Kohler Wellworth Toilet Reviews


Kohler Wellworth Toilet Reviews

If you’re looking to balance your budget without compromising on the quality and longevity of a toilet, the Kohler Wellworth toilet could be the ideal solution for you.

In our daily lives, we often underestimate the significance of a toilet within our homes. It’s an essential fixture that, unfortunately, doesn’t always receive the attention it deserves. Consequently, many homeowners unintentionally settle for inferior products that may not endure the test of time.

In this review of the Kohler Wellworth toilet, our aim is to provide you with valuable insights and essential information to help you make an educated choice when selecting a reliable and high-performing toilet model.

By taking the time to examine the features and advantages of the Kohler Wellworth toilet, you can be confident that you’re making an investment in a product that aligns with your expectations regarding quality, durability, and functionality. Let’s delve into what sets this toilet apart as a valuable addition to your home

Kohler Wellworth Toilet reviews: 5 Top-rated Models 

The under-listed products are 5 best-selling Kohler Wellworth products available on the market in 2020:

Kohler K-3978-0 Wellworth White Toilet, Standard Height Bowl

This Kohler-3778-0 toilet is outstandingly made with sleek and elegant design and very straightforward to set up. This product is available in multiple colors, which allows you to pick any color that can blend easily with your bathroom design. The featured elongated bowl design provides maximum convenience as it offers a more expansive sitting space.

The model is stress-free to use because the standard chrome-plated trip handles is placed at the left side for additional comfort. This toilet can be installed in public places such as cinemas, bars, restaurants, and schools. It utilizes its class five flushing system to eliminate the waste in a single flush with 1.6 gallons of water per flush.


  • Comes with a year warranty
  • Easy installation just like standard toilets
  • Compact and beautiful design
  • Eliminates debris with a single flush
  • Features 12-inch rough-in for easy setup


  • Requires separate supply line and toilet seats
  • Does not meet WaterSense criteria

Wellworth Classic 2-Piece Round-Front Toilet with Class Five Flush Technology

This Wellworth Classic 2-piece toilet is an outstanding water-saving toilet equipped with high-performance class five flushing mechanism to provide impressive bulk flushing performance.

The large flushing valve allows for a speedy release of water in conjunction with the direct-fed jet to ensure your bowl is clean and fresh.

Aside from this flushing valve, this product also features a canister flush valve, enabling the easy flow of water into the toilet bowl from every corner, enhancing the flushing’s effectiveness.

The substantial canister design features 90 percent less exposed elements than 3 flappers for leak-resistant function. The ubiquitous red seal function for long as the little area has access to the tank water.


  • The featured canister valve provides smooth flushing action
  • Can save like 16, 500 gallons of water annually
  • DryLock fast install system for leak-proof installation
  • Utilizes class five flushing system to eliminate bulk waste


  • Seat and supply line not included

Kohler K-3998-0 Wellworth Elongated Toilet 1.28 GPF

Those who admire KOHLER toilets’ appearance and these models’ features will appreciate this Wellworth water closet.

This unit is a lot cheaper than what you pay for any of the conventional toilets or classic options the company offers.

At the bottom of the water container is a canister valve that allows more debris to enter while flushing. Another notable reason to buy this toilet is that it only costs 1.28 gallons of water for each flush, which can save you over 16,000 gallons of water at the end of the year.

It utilizes the featured powerful class five flushing systems for the incredible elimination of bulk waste.


  • Features standard 12-inch rough-in
  • Comes with chrome trip lever
  • Utilizes 1.28 gallons of water for every flush
  • Features elongated bowl for optimum comfort
  • Works well with other Wellworth collection


  • The product is a bit expensive
  • Does not have a supply line and toilet seat

KOHLER K-3989-47 Wellworth Two-piece Toilet, 2-1/8″ Almond

This K-3989-47 is a well-constructed toilet for maximum longevity and, at the same time, equipped with a beautiful and elegant design to complement your bathroom style.

This Highline and dual-flush technology toilet uses the water-saving ability and impressive flushing performance to clear waste from your bowl. It has an advanced two-tone flush handle for choosing between 1.1 and 1.6 GPF.

The double lever is placed on the tank’s left side like a conventional water closet, enabling the top of the tank for free storage.

The high-performance 1.1 gallons minimize the water usage by 30% over the other 1.6 gallons mode, adding the water savings capacity of over 4000 gallons per flush in one year.


  • An elongated bowl provides added convenience
  • Comfort height simplifies sitting and standing up
  • Blends easily with various bathroom design


  • Maybe unaffordable for some buyers

Kohler K-3978-7 Wellworth Two-Piece Elongated Toilet, 3.25, Biscuit

The Kohler K-3978-7 toilet is an exceptional model to install in your restroom. It features a class five flushing technology that helps eliminate bulk and tremendous debris from your toilet bowl.

The elongated bowl provides additional comfort for users while sitting on it. The 1.6 gallons flush offer reliable and worthwhile flushing performance and ensure that the right amount of water is used for the flushing.

Even though the buyers don’t have any problem transporting this toilet because the two-piece design makes it easy to convey, it is relatively affordable and comes with a year warranty.


  • Features 12-inch rough-in for easy installation
  • Elongated bowl provide maximum comfort
  • Class five flushing technology eliminates bulk waste


  • Absence of supply line and toilet seat


Getting the best product for your washroom, home, and offices has never been a child play. But this comprehensive and concise Kohler Wellworth elongated toilet reviews article, you can go to the market with confidence and select any product from this list.

However, these Kohler Wellworth models are not only suitable for your needs but as well as your budget.

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