Shark Navigator Upright Vacuum Lift-Away NV352 Reviews


Shark Navigator Upright Vacuum Lift-Away NV352 Reviews

Maintaining a clean and tidy home is a universal desire. However, achieving that pristine state can become quite a challenge, especially when you’re dealing with an older space with numerous nooks and crannies that seem impossible for a regular vacuum cleaner to reach. The frustration of constantly battling dust and dirt in hard-to-access areas can be a real struggle for homeowners. Fortunately, there’s a solution that has earned its place as a top choice among cleaning enthusiasts and homeowners alike – the Shark Navigator Upright Vacuum.

What makes the Shark Navigator stand out and continue to be the preferred choice for many? Let’s explore the reasons one by one. While not all of these reasons may apply to every user, each one is a valid testament to the effectiveness of this remarkable cleaning product.

A Detachable Canister

This may appear as a very basic feature, but it has benefits of amazing proportions. The fact remains that maximum dust tends to accumulate in the furthest corners and under the heaviest beds. This becomes a breeding ground for germs, bacteria and all kinds of pests.

Once the canister is removed, the Shark Navigator Upright Vacuum for Carpet and Hard Floor with Lift-Away Handheld HEPA Filter, and Anti-Allergy Seal can reach any corner of the house easily.

A Powerful Device

We have used a number of vacuum cleaners of various brands. But typically, their suction will either be too high or too low. Typically there is loose dirt daily which does not require high suction power. But our rugs need heavy suction in order to be sparkling clean.

There are several settings in this device for one to choose from. It can be set for tile, carpet or hard surface cleaning. This way one can get the perfect kind of cleaning as required.

The Shark Navigator Upright Vacuum for Carpet and Hard Floor with Lift-Away Handheld HEPA Filter, and Anti-Allergy Seal is especially useful for houses that have pets. After all, having cat and dog hairs around can be highly irritating. And no matter how much one cleans up, the shedding never seems to stop. But a good clean-up done once a day makes a huge difference. Ask any pet owner to understand what is being talked about here.

It has a strong suction with its 10 amp motor. This can always be adjusted to get the perfect speed for those light drapes and spot rugs. This way just one device is enough to fulfil all cleaning requirements.

In fact, the Shark Navigator Upright Vacuum for Carpet and Hard Floor with Lift-Away Handheld HEPA Filter, and Anti-Allergy Seal can be used to clear real debris too.This includes torn wallpaper, gypsum dust and such other junk. After this the canister should be cleaned well. That is all that is required to get it back to the job again.


A Smart Device  

There is one thing that must be mentioned here. It is only the manufacturers using their own products a couple of times and making modifications accordingly, who can come up with such a sensible device. The Shark Navigator has definitely been used several times by its manufacturer, and hence even the minor issues have been taken care of.

The rotator brush of this device stops immediately in case of too much debris. This is an effective way to save the motor from getting burnt up. And we all know the amount that is required to repair a burnt motor! Hence this is a very sensible feature for anyone.

Dragging a vacuum cleaner over plush carpets has always been a nightmare. This product has a rotating beater bar that allows it to move over all types of plush carpets with relative ease.

Another point to be noted here is about the collection bag. Typically, pet hair cling to it and it is quite a task to get these out. Somehow, this issue does not come with the Shark Navigator Upright vacuum. This is really important as cleaning a collection bag is the last thing on anyone’s list.

The canister of the Shark Navigator Upright Vacuum for Carpet and Hard Floor with Lift-Away Handheld HEPA Filter, and Anti-Allergy Seal.opens from two sides. This makes it easier and faster to empty it out.

This is a product that is easy to set apart and then assembled together again. It is made of high-quality plastic that keeps it lightweight without any signs of wear and tear. Next is the unique HEPA filter that keeps it smelling good all the time. This is particularly effective for those who are allergic to dust. Now there is no smell of dust while vacuuming! Also, everyone loves a lightweight device that is easy to move around. Next, this is a quiet machine. Many tend to wear earplugs while vacuuming as the earlier machines were so noisy! But all that one can hear is a light hum as this machine goes about its work.

Do note that this filter needs to be cleaned after a couple of years. Also, the pre-filters have to be cleaned after every few months, though the frequency will depend on the usage of this product.

And yes, all these filters are washable. This means that these filters can be washed and reused. There is no additional cost in replacing any filters.

Easy to maneuver

The Shark Navigator has several nozzles for different purposes. And all of them are easy to maneuver making it easy to clean under the beds and in the corners.

The lift-away capability

It does not matter what any vacuum cleaner manufacturer says, as the fact remains that lifting any vacuum cleaner is not easy. These are heavy items, no matter how lightweight its owners claim it to be. The Shark Navigator Upright Vacuum for Carpet and Hard Floor with Lift-Away Handheld HEPA Filter, and Anti-Allergy Seal.has a unique lift-away capability. Hence taking it up and down the stairs is a breeze. In fact, one can do this almost daily!

Rather, one can carry it to the ceiling too in order to clear the cobwebs there as well as to dust off the fans. There is no way this could have been done if this machine did not have the lift-away capability.

It can be used for confined spaces too. All that is required is to remove the canister and motor. Now it can be moved to any space in an easy manner.


Not really perfect, though

The Shark Navigator Upright Vacuum does have a lot of innovative and thoughtful features. But this does not mean that it is perfect. There is a lot more that could have been better.

The hose is not as long as it could have been. This may have been done in order to enhance the maneuverability of this vacuum cleaner. But this makes it difficult to reach the far-off corners or the top edges of drapes.

Next, the hose is quite stiff. One would have preferred it to be a bit flexible. After all, a house with its furniture and furnishings is not always a straight line. There are a lot of curves and angles. This is why a certain amount of flexibility in the hose would be a desirable feature.

There is a hose tool provided for this purpose specifically. But it is too long. In fact, it can be a bit awkward to use it. Hence many prefer to use the hose as it is.

Another minor irritation can be tripping over the cord at times. One may wonder why they had attached the cord to the base and not to the top of the vacuum cleaner. This was a simple thing that would have resolved this issue easily.

The fact is that such an arrangement would have made it impossible to remove the canister, and that would have impacted its versatility. Once this is clear, one can handle the cord in an intelligent manner.

In conclusion…

When it comes to selecting the ideal upright vacuum cleaner, a myriad of factors come into play. It’s important to recognize that there’s no one-size-fits-all solution, as individual preferences and needs vary widely.

The first step is to assess your own requirements and evaluate how well a particular vacuum cleaner caters to them. Efficiency and cost-effectiveness should also be taken into account; after all, a good purchase should not only meet your needs but do so in an economical and efficient manner. It’s possible that there might still be some minor issues to contend with, but rather than viewing them as burdensome obstacles, it’s wise to learn how to effectively manage them.

One fundamental requirement to consider is the versatility of the vacuum cleaner, particularly its ability to perform admirably on both carpets and hard surfaces. This eliminates the need for purchasing multiple machines and allows you to address all your cleaning needs in one fell swoop.

Another crucial factor is whether you have pets in your household. If you do, then you’ll want a vacuum cleaner that’s capable of tackling the arduous task of removing pet hair from rugs and carpets. Anyone who has pets understands the immense value of such a feature for maintaining a clean home. Therefore, making the right decision when it comes to choosing a vacuum cleaner involves a careful consideration of your specific needs rather than relying solely on the opinions of others.

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