The Best In Ground Pool Ladder

The Best In Ground Pool Ladder

A swimming pool can be an inground or above-ground one, and whatever the pool, you might need a ladder to get in/out safely. Today there is a lot of information about above ground pool ladders online, but little about inground pool ladders.

Thus, I took time to research and review the best in ground pool ladder that you can get for your swimming pool. That means you have come to the right place if you are wondering what type of ladder would work with your inground swimming pool.

In Ground Pool Ladders Review – Top 5 Picks 

Here is the review of the best pool ladders that you can use for an inground swimming pool.

1. Blue Wave NE1175 Heavy Duty In-Pool Ladder

The first inground pool ladder on my list is the NE1175 by Blue Wave, and it is a white ladder. The model boasts of dozens of features as I have reviewed them here:

  • Resin construction – One thing you should note is that the ladder is made of a resin material that makes it corrosion and rust-free. It, therefore, lasts in pool water without getting damaged by the chemicals.
  • Five-tread design – It is a design that makes it possible to climb the ladder faster when compared to a four-tread structure.
  • 5-inch non-skid tread – You can have peace of mind knowing that this ladder is safe for climbing thanks to the 5-inch non-kid tread.
  • Childproof barrier – Another feature that I love of this ladder is the childproof barrier that ensures your kid doesn’t access the pool using it. It meets the APSP/ANSI safety codes.
  • Adjustable – You can easily adjust this ladder to fit your pool’s deck from 48-52 inches. And it holds a maximum of 300 pounds.

2. Confer Plastics 635-52X Gray Economy Above Ground In-Pool Ladder

Another pool ladder that I would recommend you get for your inground swimming pool is the 653-52X model from Confer Plastics. There are a lot of features that you can enjoy here, such as:

  • Adjustable – You can easily adjust the ladder to fit a deck and wall of between 46-56 inches tall. That means it is a versatile ladder for both the inground and above the ground swimming pool.
  • For flat-bottoms – The ladder was made to rest on a flat-bottom. What that means is that it is ideal for most swimming pools.
  • Vinyl resin – One thing you should note about vinyl resin is that it provides the required shield to ensure that your ladder remains free of corrosion, fading, and rusting.
  • Top safety platform – It is an excellent feature that allows for easy and safe transitioning from the bottom to the top tread.

3. Goplus Swimming Pool Ladder 

Goplus Swimming Pool Ladder is a model that can hold up to 330 pounds and is made for all inground pools. It is a ladder that you can count on, thanks to the following features:

  • Stainless material – The ladder is made of stainless material that ensures it remains in good condition under the pool’s water. It also helps since it does not pollute the water in your pool.
  • Non-slip footstep – What more would you want that a ladder that you can climb easily without worrying about falling? The ladder assures you that thanks to the non-slip tread.
  • Easy to assemble – Another useful feature that I found with this ladder is the ability to assemble it with ease thanks to its great assemble. You won’t waste much energy or time when assembling it.
  • Robust structure – Lastly, you can be confident that you have a solid construction when you choose this model.

4. Blue Wave NE1145 Premium Stainless Steel In-Pool Ladder

Blue Wave NE1145 Premium Stainless Steel In-Pool Ladder is a great system that can let you get in and out of your inground pool with ease. It was made to last for years and offers some of these features:

  • Reinforced stainless steel rails – The rails are reinforced to give them stability and give you peace of mind when using the ladder. They are also made of stainless steel material that provides them with the durability they require to remain underwater.
  • Fits above ground pools – One thing you should note is that these ladders are also ideal for an above ground pool. They can fit a pool of up to 54 inches.
  • Non-skid tread – Another feature I like about this system is the stainless steel treads that come with a non-skid surface. The treads are also wide enough to ensure that you step on a significant area of up to 24 inches.

5. SAFTRON P-324-L3-GG 3 Step Polymer Finish Inground Pool Ladder

Another ladder that you should consider getting is the P-324-L3-GG by SAFTRON and is made of polymer finish. It comes with up to three steps that make it easy to climb.

  • Graphite gray, polymer coating – The coat makes the ladder to look clean and protect it from the sun and pool chemicals.
  • Remain cool – Another thing that makes it a great ladder is the ability to remain cool even when left under the sun for long hours.
  • Long-lasting ladder – It is a ladder that is made to last for years without showing any sign of wear or degradation. You can have peace of mind knowing you have a quality model that can give you value for your money.
  • Reinforced steel interior – The interior is reinforced to ensure that you get a pool ladder that is durable and sturdy enough to hold a lot of weight.


Q: How Much Weight Can a Pool Ladder Hold?

A: A pool ladder is made of quality material and is sturdy enough to hold over 300 pounds. However, the amount of weight a ladder can hold depends on the model you choose.

Q: What Are Pool Ladders Made Of?

A: Pool ladders are made of different materials like stainless steel, plastic, steel, resin, and many more. The important thing is to choose a ladder that is made of a material that won’t rust.

In Conclusion,

These aforementioned selections represent a curated collection of exceptional in-ground pool ladders currently available within the market. Each of these offerings boasts its own unique attributes, presenting a diverse range of sizes, shapes, and designs meticulously crafted to cater to your distinct preferences and requirements.

Within this array, you will discover an array of ingenious solutions that not only provide secure and convenient access to your pool but also enhance the aesthetics of your aquatic oasis. Whether you prioritize style, functionality, or durability, these in-ground pool ladder options offer a spectrum of choices, allowing you to select the perfect addition to your pool area.

In your pursuit of the ultimate swimming experience, the careful consideration of these exceptional ladders will undoubtedly contribute to the overall enjoyment and safety of your aquatic adventures. So, take your time to explore and select the ideal in-ground pool ladder that harmonizes seamlessly with your pool’s design and meets your exacting standards.

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