Toto Washlets Reviews


Toto Washlets Reviews

Tired of the same old, mundane experience in the bathroom? You’re not alone. For many, traditional toilet paper simply doesn’t cut it anymore. It’s time to bid farewell to discomfort and inefficiency and say hello to a new era of cleanliness and comfort with washlets.

If you’re unfamiliar, washlets are more than just a toilet accessory – they’re a game-changer. These innovative cleansing seats are crafted with one goal in mind: to elevate your bathroom routine to a whole new level of luxury and cleanliness.

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at some of the top models from Toto Washlets, a brand renowned for its commitment to quality and innovation. Join us on a journey as we explore how washlets can transform your everyday bathroom experience for the better.

Top Products on the Market

Out of the many Toto washlets on the market, we have tested a few and identified the following as the most effective:

1. SW2014#01 A100 TOTO Electronic Bidet Toilet Cleansing Seat

Looking for an ecology-minded luxury combined with excellent design? This washlet gives you just that, deploying several features to make you as comfortable as possible. This product delivers quite convenient hot water cleansing just by touching a button.

With this model, a once tiring trip to the toilet can turn to a spa-like fun trip. Fully automated, it features a front cleanse, rear cleanse, and soft rear spray.

Meanwhile, for comfortable operation, this washlet has its controls located on an easy-to-access control panel. Also, it comes with a wand that automatically cleanses itself after and before every use. As if that wasn’t enough, the manufacturer also equipped this model with a heated SoftClose seat that boasts of three temperature settings. Apart from that, the pressure of the water can be adjusted with five pressure settings.


  • Comfortable to use
  • Self-cleaning
  • Three temperature and five water pressure settings


  • Seat opening is small

2. SW2034#01 C100 TOTO Electronic Bidet Toilet Cleansing Seat

This washlet is another impressive toilet attachment that ensures a refreshing and hygienic experience. Featuring a streamlined design, this model is equipped with a comfortable side control panel. Not only that, it features a premist cleansing function that allows misting of the toilet bowl before every use, thus preventing waste from staying on your toilet. This function also reduces the frequency of cleaning, thereby creating a better hygienic environment.

This contoured seat gets heated to deliver maximum comfort by keeping you cozy and warm. Thanks to the adjustable temperature settings, you get the chance to create your desired level of warmth for an amazing toilet experience.

Also, this washlet features an automatic air deodorizer and neutralizes undesirable odors from the bathroom by deploying powerful filters. By cleaning the air around your toilet, this deodorizer ensures a more pleasurable experience.


  • Premist cleaning function
  • Keeps you warm and comfortable
  • Neutralizes offensive odor


  • Nor easy to install

3. SW2044#01 C200 TOTO Electronic Bidet Toilet Cleansing Seat

Are you looking for a very effective clean in a washlet? You should consider this model as a result of its ability to deliver powerful and efficient water spray. This spray also boasts of a dual-action to create a refreshing clean at all times.

It features adjustable water pressure and temperature settings to ensure you can enjoy it at a level you desire or is convenient for you.

Furthermore, there’s an air deodorizer in place to neutralize bathroom odors by deploying effective air filters. There’s also an adjustable air dryer that helps you to provide easy and convenient clean-up.

As if that wasn’t enough, the manufacturer also equips this washlet with a premist function that prevents waste from staying glued to the seat. Thanks to the self-cleaning wand, the outside and inside get automatically cleaned after and before every use.


  • Powerful water spray
  • Any offensive odor is controlled well
  • Waste isn’t allowed to stick


  • Installation instructions are not clear

4. SW3036#01 K300 TOTO Electronic Bidet Toilet Cleansing Seat

This product is another electronic toilet seat with luxury and many desired functions. This model is built to cleanse you with hot water, thus providing an incredibly fresh feeling. By just touching a button, you get convenient hot water cleansing that ensures a very pleasant experience.

With this model, you can get a spa-like experience without leaving the comfort of your home. Also, there are five spray settings available for rear and front washing, thereby delivering a whole experience.

In addition, this washlet is equipped with a warm air dryer, a convenient heated seat, as well as a deodorizer that ensures neutralization of odors, thus enhancing your overall toilet experience. Apart from that, it features premist technology to help prevent waste buildup on the toilet.


  • Waste buildup is prevented
  • Five spray settings
  • Odors are neutralized


  • Seat isn’t very comfortable

5. SW3046#01 S500E TOTO Electronic Bidet Toilet Cleansing Seat

Are you in need of an elongated toilet seat with all the goodness you can get? With this washlet, you’re in for a pleasurable and comfortable toilet experience. At the press of a button, you get comfortable hot water cleansing without any hassle.

This model features an impressive ewater+ system which utilizes electrolyzed water that is generated by a technological process, helping to turn the water into a powerful and safe compound. When you mist your toilet bowl after each use, the ewater+ system ensures your bowl is clean without the need for extra chemicals.

Thanks to the premist technology, there’s no waste buildup because the bowl is sprayed with the water supply before each use. Apart from that, this washlet features a heated seat, air purification, dryer, and five spray settings. Meanwhile, it is operated by an illuminated touch-activated remote.


  • Provides instant warm water
  • Waste buildup is eliminated
  • Ewater+ system gives powerful clean


  • Installation is a difficult

6. SW573#01 S300E TOTO Electronic Bidet Toilet Cleansing Seat

The last model on our list is this round seat that offers luxury in a streamlined design. This washlet features the ewater+ system which utilizes electrolyzed water that is generated by a technological process. Apart from that, there’s a premist function in place to spray water on the toilet bowl before every use, thereby eliminating waste buildup.

This washlet is fully automated, featuring a heated seat, immediate water heating, five spray settings, and remote control. With soothing warm water, you get more comfortable cleansing that the traditional toilet paper won’t give you.


  • Prevents waste buildup
  • Neutralizes odor
  • Delivers instant warm water


  • A bit noisy

Frequently Inquired Questions

Q: How does the Toto washlet operate?

A: The Toto washlet is a marvel of modern engineering, revolutionizing personal hygiene and comfort. It harnesses cutting-edge technology to elevate the cleanliness and overall well-being of its users. This innovative toilet seat accessory is equipped with a customizable spray function that dispenses warm, soothing water to cleanse, refresh, and rejuvenate, surpassing the effectiveness of traditional toilet paper. With the Toto washlet, the concept of cleanliness takes on a whole new dimension.

Q: What distinguishes the finest Toto washlet?

A: The paramount Toto washlet is one that excels in delivering comprehensive cleansing and unparalleled comfort. Such a model is characterized by an array of essential features, including a pre-misting function that delicately coats the toilet bowl with a fine mist before use, adjustable temperature settings for personalized warmth, an integrated air deodorizer that effortlessly neutralizes any unwelcome odors, multiple spray settings for tailored cleansing experiences, and, not to be overlooked, exceptional durability. When it comes to selecting the best Toto washlet, one should prioritize a harmonious blend of these essential attributes.

Q: Is it feasible to install a Toto washlet on any toilet?

A: The installation of a Toto washlet is remarkably hassle-free, as it seamlessly accommodates most standard toilet models thanks to its universally adaptable design. Integrating this advanced accessory with your existing toilet is a straightforward process, ensuring that you encounter no significant challenges or inconveniences during the installation procedure. Rest assured, the Toto washlet is designed with compatibility in mind, making it a versatile and convenient addition to your bathroom setup.

In conclusion,

The experience of using a washlet transcends mere convenience; it offers a level of comfort that can only be described as exceptional. In fact, some of the more advanced models provide an indulgent spa-like experience that leaves you feeling refreshed and pampered. Our thorough examination of Toto washlets through our reviews has illuminated the remarkable features they offer. These washlets boast heated seats that are adjustable to maintain the perfect level of warmth, ensuring that every trip to the bathroom is a delightful experience.

When considering which washlet to invest in, it is imperative to prioritize a fully automated option that seamlessly caters to your needs. Look for features such as instant water heating for immediate comfort, a diverse range of spray settings to cater to your preferences, and customizable temperature settings that allow you to personalize your bathroom experience to the fullest.

In essence, the choice is clear: Toto washlets provide the ultimate in bathroom luxury, offering unparalleled comfort and convenience. Elevate your daily routine with a washlet that delivers a spa-like experience right in the comfort of your own home.

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