The Best Intex Hot Tubs

Intex Hot Tubs

The Best Intex Hot Tubs

Who wouldn’t dream of having a luxurious hot tub right in their own home? It’s the perfect way to unwind and relax after a long day, but for many, the idea of owning one seems like an unattainable luxury. High price tags and the perception that hot tubs are reserved for the wealthy can deter many from even considering the possibility.

However, there’s a game-changer in the world of hot tubs, and its name is Intex. Thanks to Intex and their innovative approach to hot tubs, the dream of having your very own spa oasis is no longer out of reach. The secret? Inflatable hot tubs.

In this article, we’re going to explore the world of Intex hot tubs and take a closer look at some of the best options available in 2021. These hot tubs are not only affordable but also incredibly convenient and durable. Our reviews are meticulously curated, taking into account a variety of factors, including feedback from satisfied customers, the trustworthiness of suppliers, the array of benefits, standout features, and overall value for your hard-earned money.

So, if you’ve ever thought that owning a hot tub was an unattainable luxury, think again. Intex has revolutionized the hot tub industry, making it more accessible and enjoyable for everyone. Let’s dive into the world of affordable luxury and discover the best Intex hot tubs that can turn your home into a relaxation haven.

Reviewing the Top Rated Intex Hot Tubs

The top Intex inflatable hot tubs offer the same luxurious experience of premium model hot tubs at a fraction of the cost. But what Intex hot tub best meets your individual needs?

Detailed reviews of each Intex hot tub highlights both the benefits and drawbacks helping ease the selection process for customers looking to add some comfort and relaxation to their daily lives.

Intex Pure Spa 6-Person Inflatable Portable Heated Bubble Hot Tub | 28409E


  • Large capacity (seats 6 and holds 290 gallons of water)
  • 1-year manufacturer warranty
  • Comes with insulated cover, headrests and carry bag
  • Easy assembly and install
  • 170 high-powered bubble jets
  • A built-in heater, water pump, and filtration system
  • Digital control panel
  • Amazon’s Choice for “hot tub”


  • A tad expensive
  • Not the most powerful heater

The Intex Pure Spa is an inflatable Intex hot tub that is exquisitely designed while also being practical and durable. Its large size coupled with 170 bubble jets offers a luxurious spa-like experience for the entire family.

The Pure Spa is also excellent value for money as it comes with all the accessories necessary to keep your hot tub warm and clean. The Intex Pure Spa makes it possible for everyone to enjoy a quality spa experience without the hassles of time-consuming maintenance and expense.

Intex PureSpa Plus Bubble Massage Set, Blue/White


  • Smaller in size (seats 4 and holds 210 gallons of water)
  • Durable and sturdy construction
  • Digital control panel
  • Comes with many add-ons
  • Great value for money
  • 1-year manufacturers warranty
  • Easy to assemble, install and maintain


  • Takes a while to heat up

A smaller size to the Intex Pure Spa reviewed above this hot tub offers the same benefits in a smaller package. It is competitively priced and constructed using puncture resistant 3-ply laminated material that offers comfort and durability.

This Intex PureSpa Plus also offers excellent value for money and comes with many hot tub accessories such as insulated cover, chlorine dispenser, thermal ground cloth, carry bag, inflation hose, and two headrests. This doesn’t only help save money but keeps the hot tub water clean and warm for the most relaxing experience.

Intex 77in PureSpa Portable Bubble Massage Spa Set


  • Ideal sized 4-person hot tub (210 Gallons)
  • 140 heated air bubble jets
  • Durable Fiber-Tech construction
  • An electronic hard water filtration system
  • Excellent value for money
  • Amazon’s Choice for “hot tub”
  • Lightweight design


  • Just slightly more expensive

The Intex 77in PureSpa is quite similar to the PureSpa Plus as it is relatively the same size and offers the same features and benefits. However, there are subtle differences that make the two unique.

The Intex 77inch is much lighter than the Plus and also comes in a much softer color. It also costs slightly more than the Plus and is slightly larger in size. The ultra-light high capacity design is what differentiates this Intex from other models making it much more convenient and easy to move around and setup.

Intex PureSpa 4Person Inflatable Bubble Jet Spa Portable Heated Hot Tub, Brown


  • Comes with many add-ons
  • The most cost-effective model on this list
  • Heavy duty Fiber-Tech construction
  • Easy to assemble and use
  • 120 bubble jets
  • Built-in heater and hard water filtration system
  • Easy to maintain


  • Smaller in size
  • Loses heat quickly especially with the bubble jets on

This Intex PureSpa comes in a dark brown color and is slightly smaller in size compared to the other models reviewed on this list. Although it can still hold 4 people it is more ideal for two large-sized adults and offers a quality bubble massage experience.

This inflatable hot tub has a sturdy design made for long-lasting durability and is also one of the most affordable hot tubs featured costing less than $350. The add-ons alone make this hot tub a steal for the price and a must have for any new hot tub buyer who wants something small, affordable and easy to maintain.

Intex NEW 6-Person Octagonal PureSpa with 140 Bubble Jets


  • Large size
  • Unique Octagonal shape
  • 140 bubble jets
  • Comes with many add-ons
  • Fiber-Tech construction for durability
  • Luxurious and elegant design
  • Built-in heater and hard water treatment system


  • Cannot be shipped to California
  • Quite heavy compared to other models
  • Most expensive hot tub on this list

This Intex Octagonal PureSpa is the newest addition to Intex’s inflatable hot tub line and come is a unique octagonal shape that offers comfort and also looks great. This new model comes with all the bells and whistles normally associated with Intex hot tubs.

This is also the heaviest and largest hot tub in terms of dimensions and weight on this list and easily seats up to 6 people. Its biggest differentiating feature is the shape that makes it stand out from the rest of the competition and truly provides a luxury feel and experience.

Intex PureSpa Deluxe Cover, for 4-person/77in Round PureSpa


  • Heavily insulated inner cover for better heat retention
  • Ideal fit for a 4-person Intex hot tub
  • Durable and highly convenient
  • Outer cover offers added protection
  • Conveniently placed handles and lock
  • Limits heat loss


  • A tad on the expensive side
  • Bulky and difficult to store

If you live in an area where temperatures can plummet under 50 than the Intex PureSpa Deluxe cover might be the ideal solution to help retain heat. Intex inflatable hot tubs are not ideal once the outside temperature gets below 50 so added insulation is required if the hot tub is to be used during winter months.

The Intex PureSpa Deluxe cover is made from much heavier insulated material than the standard covers that come with Intex hot tubs. The inner and outer cover offers protection against the elements and also help retain water temperature so that you get to enjoy warm relaxing massages even on cold winter days.

Things to Consider Before Purchase

Choosing the right Intex hot tub can often become confusing as each model comes with its own pros and cons. Factors such as materials, size, color, durability, value, add-ons, warranty, maintenance and benefits all have to be carefully considered before making a purchase decision.

Size of The Hot Tub

Having the right size hot tub is important both in terms of where the hot tub is going to be placed and how many people are going to be using it. The inner and outer dimensions of the hot tub all matter and thus knowing the size you prefer the most is necessary for the best experience.

The right size hot tub would be easier to maintain easier to place and cost-effective in terms of energy so getting the measurements right is key.


Color preferences are also important as certain colors may suit the interior or exterior of your home better and offer a much more luxurious and aesthetic finish. Intex hot tubs come in many different colors so customers can select the color that best matches their home.

The hot tubs featured on this list come in brown, beige, blue, grey and dark brown which go well with pretty much any surrounding.

Material Used

All Intex hot tubs are made from Fiber-Tech construction that uses a 3-ply material for added strength and durability. This new material makes the hot tub a lot more stable and can take the weight without deflating even on the edges.

The innovative Fiber-Tech technology uses lightweight, high-strength fibers that are puncture resistant making them one of the most durable inflatable hot tubs available on the market. Intex is known for their high-quality pool products and their hot tubs do not disappoint in this regard.


The models featured on this list all have different prices ranging from about $350-$600. The price point is quite competitive with other brands and models especially since Intex products come with all the necessary add-ons. Intex has made it possible to have a luxury hot tub experience for a fraction of the cost no matter what model you select.


All Intex hot tubs featured on this list come with the following; insulated cover, heating system, 3-way water test strips, 10-watt hard water system, 2-4 filter cartridges, chlorine dispenser, thermal ground cloth, inflation hose, cover strap, digital control panel, headrests, carry bag and water pump.

Getting all of this equipment along with the PureSpa tub unit makes for amazing value as buying these parts separately would cost a fortune.

Bubble Jets

Even though hydro jets are better for more vigorous massages, bubble jets offer a softer more relaxing experience. These bubble jets are ideal for a relaxing experience and the more jets the hot tub has the better the experience.

The Intex models featured on this list have about 120-160 bubble jets depending on the model which is ample enough for most hot tub lovers.


Intex hot tubs are manufactured and designed to be relatively easy to maintain. The instruction guide helps you set up and install the unit without any hassle and then the pump and filtration system take care of the rest.

All the Intex models have a hard water treatment system that prevents build up and keeps water soft to the touch. Using chlorine tablets and knowing the ideal Ph levels will help keep the pool water clean and refreshing after every use.

If you are a new hot tub owner doing a little research on how to use chemicals to keep water clean and healthy is highly recommended. Also, investing in a heavier more insulated cover can help save on energy costs as it helps retain heat better and also offer better protection extending the life of your Intex hot tub.

Intex hot tubs also come with filtration cartridges that will take care of the rest of the maintenance needs. These filter cartridges help remove a lot of the contaminants and are easy to clean and replace. This makes Intex inflatable hot tubs the ideal choice for new and old hot tub lovers.

Warranty Terms

All Intex hot tubs come with a 1-year manufacturer warranty. Customer service and supplier credibility are important aspects to consider when purchasing pool equipment. Intex stands by their products and this is reflected in the way they handle customer feedback and honor warranty terms.

It is recommended to always go through warranty terms before making a purchase as it allows a customer to be fully informed on what is covered and what isn’t so that they are better able to take care of the hot tub unit.

The Best Intex Hot Tub for Your Home

This review looked at the best Intex inflatable hot tubs available for sale online and includes both new and old models that all there own unique features and benefits. The best Intex hot tub for your home ultimately depends on your priorities or limitations in terms of price, durability, and level of comfort.

A hot tub should offer a relaxing spa-like experience and a getaway from the usual stresses of life. These hot tubs do just that with there bubble jets and heating systems they are able to offer a spa-like experience every day offering the perfect form of entertainment and relaxation for family and friends.

If a hot tub is what you want Intex is amongst the most reputable brands to choose from. There affordable high quality inflatable hot tubs are leaders in the market place and have solid reviews from long-time standing customers.

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