Kirby Vacuum Cleaner Reviews Consumer Reports


Kirby Vacuum Cleaner Reviews Consumer Reports

In today’s bustling marketplace, the quest for the perfect vacuum cleaner can be an overwhelming experience. With a plethora of brands and models vying for your attention, it’s no wonder that making the right choice can feel like navigating a maze of options. The challenge is compounded by the fact that many vacuum cleaners appear strikingly similar in terms of both functionality and price.

Amidst this sea of options, there exists a singular solution that can seamlessly align with your specific needs – Kirby. Renowned for its excellence in the realm of household appliances, Kirby has garnered global acclaim for its top-notch vacuum cleaners.

In this article, we embark on a journey to dissect the features and advantages of four distinguished vacuum cleaner models from the Kirby brand. Whether you’re seeking superior suction power, exceptional durability, or a host of innovative features, Kirby’s offerings are poised to deliver on all fronts. Join us as we explore how these vacuum cleaners can revolutionize your cleaning routine and elevate the standards of cleanliness in your home.

Top 4 Kirby vacuum cleaners’ reviews 

When buying a vacuum cleaner, you must read the reviews before making a decision. You may not want to regret your purchase later. We analyzed the top 4 Kirby vacuum cleaners and this is our assessment of their capabilities!

1. Kirby Avalir G10D Vacuum Cleaner with Tool attachments

This self- propelled vacuum cleaner is quite easy to use and moves around the clean- up area with the utmost ease. With a weight of just 23 lbs., the product is lightweight and can easily be ferried around or carried.

It has a HEPA Micron allergen filtration system which keeps all the impurities present in the air away. In case there is an asthmatic patient in your home or you have pets, this feature acts as a boon for you.

There is a belt change indicator present, which informs you when it is time for you to do so. An LED headlight helps you to move the device even in areas where there is limited light. This means that your cleaning happens top-notch as even the remotest of corners is well tackled.

The shampooer feature accompanying the product uses dry foam to pull out even the worst stuck dirt from the flooring or carpets. Having multiple attachments you can switch from one to another in a matter of 30 seconds. These attachments are capable of handling multiple cleaning tasks thus making the product high on the usefulness quotient.


  • Picks up all the dirt efficiently.
  • Uses bag and hence cleaning it is an overall easy process.
  • Multiple attachments, equipped to handle many types of cleaning tasks.
  • The high power suction system helps in deep cleaning.
  • On and off shampooing system for wet cleaning as well.


  • Difficult to store because of many attachments.
  • Slight on the expensive side.

2. Kirby Generation 5 G5 Upright Vacuum Cleaner

With an upright and portable cleaning system, the Kirby Generation 5 G5 Upright Vacuum Cleaner has been widely appreciated for the features it offers. Its Lexan fan blade has been designed such that it can increase the suction power of the device.

A toe touch control ensures that the overall operations of the vacuum cleaner happen quickly and you can move from one attachment to another rather swiftly. Power nozzle comes with various height adjustment provisions. You can change the same according to the height of the person using the device.

With bags provided along with the vacuum your clean- up of the machine after use is rather convenient. Thanks to the powerful suction capability the air after use smells fresh and you can notice a fair deduction in the impurities present.


  • Portable cleaning system
  • Powerful suction ability
  • Easy to operate and shift from one attachment to another
  • Height adjustment for power nozzle making it comfortable for operation by multiple people.


  • Expensive for the features offered.

3. Kirby G4 Generation 4 Upright Vacuum Cleaner

Another efficient model from the brand the Kirby G4 Generation 4 Upright Vacuum cleaner is extremely powerful and can handle the toughest of cleaning tasks. Having a proper filtration system the vacuum is a perfect choice for someone who is suffering from dust allergies.

One use of the device on the carpets rids them of even the deepest of dirt and germs present. Such is the quality of the motor that even after repeated usage there is no breakdown seen in the same which ensures the longevity of the product.

With multiple attachments provided, you can tackle any kind of cleaning tasks comfortably. Being a self- propelled model you do not need to apply too much pressure to move it here and there.

The green indicator given on the device informs if you have the correct head height from the surface or not. This keeps you in the loop whether you are doing your cleaning up correctly or not.

However, the product in question is made of metal and can be slightly heavy thus adding to its drawbacks.


  • Powerful suction motor removes very tough dirt too.
  • Too many attachments that can be used for different types of cleaning.
  • Self- propelling the device, very little effort needed to move around.
  • No breakdown is seen in the motor.
  • Built to last for a very long time
  • Usage of bags makes cleaning of the device easy.


  • Bulky in size can be tough to carry around.

4. Kirby Sentria Upright Vacuum

The Kirby Sentria Upright Vacuum again comes with the shampooer facility and can be used to remove tough stains from carpets and upholstery. An LED headlight accompanying the product takes care that you can even clean places where there is no clear viewing possible.

Along with the HEPA 11 filtration system removes all impurities present in the air. Thus after the usage of the product, the freshness of the air shows that all irritants have been removed.

Thanks to the powerful suction provided the airflow generated is quite strong and you can get a very quick and efficient cleaning result. There are quite a lot of attachments provided with the vacuum which means that all kinds of cleaning tasks can be handled tactfully.

You also get the facility of converting this upright device into canister style just by adding a hose attachment to the same. Strong construction of the device takes care that you do not have to worry about purchasing a new model soon.


  • The shampooer facility used to wet clean the carpets.
  • Strong airflow generated ensure swift cleaning
  • Sturdy construction making it a long time purchase.
  • HEPA 11 filtration system removing all the air impurities present.
  • Stays strong even after rough use.


  • Heavy to carry around

Things to Keep in Mind When Choosing an Upright Vacuum Cleaner

When you are looking for an upright vacuum cleaner you would not want to settle for a flimsy model. You would be looking at something that is strong and has a reputation of lasting you for a few years at least.

When you look for a product in the upright vacuum cleaner category you need to look at features, usability, and maintenance to ensure long term use. Read on to know some other points that you need to take care of in this case.

Type of floor

Though most upright cleaners would clean your carpets well the issue arises when you are talking about wooden or solid flooring. You would have to check whether the product you wish to purchase is equipped to clean such kinds of flooring or not.

Mostly an upright vacuum cleaner would have an attachment which would be able to take care of this feature. If the same is not there you must drop the idea of buying the device as it would not solve your purpose in any case.

Carpet cleaning

Although any upright vacuum is capable of cleaning the carpets you may have to see what is the level of dirt that is captured on your carpet. If your house is located at a place where dirt is bound to come or you have kids and pets which make it dirty then better to buy an upright vacuum cleaner with a powerful motor.

The device should have a powerful suction so that the cleaning happens quickly and even the difficult pieces of grime and dirt are taken out.

Noise level

Even though we use the vacuum only for a limited duration the kind of noise it generates can be damaging. For some people, this may seem like a trivial matter. But, when you want to keep a product for quite some years a device that makes lots of sounds can be disturbing.

More so when you have a baby in the house. Better to research and find a device that keeps the noise level low and guarantees a smooth operation.

Pet hair menace

Having a pet is not a big issue; however, when you find his hair streamed all over it can be a cause of concern. However, most upright vacuum cleaners come with a HEPA filtration system which means that any such impurity would naturally be removed by the use of the vacuum.

Also, find a vacuum cleaner that has a brush feature or any other attachment which can remove all the pet hair thus ensuring full cleanliness.

Ease of usage

An upright vacuum cleaner is fairly easy to use. Moreover, there are a variety of attachments which means that you can clean up anything and everything.  With features like height adjustment, you can modify them as per your needs and carry on with your cleaning without any hurdles.

However, you need to find out that the device you are looking at has these features or not. If you ignore this aspect, you might get tired of using a cumbersome device for a long duration and then regret the choice made.


You would find upright vacuum cleaners having a filtration system in them. This proves useful in removing all the impurities that are present in the air. If there is anyone in the family who is suffering from asthma and allergies you need to buy a device that has this feature.

Check the efficacy of the filtration system through reviews to know that the product is worth the purchase or not.

Vacuuming bag

Upright vacuum cleaners may come with a bag or bagless feature. While some of these bags may be HEPA vacuum bags the rest may have the allergen protection benefit. However, with a bag vacuum cleaner, you may need to replace the bags every two months.

Though using them makes the clean -up convenient, so if you are ok with the replacing part you must go for a bag vacuum cleaner.

Placement of switch

For comfort, it is important that the power switch is placed at a location that is easy to reach. Any upright vacuum cleaner available in the market would probably take care of this fact. It is still better though to look at the placement whenever you make your decision.

Having the switch at a convenient place takes care that you do not have to stop again and again to operate the device. This saves power for you and makes the use of the device efficient.

The suction power

The suction power of a vacuum cleaner is the ability at which it can pull dirt, grime, and impurities inside. Greater suction power means more would be the chance that you would be able to remove the dirt from all kinds of surfaces. Also, the amount of dirt that is coming out at one effort would be greater if you pick up a vacuum cleaner with good suction power.

Check the details of the vacuum cleaner before picking to save yourself the trouble of vacuuming every other day.


In the quest for the perfect upright vacuum cleaner, it’s imperative to conduct thorough research, as the right choice can significantly impact your daily life. Delving into the facets discussed above, we’ve meticulously dissected the products in question, allowing you to discern their respective advantages and shortcomings.

One common thread among these options is their impressive suction power, ensuring efficient cleaning for an extended period. In your pursuit of the ideal upright vacuum cleaner, consider this a long-term investment – an appliance that will serve you faithfully for years to come.

However, we understand that not everyone has the luxury of time for in-depth research. For those seeking a convenient solution, you can confidently select one of the aforementioned models that aligns best with your specific needs and preferences.

Remember, when it comes to an upright vacuum cleaner, haste can lead to regrettable compromises. Take the time to peruse our comprehensive listing and pinpoint the one option that resonates most with your unique circumstances. Elevate your cleaning experience with confidence and make a choice that will stand tall in the long run.

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