Dyson V8 Absolute Vs V8 Animal Compare & Reviews


Dyson V8 Absolute Vs V8 Animal Compare & Reviews

When it comes to the daunting task of purchasing a new vacuum cleaner, a myriad of factors demand your attention. From the various features and benefits to the pricing considerations, it’s essential to scrutinize every detail and unearth any additional functionalities that a prospective vacuum cleaner might offer.

Amidst the crowded market replete with numerous options, a select few brands consistently rise to the top, dominating the choices available to consumers. One such brand that has consistently delivered exceptional products in the vacuum cleaner category is Dyson. Renowned for its expertise and innovation in this field, Dyson has carved a niche for itself, setting a standard that many aspire to meet.

In this exploration, we delve into the world of Dyson vacuum cleaners, focusing on two of its standout products. Join us as we uncover the reasons behind Dyson’s supremacy in this market and why these particular models have claimed their throne. Prepare to be impressed as we unveil the cutting-edge features and benefits that have propelled Dyson to the forefront of the vacuum cleaner industry.

Comparison of Dyson V8 Absolute Vs V8 Animal

The Dyson V8 Absolute and V8 Animal Compare are the two products we are going to discuss. Equipped to handle even tough cleaning, both of them have received rave reviews from the customers so far.

Dyson V8 Absolute

A cord-free vacuum cleaner, the Dyson V8 Absolute is a mini giant when it comes to cleaning the dirt and grime. With powerful suction, even the toughest of cleaning tasks become super easy to handle.

When used with a non- motorized tool, the product can operate for 40 minutes without any hassle in between. Convenient and lightweight, you can carry the device around from one room to another. Along with, the instant release trigger provided with the Dyson V8 Absolute ensures that the power is consumed only when the device is cleaning.

The soft roller cleaner head provided with the product ensures that you receive at least 30 minutes of power without any disruption. For smooth operations, the device needs 4 hours of charging before first-time use.

Very quiet in its operations, you hardly feel any noise being generated out of the product. A drive cleaner head given allows you to take out even the toughest of dirt stuck within the carpet. Thanks to the stiff nylon bristles coming with the drive cleaner removing stubborn stains become super easy.

If you have a problem of allergens in your home, then the HEP filtration provided comes to your rescue.  It eliminates 99.99% of impurities to give you clean and fresh air. You also get the power of the Dyson digital motor and that takes care that any kind of cleaning on any type of surface can be catered to.

When required, you can convert the product into a handheld device and clean even the remotest of spots and corners comfortably. With one click, you remove the dirt from the bag into the bin. Thus even the cleaning of the product after use is something that happens smoothly.

The Dyson V8 Absolute is equipped with 15 cyclones that have been arranged across various tiers. These work in tandem to generate a powerful airflow that removes any dust seen. There is a sliding switch provided in the product so that you can set the power as per your cleaning requirement at that time.

Lastly, the product comes with a convenient docking station where you can store it. When you need to use it just take it out from there and complete your task. You can also keep it on charging while it is kept at the docking station.


  • Quick cleaning
  • Lightweight
  • Cordless making it easy to carry around
  • Can be converted into a handheld device
  • Powerful suction motor generating high-quality airflow
  • Easy cleaning directly into the bin
  • HEPA filtration keeps the impurities of the air away
  • Sliding switch to monitor the power you need
  • Instant release trigger allows the power to be used only when the product is working
  • Quiet operation does not disturb anyone when in use


  • The docking station cannot store all the attachments
  • Short battery life

Dyson V8 Animal Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner

Another one with the cordless feature, the Dyson V8 Animal is prepared to tackle any kinds of cleaning jobs with absolute ease. The motor accompanying the product is extremely powerful and capable of removing any kind of stuck up dirt.

A washable lifetime filter given ensures that your cleaning up of the product happens nicely too. If you are using a non- motorized tool, you can hope to achieve straight power of around 40 minutes at a stretch.

Very lightweight, you can carry it around and since it is cordless you can handle the cleaning of more than one room at a stretch. This also means that even for small cleaning tasks the device is always ready to go.

To ensure that the power does not get wasted the product has been given the instant release trigger. With the direct-drive cleaner head in operation, you get 8 minutes of fade-free power. This feature of the Dyson V8 Animal drives stiff bristles into carpets to take out tough dirt.

The product has been made keeping in mind the needs of pet owners. Its whole machine filtration feature takes care that almost all impurities present in the air are removed. The resultant air you get is clean and fresh and you can even feel that.

When you attach the motorized floor tool to the Dyson V8 Animal you receive a 25 minute working time without any disturbances. The Dyson digital motor is quite powerful and you can hope of getting even the most difficult of grime removed.

This feature also ensures that the device can be used comfortably on any kind of flooring.

A unique feature that works in favor of the Dyson V8 Animal is that its brush power is 150% better than the Dyson V6 model. With one touch you can empty the dirt directly into the bin which makes it convenient in those terms too.

In case you need to clean some hidden nooks and corner you can use the product and convert it into a handheld. Its attachments are many and you can even clean the ceiling and places at a height using some of them.

There is a sliding switch provided with the product and you can set your ideal power as per the need of the task.

The two-tier radial cyclones comprising to 15 in number are responsible for generating powerful air which hastens the cleaning process. For the more difficult tasks, you can use the maximum power mode which ensures you get at least 7 minutes of high suction.


  • Very lightweight
  • Cordless so no more plugging and unplugging
  • Ease of cleaning
  • Can tackle pet hair strewn all over
  • Ability to swivel the product anywhere to optimize the cleaning
  • Blue battery buttons informing you about fall in the battery charge level
  • High suction ability can remove even the difficult of impurities
  • Whole filtration system expels fresh air after use


  • The charge gets over rather quickly
  • May be expensive for some

Features to look for in a cordless vacuum cleaner 

A cordless vacuum cleaner is set to make your task pretty easy. Since there is no fear of plugging the device, again and again, you save a lot of time while using the device.

The motor accompanying the products are powerful and the facility of conversion into a handheld helps you move the cleaner even to the remotest of corners.

Read on to know what features to look for in a cordless vacuum cleaner.

Handheld feature

In most cases, cordless vacuum cleaners would have the benefit of converting into a handheld as per need. This makes the vacuum cleaner suitable for cleaning hidden spots and if you add attachments you can make it reach at the ceiling as well.

Some cordless vacuums though maybe only capable of cleaning floors and may not have the handheld feature. There are standalone handheld vacuum cleaners also available but they are only capable of completing simple cleaning tasks.

Battery life

Though the cordless vacuum cleaners can continue giving you power for a maximum of up to 40 minutes at a stretch this happens only when the setting is at a minimum. You might have to find if the device you wish to purchase survives only 10 minutes at maximum power.

If that is the case, then this product may not be suitable for you. Some models come with the battery swap feature in case the charge gets over midway of cleaning. Apart from that you also need to find out how much charging time the product would require.

You would not want to overnight charge a product to find it has still not been completely charged.


The capacity of a cordless vacuum cleaner would be less which means you need to keep cleaning the bin to continue with the cleaning. Average dust capacity for a cordless model is a paltry 0.6 liters in comparison to corded models 2.1 liters.

Most of the cordless models would be bagless too. So while emptying the dust you have to touch it which may not be something that you like. In the case of Dyson’s cordless vacuum cleaners, the button for cleaning the vacuum makes the process simpler.


Cordless vacuum cleaners would be pretty much lightweight in comparison to other types of cleaners. A corded machine weighs around 6.4 kgs whereas a cordless one would be around 3 kgs which shows the vast difference.

If you have a problem in lugging around your vacuum everywhere then you must opt for a cordless one.

Balance is also crucial when you are looking for a cordless vacuum cleaner. Your device should not be toppling over causing discomfort to you every now and then.

The Dyson cordless vacuum cleaner comes with a docking station which can tackle this problem to a great extent.

Ease of use 

Apart from the above, there are certain additional features you might receive with a cordless vacuum cleaner. A flexible cleaning tube may help you get the cleaner inside a sofa and other items.

Some of the models in this category need you to keep holding the power button while using it. This feature is usually to save power but may not find many takers amongst the consumers.

Often cordless vacuum cleaners do come with a battery indicator which guides you when the device needs further charging. This feature is only available in some sets and you can look for a product having the same.

In the case of some models, you may find that they can keep standing straight without any assistance. While there would be others which need to slant against the wall to balance themselves.


Normally the cordless vacuum cleaners are expensive and as the number of features increases, their price also rises. If there are certain features you can do without then you may buy a toned-down version of the same.

However, to take that call you first need to identify what your budget in this case is.


Cordless vacuums come with HEPA filtration in almost all the cases. If you are looking for clean air along with the dirt getting eliminated then cordless vacuum cleaners should be your ideal choice.

In situations that you have pets in your house, the Dyson V8 animal vacuum cleaner can remove impurities and tackle pet hair too.

In Conclusion:

When it comes to selecting the perfect cordless vacuum cleaner, it’s essential to prioritize the convenience factor that these innovative devices bring to your cleaning routine. Their lightweight design and the ability to transform them into handheld cleaners make them a stellar choice for tackling everyday cleaning tasks effortlessly.

If you’re pressed for time and don’t want to delve into extensive research to identify the ideal model for your specific needs, allow us to present our comprehensive analysis of the Dyson V8 Absolute vs. V8 Animal. Both of these remarkable products boast unique advantages and are capable of handling even the most demanding cleaning jobs.

One standout feature that both models share is Dyson’s powerful suction motor, which guarantees exceptional performance on any type of surface. Additionally, the instant cleaning of the bin is a convenient attribute worth considering, as it streamlines your overall vacuuming process, saving you time and effort.

Opting for either of these exceptional products will undoubtedly resolve your cleaning challenges, as they both possess the durability and efficiency needed to serve you well over the long term. Say goodbye to the hassle of traditional vacuum cleaners and embrace the convenience and power of cordless technology with Dyson’s V8 Absolute and V8 Animal models. Your home will thank you for it!

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