The Best Toilet Flappers


The Best Toilet Flappers

Water wastage is a pervasive global issue that demands immediate attention. Every day, an astonishing amount of water is needlessly squandered, with one of the primary culprits being malfunctioning toilet flappers.

When selecting toilet flappers, it’s crucial to opt for the best ones to avoid premature deterioration. Subpar flappers not only result in frequent replacements, leading to financial losses, but also contribute significantly to water wastage, potentially driving up your utility bills.

To aid you in making an informed choice, we have meticulously curated and assessed the top 11 toilet flappers available today, accompanied by a comprehensive buying guide.

Top 11 Toilet Flappers Reviews

These are the top 11 toilet flappers on the market today.

1. Fluidmaster 502P21 2-Inch Universal PerforMAX Toilet Flapper


The PerforMAX toilet flapper is a water-saving model which could help solve most toilet problems. You can easily install it, without seeking professional help, and that means saving money.

It is a product that was designed to fit 2-inch flush valves and offers a universal fit. So you can use it for most toilets around the world and have confidence it will work.

Another thing to note is you get a replacement model that does not leak and has a 5-year warranty. And the best part is you can adjust the flapper to the max to allow for effective flushing.

It also has a micro ban for preventing the development of harmful bacteria.

2. Korky 100BP Ultra High Performance


The product allows for a universal fit and attaches to 2-inch toilets with ease. It comes with a flexible rubber that lasts for years and it provides the right seal you have always wanted.

Another thing is the ability to save money since the system prevents leaks that occur with most toilets. You can also fit this flapper newer toilet model without using a tool.

One notable thing is the red rubber that helps to prevent the effect of chlorine and it makes the flapper great for hard water. The flapper also comes with a stainless steel chain and you can adjust it with ease.

It is the ideal flapper for replacing the old and worn-out models.

3. Kohler Blue Part GP85160 Flapper 


The Blue Part GP85160 is a 2-inch flapper that comes with a float and you can use it for most 1.6 gallons per flush toilet. The model fits the KALLISTA toilets, making it a universal fit.

One great thing is the quality design that provides you with a durable flapper to last you for years. It means you can replace the old system and stay for years without worrying about your toilet.

The product comes with a chain which is made of stainless steel material to remain corrosion and rust proof. You can bet on having value for your money when you choose this toilet flapper.

And it also helps to prevent leaks and save you on water bills.

4. Fluidmaster 504 Two-Inch Universal Chlorine Resistance Toilet Flapper


The product comes with a universal design that helps fit most toilets on the market today. It is recommended for systems which use 3.5 gallons per flush and can do well with the American Standard actuator toilets.

Another great thing is the ability to fit on flush valves, whether you use the mounting ears or not. The product also helps to resist chlorine due to microban protection.

You also get a 5-year warranty that shows you can count on the flapper to last for years. There is also a strong chain that remains kink-free when the flapper is in use.

It is easy to install the flapper even without seeking professional help.

5. Essential Values TOTO Toilet Flapper Replacement


This flapper offers the best value considering its price. It is among the most users’ favorite flappers on the market today and not many flappers beat it. The flapper fits most TOTO toilets including G-Max, THU499S, CST43SD, 2021BP, THU175S, and many others.

It is very easy to install this accessory; in fact, you do not need any tool to do this. The package also includes a chain which offers you the maximum results. And its specifications are nice, making it a favorite of many buyers.

The chain is constructed of stainless steel, very firm, and fixes all the issues with leaking toilets very quickly and very fast. The product weighs around 2.5 ounces and fixes all your issues within seconds.

6. Elba Product Toilet Flapper for TOTO Power Gravity 3”, replace Model THU140S


The Elba Product Toilet Flapper for TOTO works quite well and it is very reliable. The flapper is also more durable than most flappers on the market today, ensuring that you enjoy years of service. It also provides one of the best performances out there and it looks stylish.

The product is made of high-quality TPR material which also happened to be oversize.  This 3” flapper is also resistant to chlorine. Furthermore, it comes with a stainless steel chain as well as a hook that makes its operation simple.

In addition, it is very easy to install the flapper to your toilet and it comes with easy to follow installation instructions.

7. TOTO THU500S Replacement Flapper


The TOTO THU500S Replacement Flapper was designed for use on most TOTO 3” flush valve tanks.  The flapper is adjustable for different tanks, replacing most flapper numbers including THU499S, THU369S, THU3332S, THU275S, THU347S, THU277S, THU253S, THU299S, THU140S, THU331S, THU175S, and THU138S.

Its body is constructed from a polypropylene material with rubber sealing on the surface to ensure that it doesn’t leak. The package comes with everything you need to get started including the flapper and chain, as well as instructions for easy installation.

The instructions are specific to installing in a TOTO tank model. With so many great features, this flapper guarantees you value for money and is highly durable.  You not only save water but also avoid hitting the market any time soon to get a new flapper.

8. Kohler KO-83064 Genuine Part GP83064 Flapper


Kohler KO-83064 is a 2 inches flapper that can be used in different types of older one-piece toilets. It is corrosion resistant and comes with a warranty from Kohler – watch out for the company’s logo when buying the flapper to ensure it is genuine.

The flapper is compatible with different Kohler models including Laureate 14291, Fables and Flowers 14290-TL, San Martine 3435, Prairie Flowers 14290-WF, Rosario 3434, Cabernet 3401, Pillow Talk 3378, Rialto 3402, and others.

The product comes with a stainless steel chain that enables you to use the flapper with ease. It is also very easy to install this product; you don’t need to seek the service of a professional.

9. Qualihome Replacement 3” Oversized Toilet Flapper


This flapper from Qualihome replaces TOTO G-Max models including the THU1755 and Thu138S. It is an easy to install product that you can install using your hands only and it will take you just a few seconds to get it in place. In fact, the package comes with an instruction manual for installation.

The flapper resists chemicals found in water systems such as chlorine and others. Therefore, you are assured of enjoying its work without worrying about corrosion. Furthermore, the flapper is made of high-quality TPR material that adds to its longevity.

Also, the package includes a hook and a stainless steel chain that makes it easy to operate the flapper.

10. Qualihome 3” Timed Rate Toilet Flapper


Yet another flapper from Qualihome that has made it in our list is the 3” Timed Rate Toilet Flapper. It fits most 3” flush valves, gerber 3” flush valves, and Jacuzzi.

With no tools needed, it is easy to install this product and you don’t need to be a professional to do it. And the package comes with installation instructions. Another great feature of this flapper is its ability to resist chemicals found in the water like chlorine. This prevents corrosion and rust.

The product is made of high-quality rubber material and also comes with a hook and a stainless steel chain. The flapper is adjustable to ensure that you save a much water as possible.

11. Elba Product Toilet Flapper for Two-Piece Toilet


This product is made of long-lasting siliconized rubber that resists chlorine and other chemicals found in water. The kit includes a flapper, hook, and stainless steel chain. The chain comes in handy when flushing your toilet since it makes it easier.

Easy to install, you don’t need a tool to do this and it comes with installation instructions to help you through the process. The flapper is able to fix most problems of running toilet and can save you a lot of water.

Due to its high-quality material, the flapper lasts long and fits most toilets on the market today including Kohler, Memoirs, Revival, among others. With this flapper, your toilet cannot leak any more.

Buy The Best Flapper For Your Need

Before you settle for any toilet flapper, you need to know a couple of things to get the one that best fulfills your needs. These things are:

Model of your toilet – First, you should know the kind of toilet you own. It won’t make sense if you buy a flapper than won’t fit in your toilet. It needs to be installed the right way in order to prevent the water from leaking.

Size of the flapper – You need to know how to choose the right size flapper for your toilet. There are a couple of sizes offered, but most comes in 2” or 3” size. Actually, these are what most people buy. To ensure you get the right size, check your toilet’s size and when it was constructed. Older toilets require a unique size, not like the modern ones.

Types of flappers – Flappers also come in different types. Some are made of rubber while other are made of plastic. Rubber models are more flexible but they don’t work on all fill and flush valves out there.  Seek the help of an expert to buy the right type.

The frame – Some of these accessories come with a flexible frame while others are solid. The flexible models are perfect for flush valve since they stretch.

Adjustable vs. non-adjustable flappers – Toilet flappers can also be adjustable or non-adjustable. The non-adjustable models are made of plastic and come in solid frames.  Flexible models are made of rubber.

Durability – Your toilet flapper should be sturdy and durable. This is a key thing that you should consider when buying your flapper.

Tips for Installing a Toilet Flapper

Here are a few tips for installing a flapper.

  • Turn of the water and empty the toilet tank.
  • Disconnect the valve.
  • Remove the old flapper from your toilet.
  • Install the new model.
  • Adjust the chain to suit your need.

Of important, follow the manufacturer’s instructions when installing a new toilet flapper.

FAQs About Best Toilet Flappers

Some of the most asked questions about toilet flappers include:

Q: What is the Best Toilet Flapper to Buy?

A: You should consider getting a toilet flapper that remains corrosion and rust-free when buying these products. It should also offer leak-free service to ensure that you save water. Some best brand researched are from Fluimaster, Korky or Kohler.

Q: How to Replace Toilet Flapper American Standard?

A: Follow these steps:

  • Remove the tank’s lid
  • Turn the water off
  • Flush the water in the toilet
  • Remove the old flapper
  • Clean the seal surface
  • Install the new flapper
  • Attach the strap or chain to the lever
  • Turn the water on
  • Inspect for any leaks
  • Place the lid

Q: Where to Buy Toilet Flapper?

A:  These products are found from both the online and local stores. We would recommend online stores because you get to choose from a variety of brands and models.

Q: How long does a toilet flapper last?

A: This will depend on the types of flapper you buy, the model, and quality. In general, these accessories work for a couple of years without any problem. To work for long, ensure that you install your flapper properly.

Q: Why does a toilet flapper leak?

A: It usually leaks because of different reasons such as not fitting the flush or fill valve. Also, it can be broken or install improperly.

Q: Which toilet flapper should I buy?

A: These flappers come in different colors, types, and size. There is no right or wrong model. It will depend on what you want and how much you want to spend.

Q: What should I do if my toilet flapper is broken?
A: There are things that you can try before you decide to replace your flapper. For instance, you can try to repair it if it’s not completely broken. However, the best way to ensure that your toilet won’t leak is to replace the flapper.

Q: What are the different types of toilet flappers?
A: These accessories come in two main types: non-adjustable and adjustable. Adjustable flappers are ideal for toilets that use 1.28-1.6 gallons while the non-adjustable model is ideal for 3.5-5 gallons toilets.

Q: What is the right size of a toilet flapper?
A: You should note that toilet flappers come in two main sizes: 2 and 3 inches. 2 inches models have a solid and flexible frame while 3 inches models have a solid frame.

In conclusion,

Selecting the optimal toilet flapper for your toilets is a task that can be simplified by adhering to the comprehensive guidelines provided earlier. It is crucial to bear in mind that the suitability of a particular flapper can vary from one individual to another, as individual preferences and toilet specifications can differ significantly. Thus, it is imperative to gain a deep understanding of your unique requirements and preferences before making a final decision on the ideal toilet flapper to invest in.

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