Neato vs Roomba Compare Reviews

Neato vs Roomba

Neato vs Roomba Compare Reviews

In an era defined by rapid technological advancement, the quest for efficiency permeates every aspect of our lives, including the upkeep of our homes. Enter the era of robot cleaners – revolutionary devices that have revolutionized the way we approach household chores. With their sleek designs and cutting-edge capabilities, these marvels of modern engineering have seamlessly integrated into our daily routines, offering unparalleled convenience and effectiveness.

Navigating the landscape of robot cleaners can feel like embarking on a daunting journey, with a plethora of options vying for attention. Among the frontrunners in this burgeoning market stand Roomba and Neato, titans renowned for their commitment to innovation and quality. Each brand brings its own unique blend of features and technologies to the table, catering to a diverse array of consumer needs and preferences.

Neato, with its emphasis on precision and intelligence, has garnered acclaim for its lineup of advanced offerings, such as the D7 Laser Guided Robot Cleaner and the D4 Smart Robot Cleaner. These devices leverage state-of-the-art technology to deliver meticulous cleaning performance, earning the trust and admiration of users worldwide.

Meanwhile, Roomba remains a stalwart in the industry, synonymous with reliability and performance. Models like the Roomba 690 and iRobot 980 have become household staples, revered for their robust capabilities and intuitive design. With a legacy built on innovation and excellence, Roomba continues to set the standard for what a robot cleaner can achieve.

As consumers, we find ourselves at a crossroads, tasked with selecting the perfect companion to streamline our cleaning endeavors. Whether you prioritize advanced features or time-tested reliability, Roomba and Neato offer compelling solutions tailored to meet your specific needs. Join us as we embark on a journey to unravel the intricacies of these industry giants, guiding you towards the robot cleaner that best complements your lifestyle and preferences

Reviews of two best robot cleaners each by Neato and Roomba 

So, if you are also confused among the contesting robot cleaners, here we have selectively picked two popular cleaners from each company for a detailed review:

Let’s discuss the two most popular Robots cleaner by Neato first.

Neato Robotics D7 Connected Laser Guided Smart Robot Vacuum

If you are expecting a high-quality vacuum which can be scheduled easily to clean the debris of wide array, Neato D7 connected could be the one to be considered.

With minimal maintenance, this root cleaner comes with several high-end features like extended battery life, low sound cleaning, three ultra-performing filters, and Alexa compatibility.

This cleaner has derived its name as ‘connected’ for its smart capabilities which enable to control using Amazon Alexa, Neato App, Samsung SmartThings and Google Home and Assistant. You can use your Wi-Fi router to instruct this cleaner even sitting remotely. Isn’t it amazing?


  • D-shaped design to ease the corner-cleaning
  • Spacious dustbin up to 0.7 liters
  • Quick boost charging
  • Easy to set up with detailed manual instruction
  • Laser smart technology for mapping
  • Ability to save up to three maps
  • 99% of allergens are picked up by three ultra-performing filters
  • Efficient suction to pick up minute debris
  • Ideal for pet hair cleaning
  • One of the quietest robot vacuum on board
  • Versatile cleaning for hardwood, carpets and kitchen tiles


  • Few users complain about its getting struck while cleaning
  • Prices are on the higher side

Neato Robotics D4 Connected Laser Guided Smart Robot Vacuum

Named accurately with its 2.4 GHz connection and laser-guided navigation, this advanced robot cleaner comes with app control features and support for Apple Watch besides Amazon Alexa and Google Home.

Virtual barriers of this robot prevent it from entering the high-traffic zones stuffed with delicate things. To ease the use and extend the performance Turbo mode boost is available.

It comes with a battery life of 75 minutes which is sufficient to clean a single floor. Like the other robots under Neato series, it has been deliberately shaped as ‘D’ to serve improvised corner and edge cleaning.

To detect the physical collisions, the front part of this cleaner is equipped with the safety bumper.


  • Laser-Guided room mapping and navigation
  • Great suction to pick up minute debris
  • Apple Watch support
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Efficient cleaning with smart battery charging
  • Supported by IFTTT and voice assistant
  • Neatly  integrated dustbin filter
  • Compatible with HEPA-style filters for people with allergies
  • Impressive wide spiral brush


  • Side weeping brushes are not available
  • Only Single floor mapping is possible
  • Edge and corner cleaning performance is not great

As we have reviewed the most renowned products from Neato, it’s time to analyze the popular products from Roomba in detail.

iRobot Roomba 690 Robot Vacuum

It is a great piece of equipment if you are looking for a budgeted robot cleaner with an app to control. With its compatibility with Google Assistant and Amazo Alexa, you can schedule the cleaning of your house even remotely.

It offers 3 stage cleaning system and an efficiently pick up all sizes of debris and dust to ensure efficient cleaning.

The advanced sensors in this cleaner avoid bumping while cleaning. With the low height at 3.6 inches, it can easily sweep under the furniture pieces. Once run out of charge, it automatically moves back to dock to gear up for the next cleaning session.

Lowest maintenance on account of emptying the dustbin and changing the filter, the great suction capability of this cleaner makes it a great deal to explore.


  • Wi-Fi controlled via iRobot app robot vacuum cleaner
  • Compatible with Amazon Alexa
  • Ideal for the house with pets
  • One of the lowest price models from Roomba
  • The acceptable running time of 60 minutes
  • Auto-charging when experiences low battery
  • Auto-adjust cleaning heads for different floor surfaces
  • It comes with patented dirt detect sensors to clean dirt centric areas efficiently
  • Full suite intelligent sensors to clean the floors thoroughly
  • Sturdy design to compliment your contemporary decor


  • Room mapping is not available
  • Gets stuck at times and does not return to the dock

iRobot Roomba 980 Robot Vacuum

A self-sufficient cleaning device with two primary rotating brushes and an additional spinning brush at the side. It comes with a removable dustbin with centrally located buttons to ease the use.

It facilitates manual cleaning and comes with LED indicators for troubleshooting, full dustbin, dirt detection, Wi-Fi connectivity, and battery charging

To protect the sensitive areas of your house, Halo mode is available. Three distinct buttons are available for manual control. It facilitates automatic scheduling along with efficient cleaning.

It is certainly an impressive robot cleaner with interesting features to ensure hassle-free cleaning for its users. Overall, it is an efficient floor cleaner.


  • Two cleaning passes available for an extra cleaning with Carpet boost
  • Battery life for continuous cleaning up to 2 hrs on standard leaning mode
  • Auto-adjustment heads for different floor cleanings
  • Enabled with wi-fi connectivity to schedule remotely via Amazon Alexa or Smartphone app
  • Lithium-Ion battery for long-lasting and consistent powerful suction
  • Floor tracking and other additional sensors for efficient cleaning
  • Low-resolution camera for efficient mapping and higher accuracy
  • Two virtual walls powered with AA batteries to define boundaries
  • Matte finish with a compact design
  • Simplified interface with three buttons only
  • Competitive transition with the great cleaning capacity


  • Higher noise level as compared to its competitors
  • Not compatible with third-party devices
  • Pricing is on the higher side

Comparative Analysis Between Neato and Roomba

Now we have discussed so far the various pros and cons associated with the renowned models from both Roomba and Neato, it’s time to make a comparative analysis between the two.

The Roomba outnumber the variety of models to offer as compared to the Neato. However, each model boasts a certain number of features marking their distinction from the others.

When it comes to choosing on the basis related to the factors like smart features, suction features, power settings, and other special features, Roomba models are preferred choices.

With a wide range of models available to cater the needs of a specific genre, iRobot vacuum take a lead. However, choosing from a wide range of models can be confusing if you are not sure about your requirements.

Hence, it is important to acquire in-depth knowledge about the various features to make a robot cleaner an ideal choice.

Cleaning Efficiency

When it comes to cleaning the edges and the corners of your house, nothing can beat square heads of Botvac models from Neato. So, if you have lots of angles and walls, Botvac brushes are the ideal choice due to their enhanced size.

However, when it comes to sucking power, it is equally important to ensure efficient cleaning. If you go for high-end Roomba models, sucking power is the first thing you are assured with besides other incredible features.

Especially, if you own a pet, the spiral-like brushes of Roomba models are highly efficient in cleaning the dust and debris from high dirt prone areas.

HEPA filters’ is another technology which is specifically important for people with dust allergies. Most of the Roomba models are compatible with the HEPA filters technology. Hence, depending on your requirements, you can choose the best one.


While most of the Roomba models are either high-end with advanced technology or high on pricing or budgeted models targeting the low-end market with an affordable range of $200 – $350.

Neato models primarily focus on the mid-range $400 – $750. However, there are several high-end models also available with advanced features, extended battery life, and efficient cleaning features.

Cleaning Modes

If you are experiencing frequent unexpected spills, Neato’s Botvacs are the best deals to explore. Many eco modes models are also available in the segment to save the battery life. For super-dirty areas, turbo mode is available with Botvac models to clean efficiently.

Most of the mid-range Roomba models also come with spot modes to clean the high spills. However, Roomba models do not offer many modes to switch between. The automatic sensors available in these models easily detect the dirt patches needing extra attention.

If you are looking for more control, Botvac models are preferred over Roomba as they are available with more mode options to switch.

Smart Features

Most of the high-end robot cleaners come with promising high-end features. While the Neato boasts the laser enabled navigation and mapping and sets the virtual barriers to keep the specific zones untouched, Roomba models come with learning algorithms and smart mapping technology to adapt to your ‘sensitive’ zones over some time.

Neato models can easily run back to its dock when out of battery, for a recharge to gear up for the next cleaning session. If you are looking for a spontaneous or quick cleaning, you can use the screen or buttons available on them.

Most of the Botvacs are compatible with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. The cleaning pattern of the Roomba cleaners is primarily random with the given areas. Most of the high-end Roomba models are also compatible with Google Assistant or Alexa.

Few models also come with the smart sensor technology which prevents the robot to stumble on the staircase. Advanced Roomba can also empty their bins along with automatically returning to recharging stations.

When it comes to onboard controls, Roomba is efficient over the Neato models. Hence, Roomba models are having the edge when it comes to accessing smart features over Naeto models.

However, as every feature comes at a certain price, most of the high-end Roomba models are expensive.

Battery Life

Most of the Botvac and Roomba models come with an average battery life between 60-120 minutes. Depending upon the range of these models, the battery life varies.

While the budgeted models mostly have a battery life of 60 minutes, most of the high-end models have a battery life lasting up to 2 hrs.

If you are choosing a model with automatic recharge facility, a model with low battery life is not an issue unless you own a big house spreading across different floors required to be cleaned up.

In Conclusion:

When it comes to the world of robotic vacuum cleaners, both Roomba and Neato have carved out their niches, offering a range of products that cater to a wide spectrum of needs and preferences. While Roomba models excel in open spaces, thanks to their randomized cleaning techniques, Neato’s Botvacs shine in areas with expansive layouts and intricate angles, thanks to their laser-enabled mapping technology.

The decision of which brand to choose ultimately hinges on your specific requirements and budget constraints. If you’re in the market for a top-of-the-line, cutting-edge robotic cleaner, both Neato’s Botvac and Roomba models stand out as prime contenders. On the other hand, if you’re working within a more modest budget, the Roomba lineup offers a broader selection of options.

For those seeking a mid-range solution that balances performance and cost-effectiveness, Botvacs by Neato present a promising choice. It’s undeniable that both Neato and Roomba consistently rank among the best brands in the industry, consistently impressing robotic cleaner enthusiasts with their innovative technologies, year in and year out. Whether you prioritize advanced features, affordability, or a blend of both, these two brands have you covered.

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