The 8 Best Hot Tub Defoamer Reviews


The 8 Best Hot Tub Defoamer Reviews

Do you ever find yourself bothered by that unsightly foam in your hot tub? It can really put a damper on your relaxation, can’t it? Well, fear not, for I have a solution for you. You see, that foam is a result of various chemicals and dirt accumulating in the water, and it’s certainly not what you want when you’re trying to unwind. But worry not, there’s a simple remedy for this issue – a hot tub defoamer.

This magical substance, the hot tub defoamer, is like a secret weapon against the persistent foam. It’s an anti-foaming chemical that works wonders in preventing foam from forming in your hot tub water. With just a small amount of this elixir, you can bid farewell to that pesky foam and enjoy a blissful, uninterrupted soak in your hot tub.

So, the next time you cringe at the sight of foam in your hot tub, remember that there’s a solution at hand. The hot tub defoamer is your trusty companion in the battle against foam, ensuring that your hot tub experience remains serene and foam-free

The Very Best Hot Tub Defoamers To Get Your Hands On

You will find a number of defoamers now in a variety of kinds each promising to eliminate foam from your hot tub. You might want to have a look the list of the best ones here:

1. Leisure Time Spa Balance Foam Down



  • Just a little bit of the product does the trick
  • Can also be used to eliminate foam in pool
  • It doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals that can irritate the skin


  • Some users say it’s a temporary fix

Leisure time spa balance foam down doesn’t just eliminate the foam but indicates if there are other imbalances in the water such as low calcium. Simply add a little bit of the product and watch it mix in the water doing its job i.e. retarding foam.

If you still see foam in the water, it’s an indication that your spa either has low calcium or you need to drain the water. Leisure time works immediately. It’s also compatible with chlorine, bromine, ozone, and biguanide sanitizers.

2. Pool & Spa Anti Foam Defoamer Concentrate



  • It can be used in pools, spas, and decorative fountains
  • Disappears in the water immediately
  • It does not change the chemistry of the water. No sticky or oily water complaints


  • If you stop using the product, the foam comes back

Pool & spa anti foam defoamer is a concentrated liquid with a water-based silicone formula that removes foam in not just spas but pools and decorative fountains. The best thing about this defoamer is that it doesn’t mess with the chemistry of the water.

You won’t feel any oil residue in the spa at all. Just adding 1 to 2 ounce of the product in 10,000 gallons of water would be enough to eliminate the foam.

3. Bluewater Chemgroup Spa And Hot Tub Defoamer

Bluewater Chemgroup Spa And Hot Tub Defoamer


  • It takes 30 seconds for the product to reduce the foam
  • It does not upset the water chemistry
  • Add the recommended amount of the liquid and watch the foam disappear


  • It can make the water cloudy
  • Works best with a sprayer

Bluewater chemgroup spa and hot tub defoamer is another well-known name in defoamers. It doesn’t just eliminate but prevents foaming in pool water, spa, and hot tub. It’s a water-based formula but don’t worry, it won’t upset the water chemistry.

You just have to pour the liquid, turn on the hot tub and it will eliminate the foam magically within 30 seconds. Bluewater chemgroup spa and hot tub defoamer also contains silicone emulsion. It’s not recommended for those who are allergic to silicone.

100 gallons of water requires 1 ounce of the product.

4. 2-Pack Spa Foam Free Hot Tub Defoamer



  • Just a few drops are required to instantly get rid of the foam
  • It doesn’t clog the filters of the tub or pool
  • Very easy to use


  • It leaves a thick and sticky film around the hot tub

2-pack spa foam free hot tub defoamer is composed of a concentrated formula. You can count on this product to eliminate the persistent foaming problems you encounter. It’s safe to use for eliminating foam in fountains, ponds, pools, and spas.

Although the product says it does not harm the filters or other equipment of your spa but some users have complained it leaves a sticky film around the tub. It would require extra effort to remove this residue.

5. Spa Essentials 32424000 Defoamer For Spas And Hot Tubs



  • Quickly eliminates the foam
  • It also cleans the surface and the filters
  • It does its job effectively


  • Watch out, the bottle might leak due to shipping mishandling
  • A few squirts are required to clear everything

Spa Essentials 32424000 Defoamer is an easy to use product. It does the job of eliminating the foam well. Once the foam is gone, you will see a visible difference. It leaves the surface of your spa and even filters clean.

Once the foam is gone, you can see crystal clear water.

6. HTH Spa Conditioner Defoamer



  • The foam disappears in just 30 seconds
  • Vitamin E makes your skin feel soft
  • You can count on it to keep the foam from developing in the water


  • You might have to add a little more product than recommended

HTH Spa Conditioner Defoamer comes with a special Vitamin E enriched formula to keep your skin soft and subtle when you step into the hot tub for soaking. It’s also very reliable when it comes to getting rid of the foam in the water.

It’s not just a defoamer but a spa conditioner that will promote a soothing experience. You might have to add some extra drops and do some stirring to completely get rid of the foam.

7. Hot Tub Things Defoamer



  • Instantly breaks the existing foam
  • You will notice a difference in foam formation with the very first application


  • It works fine with bubble spa but not very well to use with a jet spa
  • The product is over-priced

Hot Tub Things Defoamer is one of the defoamers that can break the existing foam in the spa, hot tub, and even a whirlpool almost immediately.

Although it’s among America’s #1 trusted brand that produces hot tub chemicals, it’s not very great with jet saps. Also, it’s a little costly as compared to other defoamers that can do the job way better.

8. In The Swim Spa and Hot Tub Defoamer


  • It removes the spa foam caused by shampoos, body oils and soaps
  • The oil-free silicone formula is very effective in eliminating foam


  • It would be easier to use if it came with a spray bottle
  • Watch out for shipping mishandling

In the swim spa and hot tub defoamer is a specially formulated oil-free silicone-based formula that effectively eliminates not just the spa foam but the foam caused by shampoos, body oils, and soaps. One cap will be enough for 500 gallons of water.

Types of Hot tub Defoamers

Hot tub Defoamers are generally available in 4 different types, i.e.

1. Oil-Based

As the name says, mineral oil or vegetable oil is used for dissolving the foam. Such defoamers not just eliminate the foam but prevent it from spreading. They are mostly used in pools.

2. Water-Based

Water-based defoamers are also oil-like but in this case, the oil isn’t the carrier. It is the water that carries down the foam and eliminates it.

3. Powder

They are in powdered form, of course. You can combine with detergents or liquid cleaners to dissipate foam in the water.

4. Silicone-Based

These defoamers are made from hydrophobic silica. It plays the role of an emulsifier and when it is added into water, it spreads the silicone and dissipates the foam developed in the water very easily.

Hot Tub Defoamer Buying Guide

There are a few things you have to consider to choose the best hot tub defoamer. Perhaps this small buying guide would help:

Know the Type

You must make yourself familiar with the types of defoamers out there. Each one works differently. You should pick the one that would work best for your hot tub.

Alcohol Volume

The amount of alcohol present in the product will affect the chemistry of the water. If the level of alcohol is high, it will affect the water and eventually, your soaking experience.

pH Level

The defoamer can affect the pH level in the water too. Some can increase the pH level while others can decrease it. Find a product that doesn’t impact the water’s pH level.

Why Even Use A Hot Tub Defoamer?

The use of a hot tub defoamer is not just limited to getting rid of the foam. There are lots of other benefits of this product. Such as:

  • Because of the foam, the water in the tub appears to be murky which is why lots of people don’t like to sit in the tub for long. A defoamer makes the water crystal clear by eliminating the foam.
  • By regularly using a defoamer, you can also prevent it from building up and staying in the water.
  • The water becomes less gooey and thick. You will continue to have a soothing spa experience every time you step into the tub.
  • Some defoamers have the quality of cleaning the surface of the tub as well as its filters to some extent. Plus, all the chemicals from the water are eliminated which could have been harmful to your body.
  • Unwanted materials and dirt from the water are dissipated like magic. You no longer have to worry that you are stepping into the unclean water.

In Conclusion

Having delved into the intricate workings of these defoamers, it’s time to delve into the world of brands to identify your top preferences. By making a comprehensive list of the brands that resonate with you the most, you’ll be well-prepared to embark on an insightful comparison journey. This comparison process is vital to discerning the ultimate, supreme defoamer for your needs.

Once you’ve meticulously compared the various brands, you’ll be equipped with the knowledge to select the finest defoamer available in the market. Armed with this stellar product, you’ll be poised to address any foam-related challenges with ease and efficiency, swiftly eliminating the pesky build-up that can impede your enjoyment of your hot tub.

Feel free to reach out for any further assistance or information regarding hot tub care and maintenance. Your journey towards a crystal-clear, foam-free soak is just a step away!

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