The Best Flushing Toilets: Reviewed & Tested


The Best Flushing Toilets: Reviewed & Tested

Are you tired of dealing with subpar flushing toilets that leave you frustrated and dissatisfied? If so, you’re in luck! I’m here to guide you through the maze of options and help you find the perfect flushing toilet that meets all your needs and expectations.

I’m Jane, and I understand the importance of having a reliable and efficient toilet in your home. That’s why I’ve teamed up with local plumbing experts to bring you an expertly curated list of the best flushing toilets on the market today. These toilets aren’t just about functionality; they’re about elevating your bathroom experience to a whole new level.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the top contenders that not only excel in flushing power but also prioritize user-friendliness, comfort, and environmental sustainability. Whether you’re renovating your bathroom or simply looking to upgrade your current toilet, our recommendations will help you make a choice you won’t regret.

So, if you’re ready to bid farewell to flushing woes and hello to a superior bathroom experience, join me as we embark on the journey to find your perfect flushing toilet. Let’s make your bathroom dreams a reality!

Top 20 Best Flushing Toilets

1. Kohler K35050 Wellworth Classic Pressure Lite


The Kohler K35050 Wellworth Classic is our favorite pressure-assist flushing toilet. The toilet works on Kohler’s advanced pressure-assisted flushing technology called the Class Five®. It works outstandingly for a 1.4 GPF unit, swallowing large stools in just a single flush.

In addition to its excellent flushing mechanism, Kohler’s Wellworth Classic incorporates a complementary elongated bowl shape to deliver convenience and compliment any bathroom theme. The degree of comfort is further optimized by granting it an optimal 17-inches seating height for easy getting on and off the toilet without excessive bending. The item is sold in four distinct colors: black, white, almond, and biscuit.


  • Powerful flushing performance
  • Available in a wide range of rough-in sizes
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Leakage-free
  • Does not clog


  • Loud flushing noise

2. Toto CST243EF#01 Entrada


The Toto CST243 is a modern two-piece circular-styled toilet. It is by far one of the cheapest toilets that you can get at the moment, while also enjoying decent flushing quality. It has a wide and chair-heightened seat, thus offering accessibility and decent seating for obese people. It uses only 1.28 gallons of water per flush. This makes it a perfect option for budget-oriented homeowners who want full flushing efficiency, while still saving money on their water bills in the process.

Toto CST243 Entrada produces an efficient flush for cleaning with its E-max Flushing technology. There is a 3″ deep flush valve inside the toilet tank, an extra-long siphon jet, and a large trapway. Everything this combines to empty the toilet bowl quickly independent of the solidity of the waste.

This cheap flushing toilet is also very silent in its operation, compared to other models. It means you can use it without disrupting other household members with the loud flushing noise. If you’ve got somebody that plugs the toilet in your home or you’re trying to say good-bye to the plunger everlastingly or you just want a simple yet efficient toilet – the Toto CST243 is the prime choice!


  • Cheap price
  • Water efficientGood flushing performanceNoiseless flushing


  • Complicated installation
  • Seat and installation components aren’t provided

3. Zurn Z5560 Ecovantage Toilet


It is the BIG BOSS of the toilet industry and has been widely valued by consumers for its extra efficient flushing. The commodity is ideally designed for bathrooms in commercial regions such as malls or bathrooms which get a high volume of back-to-back visitors.

Starting with the specs, the best feature that helps this device surpass all other toilets is its strong, pressure-assisted EcoFlush technology. The Zurn Z5560 Ecovantage uses 1.6 gallons per flush (gpf).

No matter how tough the waste is, or how many people use the toilet one after the other, the Zurn Z5560 uses its pressure-aided siphon jet flush to discard waste deep into the drain lines without stopping. The flushing pressure ranges between 20 psi and 80 psi (higher than the average 30 psi). With such an efficient flushing system, a spotlessly-clean toilet bowl is always ensured.

This toilet is so strong that it is ideal for usage in heavy traffic environments, where many people often use the toilet. It is also suitable for big families residing in tiny households where a single bathroom is shared by many family members.


  • Strong pressure flushing mechanism
  • Ideal for commercial use
  • Bowl remains fresh and free of stains
  • Comfort seating heightEasy installation


  • Gives a bit of commercial feel



If you’ve read the reviews online, then you probably know that the Toto Drake II is by far one of the most efficient two-piece best bathroom toilet models you can currently get. This particular model uses only a single gallon of water per flush, meaning that the bulk of waste is gone without having to worry about flushing the toilet again. Because of that, the Toto Drake II is a great choice for those who require maximum flushing performance and want to also save money on their water bill in the process.

Unlike other models, the Drake II is also very quiet at night, meaning that you can use it without having to worry about disturbing everyone else living with you. For total comfort, it is ADA compliant, meaning that both disabled persons and elders can stand or sit on it without exerting too much pressure on their knees or back.

Now when it comes to its looks, everyone will agree that the Toto Drake II has a very impressive design that’s going to complement any bathroom it’s used in. Since it’s quite slim, it can easily fit in a wide range of bathrooms. Installing it is very simple and it can be done in as little as 20 to 30 minutes.


  • Double cyclone flushing
  • Consumes less water
  • Impressive design
  • Two-piece easy installation
  • Ideal for all bathroom sizes


  • N/a

5. KOHLER 381047 Santa Rosa


Kohler Santa Rosa delivers the excellent versatility that you anticipate from Kohler, along with a sleek one-piece footprint. It has a streamlined tank and bowl configuration, which is simpler to clean than two-piece toilets that are larger and heavier.

Its 1.28-gallon high-efficiency flush offers up to 16,500 gallons a year of substantial water savings. And the AquaPiston canister enables water to pour from all sides into the bowl, thus providing a stronger, improved flush. This ensures that even small bathrooms can be converted into a well-designed, cozy, functional space without having to give up the features required for strong flushing performance.

6. American Standard H2Option Dual Flush


We assume we have identified the best dual flush toilet for with the American Standard 2889218.020 H2Option. It’s one of American Standard’s most inexpensive toilets, but it’s also filled with fantastic features seen on more costly toilets, including the Everclean surface that holds the toilet and bowl free of mold, mildew, and streaks.

This is a double flush toilet with two water-saving yet powerful flushes. The lighter flush requires just 0.92 gallons, while the stronger flush uses 1.28 gallons. To get a strong flushing performance from the minimal water, this toilet uses a PowerWash rim to expel the waste leaving the bowl sparkling clean in just one flush.

The American Standard H2Option toilet is available in two models – a 16-inch circular round model, and an 18-inch elongated model. For tiny bathrooms, circular toilets are preferable because they won’t obstruct the entrance. However, elongated/oval toilets provide improved comfort and positioning of the bottom.

But while it is one of the cheapest toilets by the American Standard, you’ll have to apply to a seat’s expense as it doesn’t come with the package. Fortunately, it would still be way less costly than any other alternatives.


  • Good flushing performance
  • Mold and stain-resistant surface
  • Dual flush, water-saving technology
  • Cheap priceSpace saving design
  • Available in both round and oval shapes


  • Seat needs to be separately purchased

7. KOHLER K54010 Veil Bidet Toilet


As one of the most elegant toilets on the market, this ‘KOHLER K54010 Veil Skirted Stainless Steel Bidet Wand Toilet’ looks like it just stepped out of your favorite sci-fi flick. The Veil is one of the smartest toilets around and comes with an integrated washing system that will actually wash the inside of the bowl to keep it free from bacteria and germs. In addition to creating an elongated bowl for added comfort, KOHLER also added a built-in seat heater that you can adjust to the temperature that you like.

Though it does not use a traditional tank, the Veil will connect directly to your water line, which ensures that there is always water in the bowl and that you always have enough water to flush the bowl. The toilet features a dual flushing mechanism – 1.28 gpf and 0.8 gpf – with a direct water supply.

If you want to feel even cleaner after using the bathroom, don’t forget about the integrated bidet system that features a stainless-steel wand. This wand not only adjusts to different positions to let you change the direction of its flow, but you can also choose between different settings and adjust the water temperature, water pressure, and spray shape.

Also, you can spruce up space with this toilet since its bowl can be illuminated with colorful LED lighting. Other prominent features of this best flushing toilet are motion-activated, hands-free opening/closing of seat and cover by a touchscreen LCD remote.


  • Auto-sense flushing
  • Bidet wand with adjustable direction of water flow
  • Built-in seat heater
  • LED lights inside the bowl
  • Innovative features


  • Needs direct water supply
  • Ineffective flushing if less water pressure

8. Saniflo SaniPLUS Macerating Upflush Toilet


When you want to install a toilet in your workshop or in your garage for taking quick breaks without rushing back into your home, you need a macerating model like this Saniflo SaniPLUS Macerating Upflush, which uses powerful blades to break down waste before pushing that waste into your mainline. One of the best reasons to install a model like this is because it doesn’t need to use gravity like your home toilet does. The set comes with the same tank and bowl/base that you’ll find in other sets, though you will need to install your own seat.

The included macerating tank attaches to the back of the toilet and accepts the waste that you flush when you pull the handle on the bowl. Metal blades inside this tank cut and slice the waste into finer pieces that will go through your plumbing lines without causing any clogs, and it has a pump inside that actually helps pump any of that waste into your existing system in seconds. The bright white color and all included pieces will also make this unit fit perfectly in your master bathroom or a guest bath.


  • Heavy-duty cutting blades
  • Powerful pumpCompatible with sink and shower drains
  • Silent operation
  • Easy to install


  • The build quality of the plastic tank could have been a bit better.

9. Nature’s Head Self Contained Composting Toilet


Do you wish there was a more environmentally friendly way to flush your toilet or a way to significantly cut back on the water that you waste every day? With Nature’s Head Composting, you no longer need a water supply or connection to flush, which makes this flushing toilet the best model for use in cabins and other areas without running water. Each time you flush, it sends the waste into a separate container in the back that you can then use for composting your garden or lawn, but you can dispose of the compost more healthily too.

This is one of the largest composting toilets available and has such a large container that two people can use it for up to three full weeks before they need to empty that container. It also does a good job of separating the liquid waste from the solid waste produced, which significantly reduces the smells and odors that come from the bowl, even when used in warmer climates. It has an integrated seat that the manufacturer molds onto the base and a crank that moves the waste from the bowl to the storage container.


  • Large waste container
  • Separates liquid and solid waste
  • Less smell
  • Air ventilations
  • Strong built quality
  • Handy crank handle for transferring waste from the bowl to the container


  • Very heavy to move around

10. TOTO CST744S#12 Drake Elongated Bowl and Tank


The Toto Drake toilet is a high-profile elongated toilet with a 12-inch rough-in and siphons jet best flushing toilets action. What this means is that no matter what you’re going to flush, it’s going to be gone without having to worry about flushing twice.

One thing that makes this model special compared to all the rest is that it uses a G-Max flushing system and comes with a larger three-inch flush valve that’s 125% wider when compared to a regular two-inch flush valve. This releases one point six gallons of water (to the bowl) in just a few seconds, but also around the rim, cleaning both of them effectively.

Taking a closer look at the bowl, you’ll realize there is an XL-shaped siphon jet that effectively pushes waste into the completely glazed trapway that ensures waste is flushed without clogging. In total, it can flush nine hundred grams of waste in a single flush.

All in all, it offers excellent flushing performance, is very comfortable, has a nice and sleek design, and also boasts long term value. For the money, this is by far one of the best elongated toilets you can currently get this year.


  • Clog-free flushing performance
  • Clears the whole bowl spotlessly clean125% wider flush valve than standard toilet
  • Easy to install
  • Tank refills quickly
  • Nice appearance


  • You get an initial blast of sound on rotating the flush lever

11. TOTO Vespin Two Piece


If you’re looking for a great model that doesn’t cost as much as an arm and a leg and does a pretty good job at helping you save water and being comfortable, then you need to look no further than the Toto Vespin II.

Not only does it look classy, but it also has a high-profile and features a Double Cyclone flushing system which ensures that the bowl is kept clean at all times, even in the hardest-to-reach spaces. The combination of the jet flushing action and gravity keeps debris and bacteria from clinging to the interior of the bowl.

Taking a closer look at this toilet you’ll realize that it comes with a protective Cefiontect ceramic glaze which helps repel mold, germs, and bacteria so they don’t stick to the toilet’s surface. Not only will this make it possible to eliminate the use of strong cleaning detergents, but also help it stay cleaner for longer. Since the Toto is a cost-effective and low consumption model, it’s going to help you save hundreds of dollars on your water bill every year. Other important features the model comes with include universal height, decorative 2 piece design, skirted design, and chrome trip lever.


  • Excellent flushing performance
  • Repels bacteria, stains, and mildew
  • Modern lookEasy to clean
  • Affordable price
  • Minimal water usage


  • N/a

11. American Standard 215FA004.020


The American Standard 215FA004.020 is an incredible toilet that’s going to permanently change the way you think of lavatories. Not only does this American Standard toilet offer fewer clogs, high performance, and has a smart design, but is also equipped with the Cadet 3 flushing system that allows you to flush one thousand grams of solid waste in a single flush.

The elongated bowl easily fits in tight spaces. It has a PowerWash rim scrub bowl, which means that each time you flush, the PowerWash pushes the water into the drain, creating a spiral siphoning effect. The water rushes in the bowl with high-pressure air inside the rim. The air molecules in the water begin to move around with high pressure and speed, thus scrubbing the bowl clean with the power-wash.

The extra-wide three-inch flush valve is chemical resistant and given the fact it makes it easy for more water to enter the bowl faster, it makes for a much cleaner flush. Compared to a standard two-inch flush valve, the three-inch opening makes it possible for water to flow into the bowl eighty percent faster.

Like other American Standard models, this toilet uses premium-quality vitreous china material for durability and EverClean feature to avoid mold and streaks – thus enhancing hygiene. And thanks to its 5-year warranty, you can have the peace of mind that it is built for the long haul.


  • Good flushing performance
  • Mold and stain-resistant surface
  • Water-saving technology
  • Cheap price
  • Fits best inside small bathrooms


  • N/a

12. American Standard Baby Devoro FloWise


Do you have a hard time sitting on most toilet seats because so many sit so high off the floor? The American Standard 2315228.020 Baby Devoro Flowise is a great option for kids, shorter users, and those who want to rest their feet flat on the floor or even get into a squatting position. A jetted bowl practically eliminates the need for regular cleaning because the jets shoot up a powerful flume of water that will remove debris trapped under the rim of the seat.

As an ultra-low consumption toilet, the Baby Devoro uses only 1.28 gallons of water per flush to help you save on the water that your family wastes every day, but it is so powerful because of its jets that it will remove all the waste in the bowl in a single flush. A larger trap way inside the bowl prevents clogs and allows more waste to move away from the bowl with each flush. With a removable lid on the top of the tank, you can easily get and clean it inside too.


  • Ideal for kids and short persons
  • Nice flushing power
  • Allows the squatting position
  • Fast water flowing jets


  • Can’t handle large solid waste

13. Sheffield Renovators Supply Corner Toilet


Whether creating a relaxing and comfortable guest bathroom or renovating your own small bathroom on a budget, this Sheffield Corner Toilet by Renovator’s Supply lets you create the look that you want without spending a fortune.

Many models are so large and bulky that one can overwhelm a room and make a bathroom feel tight and cramped, but this model has a space-saving design that fits right inside a corner. The tank itself has an angled design that will sit flush with the two walls that make up that corner, but the elongated toilet comes out slightly to give users of any size the space they need.

Cleaning bathrooms is a job that no one likes to do, which is why Renovator’s Supply, the company behind this model, opted for a china finish that is resistant to both stains and scratches on the inside of the bowl and on the outside of the toilet.

It has a slightly more elegant design than you might expect at this price point, which includes a chrome flushing button on the top of the tank and curved lines around the base of it, along the sides, and on the tank.


  • Good flushing performance
  • Triangle-shaped design (fits nice in a corner)
  • Stain and scratch -resistant surface
  • Comes with a seat+lid


  • For proper waste disposal, the flush button needs to be pressed as long as the tank is not fully emptied. It normally takes 8 seconds.

14. Toto UltraMax 2 Toilet


The Toto Ultramax II is an impressive toilet that not only looks amazing but also comes with a nice set of features that will immediately convince you to get one… especially the powerful TOTO Tornado Flushing system that deep cleanses each corner of the toilet bowl, leaving no streaks or poop stains at all!

This is a one-piece elongated toilet which means that it integrates both a bowl and a tank in a single unit that’s very simple to clean and fits smaller bathrooms excellently. Thanks to its elongated shape, it’s especially comfortable and easy to use by the elderly and adults.

The soft close seat is not only easy to use but was also added for improved sanitation. Since it can be lowered down gently, it prevents slamming the seat and creating unnecessary noise which can be quite bothersome at night.

Another thing you’ll love about the Toto Ultramax II is that it’s ADA compliant. What does this mean? Well, it means that it was designed for use by both the elderly and people with various disabilities.

It’s built for more comfortable, easier, and safer use. There’s also the Double Cyclone Flush engine which not only helps you save a lot of money, effort, and time but makes the experience of using it that much more exciting. This model is covered by a one-year warranty.


  • Double cyclone flushing system
  • Comfortable for the elderlyStains and waste particles don’t cling to it
  • Comes with soft-close seat
  • Water shooting nozzles inside the bowl
  • Wide flush valveEPA Water
  • Sense certified


  • A bit much height for short people

15. TOTO MS924154F-51 Willingham One Piece


Thanks to the specially designed seat used on this TOTO MS924154F-51 Willingham One Piece with SoftClose Seat, you’ll never again jump as the seat comes slamming down because TOTO found a way to prevent that from happening and to force the seat to close more gently. That seat is perfect for use as-is, but if you prefer the functions of the more expensive TOTO toilets, you can upgrade that seat to work with an optional Washlet unit. As it uses the natural force of gravity each time it flushes, the Willingham also flushes quietly and makes less noise than similar models do.

Designed to look and feel like a standard model, including an elongated bowl, it has a lower profile and comes with a flat lid on the top of the tank with a border around the edges. That border essentially turns this tank into a shelf for your bathroom and gives you extra storage for items like spare toilet paper, vitamins, or beauty care products. TOTO offers the Willingham in three different finishes that will match the look of your bathroom, including ebony, a brighter cotton white, and a warmer and more inviting beige finish.


  • Nice flushing performance
  • Glossy black color
  • Unique-looking flush lever handle
  • Comes supplied with a matching soft-close seat


  • Very heavy

16. Glacier Bay toilets


When it comes to choosing a toilet for rental apartments and homes, most owners prefer choosing a toilet that delivers acceptable flushing performance, lies in a friendly price tag and goes fine with the tenants.

Toilets manufactured by Glacier Bay are considered a perfect fit for rental properties. Not only are they low priced, yet function with great flushing power. They are made to last for several years and designed to perform their best even when not maintained properly. There are two models of Glacier Bay that fall in a less than $100 price tag and are the best toilets for rental properties:

  • Glacier Bay 2-Piece 1.28 GPF High-Efficiency Single Flush Round Toilet
  • Glacier Bay 2-Piece 1.1 GPF/1.6 GPF High-Efficiency Dual Flush Elongated Toilet

Both of these aforementioned Glacier Bay toilets are considered ideal for rental spaces due to several reasons:

1). They are made of durable vitreous china that is resistant to stain, acid, and abrasion. This is useful in cases where you don’t have a hold over someone as to how they treat and wash their toilet seat.

For example, most toilets can’t resist harsh chemical cleaners as it peels off their protective coating. While you can avoid harsh chemical cleaners for such toilets at home but you can’t make such rules for the tenants. Therefore Glacier Bay toilets are considered an ideal fit for such scenarios because they have the gorilla strength to withstand harsh usage and cleaning!

2). They offer powerful yet water-efficient flushing. You don’t want tenants complaining to you again and again regarding the poor flushing performance of the toilets installed in their bathrooms. Glacier Bay toilets put an end to such complaints by satisfying their users with their powerful flushing competency. No matter where they are mounted – apartments, homes, flats – they are designed to flush solid waste in a single flush.

In addition, the above-mentioned Glacier Bay toilets meet the EPA standards for water-saving. The round toilet is 1.28 GPF, while the elongated version of the toilet is 1.1 and 1.6 GPF.

3). They are cheap. You simply can’t afford to place a $250+ toilet in the rental space, just to be carelessly used by the occupant and need expensive replacing again after a few years. Coming to your aid, are the 2-piece round and elongated toilets by Glacier Bay. Both these toilets are priced below $100, and you may be able to fetch an even more price relaxation at Home Depot.

➜ Glacier Bay 2-Piece 1.28 GPF High-Efficiency Single Flush Round Toilet – Price $89➜ Glacier Bay 2-Piece 1.1 GPF/1.6 GPF High-Efficiency Dual Flush Elongated Toilet – Price $99

Even by purchasing these toilets at such a low price, you won’t have to replace them again and again. This is because they offer everything from efficient flushing to durable build quality, thus lasting for ages!


  • Incredibly low-cost
  • Strong manufacturing
  • Decent flushing performance
  • Available in both round and elongated variants
  • Water efficient


  • N/a

17. TOTO CST743SD#01 Drake Insulated Round Toilet


The toilet tank sweating leaves a damp stain on the bathroom flooring and becomes a possible slip danger. Insulated toilets are actually built to avoid this from occurring. An insulated toilet is ideal for avoiding condensation on the exterior of the tank during humid months.

If condensation is becoming a problem for you, the TOTO Drake CST743SD#01 is ’s best toilet with an insulated tank to deploy at your property. It’s got a circular tub and a two-piece arrangement that looks fairly simple.

The G-Max flushing system is embedded in the toilet. The mechanism provides a wide water surface area which, coupled with a large trapway and 3-inch flushing valve, maximizes water rush to the toilet when flushing. The 1.6 gallons of water is moved from the tank to the bowl by a siphonic jet motion, producing a quicker, more efficient flow of water that produces a high MaP score. Last but not least, glazing prevents waste from sticking to the bowl.

Its total measurements are 26.4 x 19.5 x 28.5 inches. A circular trapway of 2-1/8 inches in diameter would match a rough-in of 12 inches. You would need a separate seat if you do not own one.

Toilet Buying Guide

Is there much more to consider than appearances when choosing a toilet for a bathroom renovation? Surprisingly, the answer is yes. Toilet size, height, and whether it operates effectively should all be considerations when you choose a commode.

Budget: Expensive or Cheap Toilet?

A big role in our everyday lives as we relieve ourselves as well as our healthy, inclusive development is played by everything relating to toilets and sanitation. A good flushing toilet is important for everyone’s health, quality of life, and personal dignity. Therefore, you should be smart with investments when it comes to purchasing a toilet.

Toilets vary in price, but all of them, both costly and inexpensive, are designed to flush waste. But why are some more costly than others, even when their fundamental functions are the same? It all comes down to the built quality, flushing mechanism, and secondary features such as color, surface finish, warranty, and comfort height.

High-end toilets, such as the Kohler K35050 and Zurn Z5560, are on the pricey side. This is due to the fact that they have clog-free, pressure-assist flushing technology and are powerful enough to flush huge stools with just 1.4 gallons of water. Also is the TOTO CST454CEFG#01 DRAKE II, which has a sanagloss finish for a stain-free and easy-to-clean toilet bowl.

Cheap ones like the Glacier Bay and Toto CST243EF#01 Entrada don’t have the high-end bells and whistles, but they still deliever a decent flushing performance throughout. The sole disadvantage of choosing inexpensive toilets is their substandard construction and lack of sophisticated features. The American Standard H2Option, for example, is reasonably priced, but the seat is not included and must be purchased separately. The CST243EF#01 Entrada is TOTO’s most affordable toilet, however when flushed, the water does not reach the full toilet bowl, necessitating manual cleaning of the untouched parts with additional water.

While there are many low-cost alternatives, the high-tech versions may be rather costly. So, decide on a price range and features you would like and it will make your life so much easier.

Toilet Shape: Elongated vs Round?

There are many who argue for and against the use of round vs elongated toilet bowls. Some argue that round is preferable, while others argue that elongated is superior. There are advantages and disadvantages to both kinds depending on your requirements. What some see as a benefit may be seen as a drawback by others. Knowing your toilet’s purpose is essential when searching for a new one.

Most experts agree that elongated toilets are more convenient for adults. The bowl’s form is also much better for males, providing them with more room where it is most needed. The slanted angle within the bowl, which helps avoid splashback, is also appreciated by men. However, their disadvantage is that they are not suited for small children under the age of five. They are unable to sit all the way back, and their excrement often falls onto the front slope rather than into the water. This entails cleaning the interior of the toilet on a more regular basis.

The advantages of round toilets are mostly related to their size. They are a preferable solution for tiny bathrooms due to their reduced footprint (extending from the wall to the front of the toilet). Furthermore, youngsters find it simpler to use them. Some feel that the bowl’s circular form also aids in effective flushing, however this hasn’t yet been scientifically proven.

Toilet Type: One-Piece or Two-Piece?

When you are choosing the perfect toilet for your house, you must consider factors such as whether a two-piece or one-piece commode is better. The traditional two-piece toilet, which has a separate tank and bowl, has been used in households for many years, but one-piece toilets, which are constructed by merging the tank and bowl into one unit, provide space-saving flexibility. I have emphasized the key advantages and disadvantages of each design below, which will allow you to pick the perfect toilet for your house and budget.


It is simpler to clean a one-piece toilet without joints or gaps since there are less areas for dirt to hide. The tank fits into a two-piece toilet at the bowl. Dirt and germs may be built up in the crevices, making cleaning difficult without the toilet being disassembled.

Long-term Sustainability

There is no difference in terms of internal elements, such as flushing mechanisms, between one-piece and two-piece toilets. While a one-piece toilet has no separate body components that might break off and leak, there is the possibility of leakage between the tank and bowl in two-piece toilets. Additionally, this decreases the likelihood of their cracking, which may extend the longevity of the one-piece toilet.

Versatility & Installation

Because one-piece toilets are heavy and bulky, successful installation usually need the assistance of at least two persons. With a two-piece toilet, the bowl and tank are installed separately, and these lightweight components are easy for one person to handle. On the other hand, a one-piece toilet eliminates the possibility of damaging the porcelain when attempting to connect the tank to the bowl. Additionally, two-piece toilets often do not have wax rings or seats, while one-piece toilets do. In compact settings, a one-piece toilet, which is also available in wall-mount forms, may be preferred.


Two-piece toilets are often less expensive than single-piece toilets. This is particularly true if you choose a wall-mounted toilet over a normal floor type, since your pipes may need expert plumbing modifications. Both kinds of toilets have equivalent service life and functioning, however a two-piece toilet is generally less expensive to repair. Each component is offered separately, allowing you to change the tank or bowl as needed. If a one-piece toilet collapses, the complete unit must be replaced.

Skirted Side Toilets

The skirted vs. non-skirted sides of toilets are another aspect of their design and operation. You may have noticed that a lot of toilets are now being released with skirted sides. The advent of the toilet with its intestinal tract situated on the side has forced everyone to recognize how filthy it becomes. They collect dust and other debris. Fortunately with skirted side toilets, cleaning is a breeze. Also,  this is a reasonably priced amenity. They’re a little more complicated to install, but they’re absolutely worth considering if you want an easy-to-clean environment.

Flushing Mechanism

After you’ve decided on the size, shape, and design, look for a toilet that flushes effectively. The toilet might be really gorgeous, but if it doesn’t flush, it’s useless.

Prior to 1994, the average toilet flushed with 3.5 gallons of water. In an attempt to save resources, local governments of different states lowered the quantity of water consumed per flush to a max of 1.6 gallons only. Since then, manufacturers have produced low-flow toilets that operate effectively, whether utilizing a gravity or power-assisted flush.

However, just like any other product, some toilets perform better than others. To select the best flushing toilet of , check our evaluations of the top flushing toilets mentioned above.

Many manufacturers provide dual-flush toilets to customers who want to save even more water and lower their water bills. These devices normally include top-mounted buttons, including one that distinguishes between a number one and a number two flush. You’re aware of what it entails. The number one will flush the toilet with less water. As a result, there’s an extra water-saving benefit. Some of the newest dual flush toilets now feature a side rotary lever, leaving the toilet top space empty for keeping bath accessories.


You’ve probably heard of comfort height toilets and universal height toilets. Typically, as you age, your knees get less flexible and strong. Most often, individuals choose a comfortable height toilet, which is approximately an inch and a half or so taller than a regular height toilet to make getting on and off the toilet simpler. To put it another way, that’s what you’d call a comfort height toilet. People with hip and knee surgeries also choose comfort height toilets, since there’s less bending involved.

Add Ons

Recent toilet innovations such as bidets clean your buttocks better than toilet paper and reduce your chance of contracting buttitch or hemorrhoids. Other upgrades like soft-closing toilet seats shut close without slamming, and automatic seat occupancy sensors that automatically detect whether the seat is used and seat covers that are always lowered after use. The third innovative addition for regions that have very cold climates is installing heated toilet seats. Also there are are glassy finished toilets that simplify cleaning. All these add-ones aren’t necessary, they are just luxuries that add a level of comfort and enjoyment to life.


Toilet Buying FAQs

How do I measure the correct toilet size before purchasing a toilet?

When you find yourself flushing your bowl multiple times to get rid of the waste that you produce, it may be time to look for a new model instead of a simple fix. Before you look at different styles or models, you need to make sure that you know how to measure for that toilet. Buying one that is too large or small may take extra money and time to install.

It’s best to measure for your new toilet while your old one is still in the bathroom. Use a flexible measuring tape to measure the distance around the base of the bowl. This lets you know the exact size of a bowl/base that will fit with the existing space.

It’s often helpful to look at the bolts that secure it to the floor too. If you buy a new model that uses the same number of bolts in the same spots, you can install the new model right on the floor with fewer adjustments.

Take the time to measure the distance between the bowl and any nearby things too, including a sink, cabinet, tub, or shower. This is especially important if you want to purchase a bowl of a different shape or size than the one you already have because it will let you know if the bowl will fit in that space and whether you can move easily around it.

What is the comfort height in a toilet?

Best flushing toilets typically come in a few different heights, and many shoppers find it helpful to actually try out a few different models to see which height feels most comfortable to them. If you purchase a model that is too high for your own height, you may struggle to sit down and stand up. When you buy a model that is too short, it can feel extremely uncomfortable when you sit down and even cause pain in your lower back.

The standard height for a toilet is 15 inches, which is the measurement from the floor to the top of the bowl and does not include the seat that you place on top. Some companies make models that are a few inches shorter too. A comfort height bowl is one that measures between 17 and 19 inches off the floor.

The comfort height name comes from the fact that these models make it easier to sit down and stand back up. You do not need to bend down or put any pressure on your body when using it. ADA compliant models are usually lower to the ground because those using a wheelchair or a similar piece of equipment may have a hard time moving from that device to a higher model.

How can I measure rough in?

The rough in is one of the most important parts of your toilet. In between the back of your toilet and the wall is a large pipe that allows water to leave the bowl. The distance between these two parts is the rough in.

You first need to look at the number of bolts located on the side of the toilet that secure it to the floor. If you have two bolts, you need to find the exact center between those two bolts and measure from there to the back wall. If you have just one bolt, measuring the rough in is a little easier.

Place the flat end of the measuring tape directly against the back wall. Make sure that you avoid adding in the baseboard or molding on the wall, which will mess up your measurements. Pull the measuring tape back until you reach the bolt or the center of the two bolts to find the size of your rough in.

Keep in mind that most models come with a standard sized rough in that ranges between 10 inches and 14 inches, though those measurements are more common on older models. If you have a modern bathroom that you renovated in the last few years, your rough in should be between 10 inches and 12 inches.

What is the pressure assist feature in a toilet?

Finding the best model for your bathroom is often hard because you want to consider different features and look for those in a certain price range, but you should also consider the type of bowl that you want to install. A pressure assist model is one of the top options because it puts more power behind each flush, though some people aren’t too fond of the high costs associated with these models.

A pressure assist toilet has a tank inside that uses pressure to flush the bowl. This mechanism uses a type of flexible material that slowly expands as water gets inside. When you flush you open a valve inside the tank that uses that pressure combined with gravity to empty the water from the bowl.

The biggest benefit associated with this type of bowl is that it flushes more waste than others do. This keeps waste from sticking to the porcelain inside the bowl and can reduce stains and odors too. It can also last longer than a different type of models too.

These models are often pretty expensive though and run louder than you might like. If you aren’t sure if you would like one of these toilets in your home, check out the models used in office or retail bathrooms. Most commercial buildings use pressure assist models.

How can I make my toilet flush better?

Before you call waste removal in your city and arrange to have your old bowl towed away, find out if you can save your old toilet and make it work better for your home. You may not know that tiny clogs in the water line can keep your bowl from flushing the way it did before and that these clogs may be too small for you to see. Try using a plumbing snake to clean the line and see if that solves the problem.

You should also check the float assembly inside your tank. A common reason for a slow flush is a float assembly that no longer works. If the floating part of this assembly no longer matches the amount of water needed to flush it, you may need a new one.

The water valve on a toilet, which you will usually see on the back or side of the base, regulates the amount of water that reaches the toilet. Turning up the amount of water that reaches the bowl can improve the flow and make it flush better.

If none of these remedies work, it’s time to start looking for a new one. Manufacturers like TOTO, American Standard and KOHLER make models in different finishes with great features that will work better than your old bowl.

What is siphon jet flushing technology?

An alternative to a pressure assist model is a siphon jet toilet. Siphon jet models use a large jet that sits at the bottom of the bowl, which shoots up a powerful flume of water when you flush it. The high speed of the water will remove debris trapped under the rim of the seat and higher up on the walls of the bowl.

In addition to the jet, these models also have a P-trap with a curve that acts like a drain pipe in the bottom of it. Air inside the tube keeps the gases from the sewer from rising up through the bowl and uses air to create a vacuum effect inside it too.

Most of these models have a rim around the top that sits underneath the seat and has a number of small holes along the sides. When you flush the bowl, the water hits the jet, which directs the liquid through those holes. This creates a washing effect that pushes the water through the holes, over the rim and along the sides of the bowl.

The best thing about a siphon jet model is that the water you use for flushing will help clean feces and other waste from the bowl.

What is a macerating toilet?

The term macerate means to break, crack, or melt something into tiny pieces. Macerating toilets send the waste to a macerating machine situated behind the toilet or inside the wall. There is a high-powered stainless steel spinning cutting blade within the maceration device, which shreds and disintegrates human waste and toilet paper into a fine, liquified paste. When the waste has been liquefied, it is forced through the pipe attached to the main sewer line.

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