makes it possible to recycle it and avoid using your money to replace it.


The last thing that you should know about the vacuum is that it comes with a 24 months warranty.


Pros and Cons

Here are its main benefits:

  • Able to collect pet hair with ease
  • For cleaning bare and carpet floors
  • Very easy to empty the bin
  • Comes with a removable battery
  • It is a cordless machine that reaches every corner

Below are the shortcomings:

  • Difficult to pull the vacuum backward
  • Doesn’t come with extra attachments

Final Words

The Bissell AirRam Cordless Vacuum 1984 unquestionably lives up to its promises in terms of both its features and performance. It stands as a superb model that not only meets but exceeds expectations, making it a truly worthwhile investment.

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