Toto VS Kohler Toilets Comparison: Which One Is Better To Buy?


Toto VS Kohler Toilets Comparison: Which One Is Better To Buy?

When it comes to the world of toilets, the decision between Toto and Kohler is a monumental one. These two renowned brands have consistently delivered high-quality, long-lasting, and aesthetically pleasing toilet options that have left homeowners and bathroom enthusiasts alike in a bit of a quandary. Some fervently swear by Toto, citing its reputation for reliability and excellence, while others lean towards Kohler, drawn by its more budget-friendly options.

In this thorough examination, we embark on a quest to unravel the Toto vs. Kohler toilet conundrum. We will meticulously scrutinize the features, benefits, and drawbacks of each brand’s offerings to assist you in making an informed choice that perfectly suits your bathroom needs.

So, whether you’re a dedicated Toto enthusiast or a staunch supporter of Kohler, or even someone just trying to figure out which toilet brand aligns with your preferences, our comprehensive comparison guide aims to be your beacon of clarity. We hope that by the end of this journey, you’ll have all the insights you need to confidently make the right choice for your bathroom, ensuring both functionality and style blend seamlessly.

Without further ado, let’s delve into the world of Toto and Kohler toilets and discover the factors that make each of them unique, so you can embark on your toilet-buying journey fully equipped with knowledge and confidence.

Top 5 Best Toto Toilet Reviews

This article will do a series of Toto toilet reviews; before recommending a toilet, our team has personally tested each model of the Toto toilets. We believe these are some of the highly advance, unique, and best Toto toilets available in the market.

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Toto UltraMax One-Piece Toilet

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Top 5 Best Kohler Toilets:

Kohler K-3493-0 toilet

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Kohler K-3609-96 Cimarron Toilet

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KOHLER K-3817-0 Memoirs Toilet

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Kohler 3810-0 Santa Rosa Toilet

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Toto VS Kohler Toilets Comparison: Which One Is Better To Buy?

Toto toilets are the most durable and modern toilets. Most of the Toto toilets last for more than ten years without causing many issues when compared with Kohler toilets. 


Both of the toilet manufacturers use Vitreous China material for the toilet construction, so, whichever brand you choose will last for a long time. Additionally, vitreous china doesn’t allow waste to stick on the toilet surface.

Flushing System

flushing system

The Flushing system is the most important feature of the toilet. We all want a toilet that clears the waste in one flush. Both Toto and Kohler offer a strong flushing system. Toto toilet has numerous advanced flushing systems including E-Max, G-Max, Tornado, Dual-Max, and Double-Cyclone system. All these flushing systems are eco-friendly and give high performance.

On the other hand, Kohler too offers a strong AquaPiston flushing system, which is efficient but less effective than the G-Max flushing system. Both toilets offer single and dual flushing mechanisms consuming 1.28 GPF to 1.6 GPF water for removing the waste.

Besides a strong flushing system and less water consumption, many homeowners dislike toilets that make noise. Keeping this thing in mind both Toto and Kohler have a very silent flushing system, however, Toto is more silent than Kohler. Toto toilet has an effective flushing system and it consumes less water. If you want a toilet that efficiently removes solid waste and cuts down your water bill, then Toto is the right option.


There are so many things to consider when buying a toilet, toilet maintenance is one of the factors. You should look at the easy availability of spare parts, Kohler is an American brand so the toilet parts are easily available. Whereas Toto is a Japanese toilet brand but it has a wide distribution network all across America. So getting spare parts won’t be an issue. When it comes to maintenance, Toto toilets rarely need maintenance when compared with Kohler toilets.


cleaning toilet

Both Toto and Kohler toilets are easy to clean. Toto toilets come with Cefiontect glaze, formally known as SanaGloss glaze. The layer prevents waste from sticking to the toilet bowl.

This is not the same as Kohler toilets. Although the waste doesn’t stick on the bowl it may need more than one flush to remove waste. When compared with other toilet brands, the One-piece toilet design of the Kohler and Toto are easy to clean. However, the two-piece toilets are difficult to clean.

The Toto manufacturers ask the users to avoid acids for toilet cleaning, it can damage the Cefiontect glaze. For cleaning Kohler, the company has recommended using soft abrasive cleaners, avoid using abrasive cleaners it might scratch the toilet surface.



When it comes to toilet designs, both Kohler and Toto are manufacturing modern and sleek designed toilets. Also, both offer different colors so that you can choose a toilet that matches your bathroom theme.

Both Toto and Kohler toilets come in round and elongated bowl shapes. Both brands meet the ADA requirements, which means people of all ages can comfortably use the toilets. If you are looking for traditional appeal, then consider buying Kohler toilets.


Both Toto and Kohler toilets are simple to install. However, installation depends on your toilet type. If you have selected a two-piece toilet, you can easily install the toilet. However, if you opt for a one-piece toilet or wall-mounted toilet, you may need to hire an expert plumber.


Both brands are certified with a number of certifications: ADA Compliant, EPA, Cal Green, etc. These certificate ensures the toilets are comfortable, consumes less amount of water and environment-friendly.


Homeowners prefer to buy a toilet that can last for at least 10 years or so. Toto toilets are expensive but modern and highly-efficient. On the same hand Kohler is slightly cheaper, but offer good quality toilets can that last long. So, if you are comparing toilets on a price basis, then decided to choose a low price toilet, then you should go for Kohler. But if you have a good budget and want complete comfort, we suggest Toto toilets.


Upon a comprehensive examination of the attributes offered by Kohler and Toto brands in the realm of toilets, it becomes evident that Toto emerges as the superior choice in several key aspects. Toto boasts a remarkably robust flushing system, demands minimal upkeep, and operates with significantly reduced noise levels in comparison to Kohler toilets. Overall, both brands exhibit commendable reliability, ease of maintenance, comfort, and, notably, compliance with ADA and EPA standards. We trust that our in-depth analysis of Kohler versus Toto toilets serves as a valuable resource to aid you in your quest for the ultimate toilet solution.

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