The Best Dual Flush Toilet


The Best Dual Flush Toilet

In the contemporary era, the demand for toilets has transcended mere functionality. No longer content with basic designs, consumers now crave sophistication, comfort, and eco-consciousness in their lavatory fixtures.

This burgeoning demand has spurred an exploration into the realm of high-end dual flush toilets. Our mission? To furnish you with an exhaustive compendium, aiding your quest for the quintessential commode.

What distinguishes these lavatories is their exceptional water-saving prowess, particularly evident in their lighter flush setting, where conservation rates soar to a staggering 68%. Furthermore, many of these models boast cutting-edge features that surpass the capabilities of traditional counterparts.

Should you find yourself in pursuit of a dual flush toilet to elevate your bathroom ambience, rest assured, you’ve arrived at the nexus of enlightenment. Welcome to the genesis of your journey towards the perfect addition to your abode

Reviews of Top 10 Dual Flush Toilets

We did our research and concluded that the dual flush toilets below are the top 10 models

1. WoodBridge T-0001 Dual Flush Elongated One Piece Toilet

The WoodBrige T-0001 is one of the best dual flush toilets on the market today thanks to its great features.  First, you will realize that it’s very easy to wash compared to other models on the shelves today. This is because of the skirted trapways that make it easy to reach all parts of the toilet.

The skirting design also provides the toilet with a sleek design and make it flush with the entire design. With this system, you don’t need to worry about grooves and corners any more. You will surely find it easy to clean the moment you purchase it.

Another great feature of this model is the super powerful and quiet flush. Due to the powerful flush, you will never deal with any clogging. You might also like its high-quality soft closing fast release seat. You can choose between 1.0 gallons or 1.6 gallons of water per flush.

2. TOTO CST412MF.01 Aquia Dual Flush Elongated Two-Piece Toilet

If you are looking for a top performance unit then you need to consider the TOTO CST412MF.01. This model features a great design and is highly rated by most users. The fact that it is made by TOTO means that it will live up to your expectations.

When it comes to the design, this toilet features a superb two-piece design which is easy to install. The unit also comes with a chrome finish dual button for triggering the flush. The chrome finish adds a touch of modern look in your washroom.

Moreover, the toilet features a semi-skirted based which provide a clean look in your bathroom. Actually, this base doesn’t interfere with your water supply pipes coming from the walls. This toilet delivers a superb 1.6 gallons or 0.9 gallons flush every time you use it.

3. KOHLER K-3987-0 WellWorth Two-Piece Round-Front Dual-Flush Toilet

Those who really value their money will find this toilet to be worth their money. It comes from a top brand and performs as you would expect. The model features a two-piece design that makes it very easy to install.

Having two-piece means that you have fewer parts to assemble and install; which translates to saving time when putting it in place. Its flushing system is also one of the best in the industry and provides the performance that other models can only dream of.

In fact, when you get this toilet, you don’t need to fret about clogging. It is also good to note that this system features a dual flush system. This ensures that you remove your waste material with just a single flush. Here you can choose 1.1 gallons of 1.28 gallons of water for every flush.

4. American Standard 2889216.020 H2Option Siphonic Dual Flush Round Front Toilet

We all love top performing toilets and the American Standard 28892.020 is one of these models. This is an ADA certified product which also happens to be one of the most affordable toilets on the market today.

The toilet features a superb design when you compare it to other models within its price range. And it provides a two-piece design which is easy to assemble and install. Furthermore, the two-piece design makes the toilet to be highly portable, as well as easy to set up.

The surface of the toilet was designed to remain clean for long even if you don’t clean it regularly. Hence, you don’t need to clean your toilet every now and then and this means more time to do other chores.

Its flushing system is quite powerful and helps to clean your toilet effectively. This dual flush toilet uses either 1.0 gallons or 1.6 gallons of water per flush.

5. TOTO CT418FGNo.01 Aquia Wall-Hung Dual-Flush Toilet

If you wish to open up the surface of your washroom and leave it looking classy, then the TOTO CT418GNo.01 might just be what you need. Actually, this is a great hung toilet for the small washroom and is EPA certified, meaning that it will save you water.

This toilet also provides some great features as well. For instance, it is covered with TOTO’s exclusive SaniGloss finish which makes it impossible for mildew and mold to develop on the surface. The unit is also made of long lasting and durable vitreous china.

Another great feature of this product is the dual flush system that saves you water. This will save you a lot of money in the long run. As a dual flush toilet, the unit uses either 0.9 gallons or 1.6 gallons per flush to ensure your toilet is left clean.

6. Swiss Madison SM-1T254 St. Tropez One Piece Toilet Dual Tornado Flush

For people who have enough money and aren’t worried about spending it, then you should spend your money on this. It is not the most affordable model on the market today but it definitely works wonders. This is made possible due to its superb quality control that means it performance as it was intended.

This model has a great design that you will get used to easily unlike other toilets which come in the square. Furthermore, it is made of a high quality material that ensures it lasts for years. Its bowl is elongated that ensures it fits in small washrooms without any trouble.

Another great feature of this unit is the flushing system. It ensures that your toilet is clean every time you use it and it saves you a lot of water. The toilet uses either 0.8 gallons or 1.28 gallons per flush.

7. TOTO MS446124CEMG#01 Aquia IV WASHLET Two-Piece Elongated Dual Flush

The TOTO Aquia IV provides the choice of using 0.8 gallons or 1.28 gallons per flush, making it an epitome of modern function and form. It comes with a skirted design that conceals the trapway to enhance its elegant look. This design also adds another level of sophistication.

Furthermore, the design reduces the need of reaching behind the bowl to wash the crannies and hooks of the trapway. Moreover, the toilet features a Dynamix tornado flush which cleans your toilet using a 360 degree washing power to hit every part of the bowl.

This model of toilet also comes with cefiontect, a layer of unique smooth glaze that thwarts particles from sticking to the ceramic. That feature, together with a dynamax tornado, reduces the need for frequent cleaning, reduce water usage, reduce the use of chemicals, and reduce the time needed to clean your toilet.

8. American Standard 2889210.020 H2Option Siphonic Dual Flush Normal Height Round Front Toilet

There is no doubt that you will have an easy time when using this toilet. The model is considered one of the best in the industry due to its water sense specification that makes it be highly efficient.  Moreover, the toilet comes from a reputable brand that has gained many years of experience in toilet production.

Another thing that you might like about this model is the superb design as well as the material that is used to manufacture it. It features a conventional shape, so you will feel like you have a normal toilet. The unit is also very easy to assemble; you don’t need to hire an expert to do it for you.

Also, you don’t need to clean your toilet regularly since its material ensures it remains clean for long. And the toilet comes with a great dual flush system. The first setting allows you to use 1.6 gallons per flush while the second one allows you to use 1 gallon per flush.

9. WoodBridge T-0020 Dual Flush Elongated One Piece Toilet

WoodeBidge T-0020 comes in a deluxe modern design that offers it a clean and sleek look that compliments different styles. Another feature of this unit is the skirted strap way that forms a sleek appearance and makes your unit to be easy to clean.

Actually, this toilet has no grooves and corners that often appear in most toilets. This adds to the easy of cleaning. You will also be excited to learn that the toilet has a high-quality soft closing seat that offers quick release ability.

Built to last long, the model comes with rust-free hinge and has a comfortable height design. It is also very easy to install and comes with all the hardware you will require to put it in place as soon as you get it. The model uses either 1 gallon or 1.6 gallons per flush.

10. Swiss Madison SM-1T106 Concorde Square Toilet Dual Flush

Last but not least is the Swiss Madison SM-1T106 Dual Flush Toilet. This model provides high performance of either 0.8 gallons or 1.28 gallons per flush. This ensures that you conserve water while still enjoying a clean toilet.

The model comes with seamless porcelain make that makes it easy to clean. It is also easy to assemble and install and has a square bowl that provides addition room. The toilet is also quite comfortable, thanks to the square bowl.

Another feature of this toilet is the soft closing seat that is gentle and quiet. This prevents not only damage but also ensure there is no noise when you close your toilet.

Important Factors to Consider When Choosing Your Toilet

When selecting a toilet for your bathroom, it’s crucial to take pre-purchase considerations into account. These factors will guide you in finding the perfect dual flush toilet that suits your needs without redundancy:

  • Bowl Size and Shape: Toilets come in various sizes and shapes, from compact to taller designs. Choose the one that fits your requirements best.
  • Water Efficiency: Opt for a toilet that conserves water, typically using between 0.8 and 1.28 gallons per flush for eco-friendliness.
  • Mounting Type: While floor-mounted toilets are common, you can also explore wall-hung toilets with a dual flush system for a sleek look.
  • Budget: Stick to your budget when selecting a toilet, ensuring it meets your desired features and specifications.
  • Elongated vs. Round: Elongated toilets are the modern trend, but both elongated and round models have their advantages and disadvantages, so consider your personal preference.

Best Dual Flush Toilet FAQs

Q: How does a dual flush toilet works?

A: The technology behind dual flush toilets is quite simple. You can easily understand it. The first thing you should note is that dual flush toilets are similar to normal toilets, but feature some simple differences.

For instance, these toilets have a bigger trapway and use less water. They function on a wash down system as opposed to siphonic, which aids to prevent clogging from arising. The primary idea behind these toilets is to give you the choice to deal with solid and liquid waste differently, making then more environmentally and economically friendly.

Q: How much does a dual flush toilet cost?

A: The price will depend on the kind of toilet you buy. However, you can expect to cough out $200 to $800 to get a high-quality model. The price increases with the features.

Q: What are the common shapes of dual flush toilets?

A: These toilets come in two main shaped: elongated and round toilets. Elongated bowls are rectangular or oval shaped while round bowls are circular.

Q: What is the right size of a dual flush toilet?

A: Elongated models usually come in size of 18-19 inches while round models come in size 16-17 inches. The bowl height should be 14-15 inches from the floor.

Q: Why switch to dual flush toilets?

A: The main benefit of these toilets is the amount of water they save. You can use less water to flush liquid material and more water to flush solid waste.

Q: Are dual flush toilets easy to install?

A: Yes. You can easily install these toilets by yourself. However, you might need to seek the service of a professional if you want your toilet to be installed the right way.

In Conclusion

Our dual flush toilet review and guide serve as a valuable resource for finding the perfect toilet for your bathroom needs. We’ve outlined the benefits of each unit to assist you in making an informed decision. Take your time in your search, and you’ll discover the ideal model for your washroom

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