The Best Toilet Plungers

The Best Toilet Plungers

Navigating the world of toilet plungers might seem like a straightforward task at first glance. After all, they all serve the same basic purpose, right? However, delving deeper into the realm of plungers reveals a myriad of options, each boasting unique technologies, designs, and functionalities. For the uninitiated, this plethora of choices can quickly turn a simple shopping trip into a daunting ordeal.

Understanding the nuances between plungers is essential for ensuring that you’re equipped to tackle any blockage that comes your way. Not all plungers are created equal, and selecting the wrong type could leave you frustrated and still facing a clogged toilet or sink.

To make an informed decision, it’s crucial to familiarize yourself with the various types of plungers available on the market. From traditional cup plungers to more specialized options like accordion plungers or flange plungers, each has its own strengths and weaknesses.

Ultimately, finding the right plunger boils down to identifying one that is not only reliable and effective but also fits within your budget and meets your specific needs. With the right knowledge and understanding, you can confidently tackle any plumbing problem that arises, armed with the perfect plunger for the job.

Top-Rated Toilet Plungers to Buy

A top rated toilet plunger does not have to be the most expensive one, but needless  to say that a $40 plunger is likely to perform better than a $10 toilet plunger. Here are some of the best toilet plungers that deliver great performance.

1. Simplehuman Toilet Plunger

Simplehuman Toilet Plunger


  • Good magnetic collar feature to carry it with ease
  • Works really well even for holes other than round ones
  • Super strong and robust design


  • An expensive product

The high price is probably because of the magnetic collar, which is justifiable as the functionality works perfectly. It is so easy to carry both and that too without any drips. It dries out easily because of its open design.

The handle is sized well and gives a good grip to get rid of all the clogs easily. You won’t have to deal with any rust issues even after using it for multiple bathrooms for a long time.

For a bathroom plunger, you don’t need a fancy piece but this one does look elegant and smart. The unclogging is done in minutes and there is no water splashing here and there, unlike many other plungers. Overall, a nice buy!

2. Professional Bellows Accordion Toilet Plunger



  • Unclogs efficiently and effortlessly
  • Easy to clean the plunger, no folds or flips
  • Good for kitchen sinks as well


  • The handle and bottom come separately and not as a single piece

This plunger is quite powerful and unclogs everything, even the most tricky blockages. The standard plungers don’t work for odd-shaped holes but this one works just fine with any type of holes, even the one in the kitchen.

It is quite lightweight and stable (perhaps because of the accordion design) and doesn’t keep falling off when kept in storage – it really stays still! The durability of this product is good, which makes it a popular buy.

The only surprise is that you will get the handle separately and you have to fix everything manually. If that’s not done properly, the handle might come off while on the job! When assembled properly, the performance of the plunger is quite good and reliable.

3. Clorox Toilet Plunger



  • The holder is quite trendy and stylishly designed
  • The bristles are good having built-in antimicrobial properties
  • It is simple and easy to use


  • The holder caps open up easily and you need to pull them manually to close

The best thing about this plunger is the bristles, as they have some antimicrobial properties to keep the brushes clean. The bristles are of nice quality and don’t come off that easily. The bristles don’t scratch the bowl also.

The price is another reason for you to buy this one. You will like the fact that this simple toilet plunger is enough for most tasks and you don’t have to go for the fancy, costly ones if your usage is limited.

It is easy to store, just keep it in any corner. The open and close flap may sometimes be a problem as it gets stuck but once adjusted it is convenient to handle it, as it keeps the plunger, particularly the bristles, safe.

4. Kleen Freak 3019000 Toilet Plunger

Kleen Freak 3019000 Toilet Plunger


  • The holder is superb and has a simple and efficient design
  • Keeps the bathroom as well as the plunger clean
  • Considering the technology used, the price is great


  • May not be suitable for all types of drains

This is a hassle-free plunger, because the water is not spilled anywhere, and it unclogs the bowl with hygiene. The plunger itself remains clean and germ-free because of the germ-guard, which actually works!

The quality of the rubber is good and it creates a good vacuum for easy and faster unclogging. You can use this one even for your bathtub to drain the water easily as it is quite efficient and clean.

Because the handle is made of aluminum, there is no problem of rusting.. The idea of twisting the handle to close and open is nice and easy to operate. The combo works great without much maintenance.

It is important to note that the holder is quite roomy, but doesn’t fit some plungers well (if you buy a combo, you can eliminate this problem).

5. Kleen Freak 3001600 Toilet Plunger



  • Nice drip tray to place the plunger and keep it clean
  • Very reasonable in price
  • Sturdy make and lasts for quite long without any damage to the parts


  • It is not very powerful and you have to apply manual pressure to get rid of stubborn clogs

Overall, for the price, the plunger is great and the holder is just awesome. It is simple and serves the purpose of keeping the plunger away from the floor, which keeps it clean.

You can’t imagine a small tray being so brilliant for the regularly shaped plungers. The make is good, so even if it falls from a height (if you keep the tray on a windowpane to clean the floor) it doesn’t break or crack!

The plunger does its job well when there are simple clogs and doesn’t give out a bad odor. It keeps germs and bacteria away from itself because of the germ-guard property. Overall, a very handy tool to buy!

6. PlumbCraft Twist and Store Toilet Plunger



  • Nice caddy with twist mechanism to open and close
  • The handle is adjustable to make it more convenient to apply pressure
  • Better than the compressed air plungers


  • The black brim comes out often which you can fix, but can be annoying sometimes

The plunger and holder both are great and do what they are supposed to. The holder, in particular, is impressive, as it is drip-free and offers good support for the plunger.

The twisting of the handle to open and close the holder is good and protects as well as hides the plunger well. This means more hygiene and fewer bacteria attack. Even the dirtiest and hardest yuck comes off easily with this plunger and it is quite fast.

You can use it for the kitchen sink as well, which gets clogged quite often. It is lightweight and doesn’t take much space for storage. You can store it anywhere you like.

The only issue is that the quality of plastic is not too great and the pieces may come off occasionally, but you can fix them back. Other than that, the product is simple and neat.

7. Plumbcraft 7506880 Maxclean Toilet and Drain Plunger



  • Clears off clogs quickly and easily
  • The holder is simple and hygienic, holds the plunger well
  • Very reasonably priced, so you can get one for each bathroom


  • The bottom material is plastic and doesn’t bend easily

It is a popular offering from the Plumbcraft. You can even clean the hardest of residues with this plunger on any type of toilet. The holder keeps the plunger neat, free from bacteria and without any foul smell.

Keep in mind that it works fine if your bowl is within a good reach. If you are looking for unclogging something deep down, you need more effort manually because the plastic material on the bottom won’t bend easily.

NJThe good thing is that the holder prevents any dripping because of the small nubs inside. You can keep the holder slanted for it to dry quickly. It is not a fancy combo but serves the purpose well and is cheaper!

Know the Types of Plungers

A plunger is an essential but usually an overlooked household tool. In order to buy an efficient plunger, you should get familiar with the available options first. For instance:

  • You can buy a standard plunger that features a suction cup usually attached to a plastic, wooden or aluminum stick. With its flat surface structure, it covers the drain completely and therefore works efficiently.
  • You can find a specially designed toilet plunger that comes with a suction cup and has a rubber gap at the bottom. By placing the rubber gap on the drain, you will be able to clear any blockage that may be affecting your sink or bathtub.
  • You may want to invest in an accordion plunger if you need one with a smaller suction cup. Remember that its small suction cup makes it a bit less suitable for the sink.
  • You can also get a combo of a toilet plunger and standard plunger by going for a taze plunger. It features a plastic tube along with a suction cup and a pump. It may be a good choice if you’re interested in a complete plumber solution.


In order to unclog your sink, toilet, or drain, you need to rely on a toilet plunger, which can work wonders with its suction cup.

Just be sure to know about different types of plungers in the market to select the one that is reliable and efficient. The ones mentioned here will certainly leave you satisfied. So, go get one for your home!

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